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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2001The Radiation Transfer Model Intercomparison (RAMI) Exercise.PINTY Bernard; GOBRON Nadine; WIDLOWSKI Jean-luc; GERSTL S.a.w.; VERSTRAETE Michel max albert joseph; ANTUNES Mauro; BACOUR Cedric; GASCON Ferran; GASTELLU Jean-philippe; JACQUEMOUD Stephane, et alArticles in Journals
2004The Radiation Transfer Model Intercomparison (RAMI) Exercise. Results from the Second Phase.PINTY Bernard; WIDLOWSKI Jean-luc; TABERNER Malcolm; GOBRON Nadine; VERSTRAETE Michel m.; DISNEY M.; GASCON Ferran; GASTELLUS J.p.; JIANG L.; KUUSK A., et alArticles in Journals
2006Rayspread: a Virtual Laboratory for Rapid BRF Simulations over 3-D Plant CanopiesWIDLOWSKI JEAN-LUC; LAVERGNE Thomas; PINTY BERNARD; VERSTRAETE MICHEL; GOBRON NADINEContributions to Conferences
2010Recent Decline in the Global Land Evapotranspiration Trend Due to Limited Moisture SupplyJUNG Martin; REICHSTEIN Markus; CIAIS Philippe; SENEVIRATNE Sonia I.; SHEFFIELD Justin; GOULDEN Michael L.; BONAN Gordon; CHEN Jiquan; CESCATTI Alessandro; DE JEU Richard, et alArticles in Journals
2007Relevance of Global Remote-Sensing FAPAR Products to Carbon Flux EstimatesGOBRON NADINE; KNORR Wolfgang; AUSSEDAT Ophelie; PINTY BERNARD; SCHOLZE Marko; TABERNER MALCOLMContributions to Conferences
2008Remote Sensing Input for Regional to Global CO2 Flux ModellingKNORR Wolfgang; KAMINSKI Thomas; SCHOLZE Marko; GOBRON Nadine; PINTY Bernard; GIERING RalfContributions to Conferences
2007Retrieving surface parameters for climate models from Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS)-Multiangle Imaging Spectroradiometer (MISR) Albedo ProductsPINTY BERNARD; LAVERGNE Thomas; VOSSBECK Michael; KAMINSKI Thomas; AUSSEDAT Ophelie; GIERING Ralf; GOBRON NADINE; TABERNER MALCOLM; VERSTRAETE MICHEL; WIDLOWSKI JEAN-LUCArticles in Journals
1997A Semi-Discrete Model for the Scattering of Light by VegetationGOBRON NadineArticles in Journals
2006Simplifying the Interaction of Land Surfaces with Radiation for Relating Remote Sensing Products to Climate ModelsPINTY BERNARD; LAVERGNE Thomas; DICKINSON R.e.; WIDLOWSKI JEAN-LUC; GOBRON NADINE; VERSTRAETE MICHELArticles in Journals
2013Simultaneous assimilation of satellite and eddy covariance data for improving terrestrial water and carbon simulations at a semi-arid woodland site in BotswanaKATO T.; KNORR Wolfgang; SCHOLZE Marko; VEENENDAAL Elmar; KAMINSKI Thomas; KATTGE J.; GOBRON NadineArticles in Journals
2012Spatio-temporal patterns of vegetation dynamics for European land use and ecosystems over 1998-2011CECCHERINI GUIDO; GOBRON NadineContributions to Conferences
2000Surface Albedo Retrieval from METEOSAT. Part 1. Theory.PINTY Bernard; ROVEDA F.; VERSTRAETE Michel max albert joseph; GOBRON Nadine; GOVAERTS Yves marie jean paul; MARTONCHIK John v.; DINER David; KAHN E.Articles in Journals
2000Surface Albedo Retrieval from Meteosat. Part 2: Applicxations.PINTY Bernard; ROVEDA F.; VERSTRAETE Michel max albert joseph; GOBRON Nadine; GOVAERTS Yves marie jean paul; MARTONCHIK John v.; DINER David; KAHN E.Articles in Journals
2004Synergy between 1-D and 3-D Radiation Transfer Models to Retrieve Vegetation Canopy Properties from Remote Sensing Data.PINTY Bernard; GOBRON Nadine; WIDLOWSKI Jean-luc; LAVERGNE T.; VERSTRAETE Michel m.Articles in Journals
2012Terrestrial vegetation dynamics - fraction of absorbed photosynthetically active radiationGOBRON NadineArticles in Journals
1997Theoretical Limits to the Estimation of the Leaf Area Index on the Basis of Visible and Near-Infrared Remote Sensing Data.GOBRON NadineArticles in Journals
2007Third RAdiation Transfer Model Intercomparison (RAMI) Exercise: Documenting Progress in Canopy Reflectance ModelsWIDLOWSKI JEAN-LUC; TABERNER MALCOLM; PINTY BERNARD; BRUNIQUEL - PINEL Veronique; DISNEY Mathias; FERNANDES Richard; GASTELLU-ETCHEGORRY Jean-Philippe; GOBRON NADINE; KUUSK Andres; LAVERGNE Thomas, et alArticles in Journals
2008Towards a High Spatial Resolution Limit for Pixel-Based Interpretations of Optical Remote Sensing DataWIDLOWSKI JEAN-LUC; PINTY BERNARD; GOBRON NADINE; VERSTRAETE MICHEL; LAVERGNE T.Articles in Journals
2008Uncertainty Estimates for the FAPAR Operational Products Derived from MERIS - Impact of Top-of-Atmosphere Radiance Uncertainties and Validation with Field DataGOBRON NADINE; PINTY BERNARD; TABERNER MALCOLM; FABER Olga; MELIN FREDERIC; ROBUSTELLI Monica; SNOEIJ Paul; LAVERGNE T.; AUSSEDAT O.Articles in Journals
Showing results 73 to 92 of 101


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