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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2014Adoption of the Eurocodes in the Balkan RegionAPOSTOLSKA ROBERTA; TAUCER Fabio; DIMOVA Silvia; PINTO VIEIRA ArturEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2005Analysis of Worldwide Earthquake Mortality Using Multivariate Demographic and Seismic DataGUTIERREZ TENREIRO EUGENIO; TAUCER FABIO; DE GROEVE TOM; AL KHUDHAIRY DELILAH; ZALDIVAR COMENGES JOSE'Articles in Journals
2005Assessment and Retrofit of Full-scale Models of Existing RC FramesPINTO VIEIRA ARTUR; TAUCER FABIOContributions to Conferences
2014Assessment of the seismic vulnerability of an old RC viaduct with frame piers and study of the effectiveness of base isolation through PsD testing (RETRO). SERIES Transnational Access reportPAOLACCI Fabrizio; PEGON Pierre; MOLINA RUIZ Francisco Javier; POLJANSEK Martin; GIANNINI Renato; DI SARNO Luigi; ABBIATI Giuseppe; MOHAMAD Arkam; BURSI Oreste; TAUCER Fabio, et alEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2006Calibracion del Portal de Porticos en Base a Ensayos PsD Realizados en el Laboratorio ELSA Sobre un Edificio de 4 PisosPUGLISI Monica; TAUCER FABIO; UZCATEGUI M.; FLOREZ-LOPEZ JulioContributions to Conferences
2012Cyber-physical testing of civil engineering structures at the ELSA laboratoryMOLINA RUIZ Francisco Javier; MAGONETTE GEORGES; PEGON Pierre; NEGRO Paolo; TAUCER Fabio; POLJANSEK Martin; PINTO VIEIRA ArturContributions to Conferences
2013Development of inventory datasets through remote sensing and direct observation data for earthquake loss estimationTENERELLI Patrizia; CROWLEY Helen; KAYNIA Amir; TAUCER Fabio; HANCILAR UfukEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2007Displacement Based Design Methodologies for BridgesPAULOTTO CARLO; AYALA MILIAN Amado; TAUCER FABIOEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2007Displacement Based Design Procedures for RC Bridges - Formulation and Comparison of Two ApproachesAYALA Gustavo; PAULOTTO Carlo; TAUCER FABIOContributions to Conferences
2012Distributed data bases, data communication and access, distributed testing and PsD transnational access test campaigns within the SERIES ProjectBOSI Anna; TAUCER Fabio; PEGON PierreContributions to Conferences
2013The Emilia earthquakes: Report and analysis on the behavior of precast industrial buildings from a field missionBOURNAS Dionysios; NEGRO Paolo; TAUCER FabioContributions to Conferences
2012Empirical fragility assessment after the January 12, 2010 Haiti earthquakeHANCILAR UFUK; TAUCER Fabio; CORBANE ChristinaContributions to Conferences
2013Empirical fragility functions based on remote sensing and field data after the 12 January 2010 Haiti EarthquakeHANCILAR UFUK; TAUCER Fabio; CORBAN CHRISTINAArticles in Journals
2008Equivalent Period and Damping for EC8 Spectral Response of SDOF Ring-spring Hysteretic ModelsZAHARIA Raul; TAUCER FABIOEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2007Eurocodes Database for Nationally Determined ParametersMEHR KENT; ALTINYOLLAR AYHAN; PINTO VIEIRA ARTUR; DIMOVA Silvia; TAUCER FABIO; TSIONIS GEORGIOS; GERADIN MICHELEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2013European Strategic Research Agenda on Earthquake Risk: Vision and Roadmap for implementation. SYNER-G Exploitation PlanWENZEL Helmut; PITILAKIS Kyriazis; TAUCER Fabio; WENZEL FriedemannEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2007Evaluation of Iterative DBD Procedures for BridgesAYALA GUSTAVO; PAULOTTO CARLO; TAUCER FABIOEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2014Experimental program for large-scale tests on a re-centring dual eccentrically braced frameSTRATAN Aurel; IOAN CHESOAN Adriana; DUBINA Dan; TAUCER Fabio; POLJANSEK Martin; MOLINA RUIZ Francisco Javier; PEGON Pierre; D'ANIELLO Mario; LANDOLFO RaffaeleContributions to Conferences
2009Field Investigation on the Performance of Building Structures During the 12 May 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake in ChinaZHAO Bin; TAUCER Fabio; ROSSETTO TizianaArticles in Journals
2007Field Manual for Post-Earthquake Damage and Safety Assessment and Short Term Countermeasures (AeDES)TAUCER FABIO; PINTO VIEIRA ARTUREUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
Showing results 3 to 22 of 55


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