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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
1995JRC12282Absolute and/or Relative Limits of Detection in Laser Spectroscopy. The End Justifies the MeansOMENETTO Nicolo'; WINEFORDNER JamesContributions to Conferences
2000JRC20100Analysis of Sulphuric Acid Aerosols by Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy and Laser Induced Photofragmentation.NUNEZ HIDALGO M.; CAVALLI Paolo; PETRUCCI Giuseppe; OMENETTO Nicolo'Articles in Journals
1995JRC11943Analytical and Spectroscopic Characterization of Double Resonance Laser Induced Fluorescence of Gold Atoms in a Graphite Furnace and in a FlamePETRUCCI Giuseppe; BEISSLER Hermann; MATVEEV Oleg; CAVALLI Paolo; OMENETTO Nicolo'Articles in Journals
1997JRC13881Analytical Time Resolved Laser Enhanced Ionization Spectroscopy. I. Collisional Ionization and Photoionization of the Hg Rydberg States in a Low Pressure GasCLEVENGER W.l.; MORDOH L.s.; MATVEEV Oleg; OMENETTO Nicolo'; SMITH B. w.Articles in Journals
1997JRC14230Applicability of Gold as an Atmospheric Aerosol TracerBEISSLER Hermann; BAECHMANN Knut; PETRUCCI Giuseppe; OMENETTO Nicolo'Articles in Journals
2000JRC19510Blank Problems in the Detection of Gold by Electrothermal Atomisation and Laser Induced Fluorescence.BEISSLER Hermann; PETRUCCI Giuseppe; CAVALLI Paolo; OMENETTO Nicolo'Articles in Journals
1995JRC12002Characterisation of Hydroxide Complexes of Uranium(VI) by Time-Resolved Fluorescence SpectroscopyELIET Veronique; BIDOGLIO Giovanni; OMENETTO Nicolo'; PARMA Ludwik; GRENTHE IngmarArticles in Journals
1999JRC18312Curve of Growth Methodology Applied to Laser Induced Plasma Emission Spectroscopy.GORNUSHKIN I.; ANZANO J.; KING Dominique; SMITH B. w.; WINEFORDNER James; OMENETTO Nicolo'Articles in Journals
1995JRC11283Determination of Thallium in Antarctic Snow by Means of Laser Induced Atomic Fluorescence and High Resolution Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass SpectrometryGIACOSA D.; SAINI G.; CAVALLI Paolo; OMENETTO Nicolo'; PASSARELLA RosannaArticles in Journals
1996JRC12287Development of a Sensor for Element-Specific Determination of Chlorine in Gases by Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)HAISCH Christophe; NIESSNER Reinhard; MATVEEV Oleg; PANNE Ulrich; OMENETTO Nicolo'Articles in Journals
2000JRC17830A Differentially Pumped Particle Inlet for Sampling of Atmospheric Aerosols into a Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer. Characterization and Initital Results.PETRUCCI Giuseppe; CAVALLI Paolo; OMENETTO Nicolo'; FARNSWORTH P.b.Articles in Journals
2001JRC20466Experimental Investigation of Sodium Emission Following Laser Photofragmentation of Different Sodium-Containing Aerosols.NUNEZ HIDALGO M.; OMENETTO Nicolo'Articles in Journals
2000JRC19509Experimental Studies of Charge Transfer Reactions between Argon and the Third Row Metals Ca through Cu in the Inductively Coupled Plasma.FARNSWORTH P.b.; WOOLLEY Alisa; OMENETTO Nicolo'; MATVEEV OlegArticles in Journals
1998JRC14580A Feasibility Study of the Use of Electrostatic Deposition and Laser Induced Fluorescence in a Graphite Furnace for Size-Segregated Analysis of Lead and Gold in Ultrafine (0.02-0.2um) ParticlesPETRUCCI Giuseppe; CAVALLI Paolo; OMENETTO Nicolo'Articles in Journals
2000JRC20120Formation of Cesium Plasma bby Continuous-Wave Resonance Excitation.PAPPAS D.; SMITH B. w.; OMENETTO Nicolo'; WINEFORDNER JamesArticles in Journals
1997JRC14890Laser Enhanced Ionization of Mercury Atoms in an Inert Atmosphere with Avalanche Amplification of the Signal.CLEVENGER W.l.; MATVEEV Oleg; CABREDO Susana; OMENETTO Nicolo'; SMITH B. w.; SMITH B.w.; WINEFORDNER JamesArticles in Journals
1997JRC14892Laser Enhanced Ionization Spectroscopy of Mercury Rydberg States.CLEVENGER W.l.; MATVEEV Oleg; OMENETTO Nicolo'; SMITH B.w.; SMITH B. w.; WINEFORDNER JamesArticles in Journals
1997JRC13531Laser Induced Photofragmentation and Fluorescence Spectroscopy. Tools for Studying Atmospheric Chemical Reactions and AerosolsOMENETTO Nicolo'; CAVALLI Paolo; HIDALGO Monserrat; PETRUCCI GiuseppeContributions to Conferences
2000JRC19512Laser Induced Population Depletion Effects in Double Resonance Excitation with 202-Hg Vapours.PODSHIVALON A.; MATVEEV Oleg; OMENETTO Nicolo'; SMITH B.w.; WINEFORDNER JamesArticles in Journals
1996JRC12286Laser Spectroscopy for Atmospheric ChemistryOMENETTO Nicolo'; PANNE UlrichContributions to Conferences