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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
1996Analysis of Chloro- and Nitro-Anilines and Benzenes in Soils by Headspace Solid-Phase Microextraction GC-ECDFROMBERG Arvid; NILSSON Torben; MONTANARELLA Luca; FACCHETTI Sergio; MADSEN JorgenArticles in Journals
1985Chemical Degradation of 2,3,7,8 - TCDD by means of Polyethylenglycols in the Presence of Weak Bases and an OxidantTUNDO Pietro; FACCHETTI Sergio; TUMIATTI Wander; FORTUNATI UmbertoArticles in Journals
1992Choice of GC-Column Phase for Analysis of Toxic PCBsFACCHETTI Sergio; TILIO Roberto; BOWADT SorenArticles in Journals
1998Derivatisation/Solid-Phase Microextraction Followed by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Phenoxy Acid Herbicides in Aqueous Samples.NILSSON Torben; BAGLIO Daniela; GALDO Miguez isabel; OGAARD MADSEN Jorgen; FACCHETTI SergioArticles in Journals
1989Effect of Long Term Freezing on Extraction of Fat and 2378-TCDD from MilkFACCHETTI SergioContributions to Conferences
1995An Evaluation of Solid-Phase Microextraction for Drinking Water Analysis of Volatile Organic CompoundsNILSSON Torben; PELUSIO Fabio; MONTANARELLA Luca; FACCHETTI Sergio; MADSEN J.o.Articles in Journals
1996Headspace Solid-Phase Microextraction of Volatile Organic Sulfur Compounds in TrufflesPELUSIO Fabio; NILSSON Torben; MONTANARELLA Luca; TILIO Roberto; FACCHETTI Sergio; MADSEN JorgenArticles in Journals
1995Integrating Mass Spectrometry Data Systems from Different Manufacturers in a Local Area NetworkMONTANARELLA Luca; FACCHETTI SergioArticles in Journals
1997Inter-Laboratory Studies for the Validation of Solid-Phase Microextraction for the Quantitative Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in Aqueous Samples.NILSSON Torben; FERRARI Roberto; FACCHETTI SergioArticles in Journals
1988The Isotopic Lead Experiment Impact of Petrol Lead on Human Blood and Air. Final ReportVERSINO Bruno; GAGLIONE Pietro; FACCHETTI Sergio; COLOMBO Angelo; GEISS Friedrich; RODARI Enrico; GARIBALDI G.EUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
1995La Normativa Europea in Materia di Incenerimento dei RifiutiPINCHERLE Alberto; FACCHETTI SergioArticles in Journals
1995La Politica Ambientale Comunitaria e la Normativa Nazionale sui Rifiuti. Parte I e Parte IIFACCHETTI SergioArticles in Journals
1992La Spettrometria di Massa nello Studio e nella Conservazione dei Beni CulturaliFACCHETTI SergioArticles in Journals
1995Laboratory-Scale Photodegradation of Phenol in Aqueous Solution by Photocatalytic Membranes Immobilizing Titanium DioxidesBARNI Barbara; CAVICCHIOLI Andrea; RIVA Elisabetta; ZANONI Luca; BIGNOLI Felice; BELLOBONO Ignazio renato; DI GIORGI Alessandra; GIANTURCO Franco; MUNTAU Herbert wilhelm; MONTANARELLA Luca, et alArticles in Journals
1998Le Deposizioni Atmosferiche in una Micro-Area, Valutate Utilizzando Suoli e Muschi.CENCI Roberto; PALMIERI Franco; FACCHETTI Sergio; MOUSTY Francis; PANZERI V.Articles in Journals
1999Le Deposizioni Atmosferiche in una Micro-Aria, Valutate Utilizzando Suoli e Muschi.CENCI Roberto; PALMIERI Franco; FACCHETTI Sergio; MOUSTY Francis; PANZERI V.Articles in Journals
1989Lead in Petrol. The Isotopic Lead ExperimentFACCHETTI SergioArticles in Journals
1988Mass Spectrometry Applied to Studies of Lead in the AtmosphereFACCHETTI SergioArticles in Journals
1993Mass Spectrometry in the Analysis of Polychlorinated BiphenylsFACCHETTI SergioArticles in Journals
1995The Matrix Influence of the Analysis of Small Oligoribonucleotides by Fast Atom Bombardment Mass SpectrometryENGELS J.w.; MONTANARELLA Luca; TILIO Roberto; FACCHETTI SergioArticles in Journals
Showing results 1 to 20 of 30


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