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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2001JRC21069Sensitivity Analysis in Model Calibration: GSA-GLUE Approach.RATTO Marco; TARANTOLA Stefano; SALTELLI AndreaArticles in Journals
2013JRC84871A sensitivity analysis of the SimSphere SVAT model in the context of EO-based operational products developmentPETROPOULOS George P.; GRIFFITHS Hywel M.; TARANTOLA StefanoArticles in Journals
2005JRC28160Sensitivity Analysis of the Water-Leaving Remote Sensing Reflectance in Coastal Shallow Waters.DUARTE Julio; VELEZ REYES Miguel; TARANTOLA Stefano; ARMSTRONG RoyArticles in Journals
2005JRC29118Sensitivity Analysis Practices. Strategies for Model-Based Inference.CAMPOLONGO Francesca; SALTELLI Andrea; TARANTOLA Stefano; RATTO MarcoArticles in Journals
2012JRC75939Sensitivity analysis techniques applied to a system of hyperbolic conservation lawsWEIRS Gregory V.; KAMM James R.; SWILER Laura P.; TARANTOLA Stefano; RATTO Marco; ADAMS Brian M.; RIDER William J.; ELDRED Michael S.Articles in Journals
2012JRC67235Sensitivity Analysis Using Contribution to Sample Variance Plot: Application to a Water Hammer ModelTARANTOLA Stefano; KOPUSTINSKAS Vytis; BOLADO LAVIN Ricardo; KALIATKA Algis; USPURAS Eugenijus; VAISNORAS MindaugasArticles in Journals
2001JRC19248Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis in Spatial Modelling Based on GIS.CROSETTO Michele; TARANTOLA Stefano; SALTELLI AndreaArticles in Journals
2010JRC62989Sensitivity and uncertainty quantification techniques applied to systems of conservation lawsKAMM James R.; RIDER William J.; WEIRS Greg; TARANTOLA Stefano; RATTO MarcoContributions to Conferences
2002JRC24431Statistical Techniques and Participatory Approaches for the Compilation of the European Internal Market Index 1992-2001TARANTOLA Stefano; SAISANA M.; SALTELLI Andrea; SCHMIEDEL Frank; LEAPMAN NicholasEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
1999JRC17164Tackling Quantitatively Large Dimensionally Problems.CAMPOLONGO Francesca; TARANTOLA Stefano; SALTELLI AndreaArticles in Journals
2010JRC62987Theorems and analytical test cases in moment independent sensitivity analysisBORGONOVO Emanuele; CASTAINGS William; TARANTOLA StefanoContributions to Conferences
2014JRC84870Transformations and Invariance in the Sensitivity Analysis of Computer ExperimentsBORGONOVO Emanuele; TARANTOLA Stefano; PLISCHKE Elmar; MORRIS M.d.Articles in Journals
2003JRC25219Uncertainties in Emission Inventory Modelling. Deliverable 44 for the ARTEMIS ProjectTARANTOLA Stefano; KIOUTSIOUKIS JoannisEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2004JRC27057Uncertainty and Global Sensitivity Analysis of Road Transport Emission EstimatesKIOUTSIOUKIS Ioannis; TARANTOLA Stefano; SALTELLI Andrea; GATELLI DeboraArticles in Journals
2004JRC28248Uncertainty and Global Sensitivity Analysis of Road Transport Emission Estimates.KIOUTSIOUKIS Ioannis; TARANTOLA Stefano; SALTELLI Andrea; GATELLI DeboraArticles in Journals
2005JRC24397Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis Techniques as Tools for the Quality Assessment of Composite Indicators.SAISANA M.; TARANTOLA Stefano; SALTELLI AndreaArticles in Journals
2001JRC20620Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis. Tools for GIS-Based Model Implementation.CROSETTO Michele; TARANTOLA StefanoArticles in Journals
2010JRC62997Use of moment independent importance measures in the framework of seismic fragility analysisZENTNER Irmela; BORGONOVO Emanuele; PELLEGRI Alessandra; TARANTOLA StefanoContributions to Conferences
2010JRC52955Variance based sensitivity analysis of model output. Design and estimator for the total sensitivity indexSALTELLI Andrea; ANNONI Paola; AZZINI Ivano; CAMPOLONGO Francesca; RATTO Marco; TARANTOLA StefanoArticles in Journals
2012JRC75937Variance-based sensitivity indices for models with dependent inputsMARA Thierry; TARANTOLA StefanoArticles in Journals