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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2011Non-invasive monitoring of cytotoxicity based on kinetic changes of cellular autofluorescenceBEDNARKIEWICZ Artur; RODRIGUES Robim; WHELAN MauriceArticles in Journals
2005On the Calibration of Optical Full-Field Strain Measurement SystemsWHELAN MAURICE; HACK Erwin; SIEBERT Thorsten; BURGUETE Richard; PATTERSON Eann; SALEEM QasimArticles in Journals
2008Optical Signatures of Small Nanoparticles in a Conventional MicroscopePATTERSON E.a.; WHELAN MauriceArticles in Journals
2013Preparing for the futureBERGGREN Katarina; WHELAN Maurice; SCHWARZ Michael; GOCHT Tilman; CUCINELLI BrunoArticles in books
2007Quantifying Uncertainties in Optical Measurements of StrainALBRECHT DANIEL; WHELAN MAURICE; HACK Erwin; PATTERSON E.a.Contributions to Conferences
2006Random Depth Access Full-Field Heterodyne Low Coherence Interferometry Utilizing Acousto-Optic Modulation and a Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor CameraEGAN Patrick; CONNELLY Michael J.; LAKESTANI FEREYDOUN; WHELAN MAURICEArticles in Journals
2007Random Depth Access Full-field Low-coherence Interferometry Applied to a Small Punch TestEGAN Patrick; WHELAN MAURICE; LAKESTANI FEREYDOUN; CONNELLY M.j.Articles in Journals
2011Report from the EPAA Workshop: In vitro ADME in Safety Testing used by EPAA industry sectorsSCHROEDER Klausrudolf; BREMM Klaus-Dieter; ALEPEE Natalie; BESSEMS Jos; BLAAUBOER Bas J; BOEHN Susanne; BUREK Christof; COECKE Sandra; GAMBOU Lourdes; HEWITT Nicky, et alArticles in Journals
2013The SEURAT-1 Research Strategy: Proving ConceptsWHELAN Maurice; SCHWARZ MichaelArticles in books
2007Small Punch Test: An Approach to Solve the Inverse Problem by Deformation Shape and Finite Element OptimizationEGAN Patrick; WHELAN MAURICE; LAKESTANI FEREYDOUN; CONNELLY Michael J.Articles in Journals
2007Spectroscopic Imaging Using Acousto-Optic Tuneable FiltersWHELAN MAURICE; BOUHIFD MOUNIRContributions to Conferences
2005Standard Test for the Evaluation of Optical Strain Measurement SystemsPATTERSON Eann; WHELAN MAURICE; HACK Erwin; SIEBERT Thorsten; BURGUETE Richard; SALEEM QasimArticles in Journals
2006Stochastic Calibration of Local Constitutive Models Through Measurements at the Macroscale in Heterogeneous MediaFEDELE R.; MAIER G.; WHELAN MAURICEArticles in Journals
2012Supporting the Implementation of the EU Community Strategy on Endocrine DisruptersBREMER Susanne; CASTELLO Paolo; GRIGNARD ELISE; MILCAMPS Anne; MUNN SHARON; WITTWEHR Clemens; WHELAN MauriceContributions to Conferences
2011Three-dimensional automated nanoparticle tracking using Mie scattering in an optical microscopeGINESTE Jean-Michel; MACKO Peter; PATTERSON Eann; WHELAN MauriceArticles in Journals
2005Three-Dimensional Machine Vision Utilising Optical Coherence Tomography With a Direct Read-Out CMOS CameraEGAN Patrick; LAKESTANI FEREYDOUN; WHELAN MAURICE; CONNELLY Michael J.Contributions to Conferences
2013Toxicity Pathways – from concepts to application in chemical safety assessmentWHELAN Maurice; ANDERSEN Melvin E.EUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2008Tracking Nanoparticles in an Optical Microscope Using CausticsPATTERSON E.a.; WHELAN MAURICEArticles in Journals
2010Tracking nanoparticles optically to study their interaction with cellsGINESTE Jean-Michel; MACKO Peter; PATTERSON Eann; WHELAN MauriceContributions to Conferences
2005Use of Acousto-Optic Tuneable Filters for Imaging Fluorescence Spectroscopy Applications In Vivo and In VitroWHELAN MAURICE; BOUHIFD MOUNIR; APRAHAMIAN MarcContributions to Conferences
Showing results 56 to 75 of 75


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