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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2009Theoretical Investigation of the Water/Corundum (0001) InterfacePOLLY R.; SCHIMMELPFENNIG B.; FLOERSHEIMER M.; KRUSE K.; ABDELMONEM A.; KLENZE R.; RAUHUT G.; FANGHAENEL ThomasArticles in Journals
2008Thermochromatographic Studies of Plutonium 0xidesHUEBENER S.; TAUT St.; VAHLE A.; BERNHARD G.; FANGHAENEL ThomasArticles in Journals
2007Thermodynamic Data for Hydrous and Anhydrous PuO2+x(s)NECK V.; ALTMAIER M.; FANGHAENEL THOMASContributions to Conferences
2011Thermodynamic Investigation of the LiF-NaF-CaF2-LaF3 SystemBEILMANN MARKUS; BENES ONDREJ; KONINGS Rudy; FANGHAENEL ThomasArticles in Journals
2010Transuranium Elements in the Nuclear Fuel CycleFANGHAENEL Thomas; GLATZ Jean-Paul; KONINGS Rudy; RONDINELLA Vincenzo; SOMERS JosephArticles in books
2008A TRLFS Study of Cm(III) Hydroxide Complexes in Alkaline CaCl2 SolutionsRABUNG T.; ALTMAIER M.; NECK V.; FANGHAENEL ThomasContributions to Conferences
2009A TRLFS study on the complexation of Cm(III) and Eu(III) with 4-t-butyl-6,6'-bis-(5,6-diethyl-1,2,4-triazin-3-yl)-2,2'-bipyridine in water/2 propanol mixtureTRUMM Sascha; LIESER Georg; PANAK P.j.; GEIST A.; FANGHAENEL Thomas; FOREMAN Mark R. S. J.Articles in Journals
2010A TRLFS study on the complexation of Cm(III) and Eu(III) with 4-t-butyl-6,6´-bis-(5,6-diethyl-1,2,4-tiazin-3-yl)-2,2´-bipyridine in a water / 2-propanol mixtureTRUMM Sascha; LIESER Georg; FOREMAN Mark R. S. J.; PANAK P.j.; GEIST A.; FANGHAENEL ThomasArticles in Journals
2010A TRLFS Study on the Complexation of CmIII and EuIII with 2,6-Bis(5,6-dipropyl-1,2,4-triazin-3-yl)pyridine in Water/Methanol MixtureTRUMM Sascha; PANAK P.; GEIST A.; FANGHAENEL ThomasArticles in Journals
2010UO2 Fuel Corrosion - Reactions at a UO2-Pd Spent Fuel Model SurfaceSTUMPF Silvia; SEIBERT ALICE; GOUDER Thomas; HUBER Frank; PETERSMANN TOBIAS; DENECKE M. A.; FANGHAENEL ThomasContributions to Conferences
2014The use of different dispersive Raman spectrometers for the analysis of uranium compoundsHO MER LIN DORIS; MANARA Dario; LINDQVIST-REIS Patric; FANGHAENEL Thomas; MAYER KlausArticles in Journals
Showing results 58 to 68 of 68


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