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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2005Agro-Ecological Modelling for Monitoring Rice Productions: Contribution of Field Experiment and Multi-Temporal EO DataBOSCHETTI MIRCO; CONFALONIERI ROBERTO; STROPPIANA DANIELA; BOCCHI STEFANO; BRIVIO PIETROContributions to Conferences
2009Analysis and Modelling of the Combined Effect of Plant Nitrogen Concentration After Fertilization and Development Stage on Rice Radiation Use EfficiencyROSENMUND Alexandra Stella; CHIODINI Marcello Ermido; ACUTIS Marco; PEREGO Alessia; SACCHI Gian Attilio; CONFALONIERI ROBERTOArticles in Journals
2005Analysis of Hyperspectral Field Radiometric Data for Monitoring Nitrogen Concentration in Rice CropsSTROPPIANA Daniela; BOSCHETTI Mirco; CONFALONIERI ROBERTO; BOCCHI Stefano; BRIVIO PietroContributions to Conferences
2006Analysis of Rice Sample Size Variability due to Development Stage, Nitrogen Fertilization, Sowing Technique and Variety Using the Visual JackknifeCONFALONIERI ROBERTO; STROPPIANA Daniela; BOSCHETTI Mirco; GUSBERTI Davide; BOCCHI Stefano; ACUTIS MarcoArticles in Journals
2009Analysis of Sample Size for Variables Related to Plant, Soil, and Soil Microbial Respiration in a Paddy Rice FieldCONFALONIERI Roberto; PEREGO Alessia; CHIODINI Marcello Ermido; SCAGLIA Barbara; ROSENMUND Alexandra; ACUTIS MarcoArticles in Journals
2007Analytical Method Performance Validation (AMPE): A Software Tool for Analytical Method ValidationACUTIS MARCO; TREVISIOL PATRIZIA; CONFALONIERI ROBERTO; BELLOCCHI GIANNI; GRAZIOLI EMANUELE; VAN DEN EEDE GUY; PAOLETTI ClaudiaArticles in Journals
2011Biophysical models for cropping system simulationDONATELLI Marcello; CONFALONIERI RobertoArticles in books
2009CLIMA: a weather generator frameworkDONATELLI Marcello; BELLOCCHI Gianni; HABYARIMANA Ephrem; BREGAGLIO Simone; CONFALONIERI Roberto; BARUTH BettinaContributions to Conferences
2012Comparing Modelling Solutions At Submodel Level: A Case On Soil Temperature SimulationBREGAGLIO Simone; DONATELLI Marcello; CONFALONIERI Roberto; ACUTIS MarcoContributions to Conferences
2010Comparison of Sensitivity Analysis Techniques: A Case Study with the Rice Model WARMCONFALONIERI Roberto; BELLOCCHI Gianni; BREGAGLIO Simone; DONATELLI Marcello; ACUTIS MarcoArticles in Journals
2006Comparison of WOFOST, CropSyst and WARM for Simulating Rice Growth (Japonica Type - Short Cycle Varieties)CONFALONIERI ROBERTO; GUSBERTI DAVIDE; ACUTIS MARCOArticles in Journals
2007Complementary Use of Tools (KeSTE and SISSI) for Sample Size Determination in GM Kernel LotsBELLOCCHI GIANNI; PAOLETTI Claudia; GRAZIOLI EMANUELE; CONFALONIERI ROBERTO; VAN DEN EEDE GUYContributions to Conferences
2006Crop Modelling and Validation: Integration of IRENE_DLL in the WARM EnvironmentBELLOCCHI GIANNI; CONFALONIERI ROBERTO; DONATELLI MARCELLOArticles in Journals
2006Crop Modelling and Validation: Integration of IRENE_DLL in the WARM Environment (Modellazione delle Colture e Validazione: Intergrazione di IRENE_DLL nell'Ambiente WARM)BELLOCCHI GIANNI; CONFALONIERI ROBERTO; DONATELLI MARCELLOArticles in Journals
2006The CropSyst Model to Simulate the N Balance of Rice for Alternative ManagementCONFALONIERI ROBERTO; GUSBERTI Davide; BOCCHI Stefano; ACUTIS MarcoArticles in Journals
2006Evaluation of LAI-2000 for Leaf Area Index Monitoring in Paddy RiceSTROPPIANA DANIELA; BOSCHETTI MIRCO; CONFALONIERI ROBERTO; BOCCHI STEFANOArticles in Journals
2009Evaluation of Parameterization Strategies for Rice ModellingCONFALONIERI ROBERTO; BOSCHETTI MIRCO; ACUTIS Marco; BELLOCCHI G.Articles in Journals
2009Evaluation of parametrization strategies for rice modellingCONFALONIERI Roberto; BELLOCCHI Gianni; BOSCHETTI Mirco; ACUTIS MarcoArticles in Journals
2005Evaluation of the EUROSEM Model for Simulating Erosion in Hilly Areas of Central ItalyCONFALONIERI ROBERTO; ROSENMUND Alexandra; ROGGERO Pier Paolo; TODERI Marco; ACUTIS MarcoArticles in Journals
2008Expanding Horizons in the Validation of GMO Analytical Methods: Fuzzy-Based Expert SystemsBELLOCCHI GIANNI; ACUTIS Marco; PAOLETTI Claudia; CONFALONIERI ROBERTO; TREVISIOL Patrizia, et alArticles in Journals
Showing results 1 to 20 of 55


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