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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2005JRC30235Acrylamide Analysis: Evaluation of the Results from an Interlaboratory Comparison Study on Crispbread samplesWENZL THOMAS; ANKLAM ELKEArticles in Journals
2007JRC35813Acrylamide in Coffee: a Review on Progress in Analysis, Formation and Level ReductionGUENTHER Helmuth; ANKLAM ELKE; WENZL THOMAS; STADLER RichardArticles in Journals
2005JRC32552Acrylamide in Food: a Survey of Two Years of Research ActivitiesANKLAM ELKE; WENZL THOMASArticles in Journals
2005JRC30364Challenges and Needs for Food MeasurementsANKLAM ELKE; VON HOLST CHRISTOPHArticles in Journals
2007JRC37399Chapter 7 - Analysis of Food Allergens - Practical ApplicationsVAN HENGEL ADRIANUS; ANKLAM ELKE; TAYLOR Steve L.; HEFLE SueArticles in books
2006JRC34414Collaborative Trial Validation Study of two Methods, one based on HPLC-MS/MS and on GC-MS for the Determination of Acrylamide in Bakery and Potato ProductsWENZL THOMAS; KARASEK Lubomir; ROSEN Johan; HELLENAES Karl-Erik; CASTLE Laurence; ANKLAM ELKEArticles in Journals
2005JRC33080Composition and Analysis of Liquid Smoke Flavouring Primary ProductsSIMON RUPERT; DE LA CALLE GUNTINAS MARIA BEATRIZ; PALME Sonja; MEIER Dietrich; ANKLAM ELKEArticles in Journals
2009JRC36791Determination of Acrylamide in Roasted Chestnuts and Chestnut-based Foods by Isotope Dilution HPLC-MS/MSKARASEK Lubomir; WENZL THOMAS; ANKLAM ELKEArticles in Journals
2007JRC35442Determination of Cocoa Butter Equivalents in Milk Chocolate by Triacylglycerol ProfilingBUCHGRABER MANUELA; ANDRONI SIMONA; ANKLAM ELKEArticles in Journals
2005JRC34372Determination of Sucralose in Food - Comparison of Thin-Layer Chromatography with other Separation MethodsSTROKA JOERG; ARRANZ HERNANDEZ ISABEL; ANKLAM ELKE; SPANGENBERG B.Contributions to Conferences
2006JRC31033Development and Single-laboratory Validation of a Gas-chromatographic Method for the Analysis of 15 Mutagenic and Genotoxic PAHs in Primary Smole CondensatesSIMON RUPERT; PALME Sonja; ANKLAM ELKEArticles in Journals
2006JRC31030Effect of Roasting on the Radical Scavenging Activity of Cocoa BeansSUMMA Carmelina; CORDEIRO RAPOSO FERNANDO; MCCOURT JOSEPHINE; ANKLAM ELKE; LO SCALZO Roberto; WAGNER Karl-Heinz; ELMADFA IbrahimArticles in Journals
2006JRC34371Electronic Database on Standardised Analytical Methods for Active Ingredients in Functional FoodsBUCHGRABER MANUELA; ANKLAM ELKEContributions to Conferences
2006JRC33219European Commission Mycotoxin Sampling WorkshopANKLAM ELKEArticles in Journals
2007JRC40064European Union Database of Acrylamide Levels in Food: Update and Critical Review of Data CollectionWENZL THOMAS; ANKLAM ELKEArticles in Journals
2007JRC35814European Union Database on Acrylamide Levels in Food - Update and Critical Review on Data CollectionWENZL THOMAS; ANKLAM ELKEArticles in Journals
2005JRC30407Experimental Design Based Development and Single Laboratory Validation of a Capillary Zone Electrophoresis Method for the Determination of the Artificial Sweetener Sucralose in Food MatricesMCCOURT JOSEPHINE; STROKA JOERG; ANKLAM ELKEArticles in Journals
2006JRC34364Food Safety and Quality: Activities of the EC - DG - JRC - IRMMLAUWAARS Margreet; ANKLAM ELKEContributions to Conferences
2006JRC34369Foreign Fats in Milk ChocolateBUCHGRABER MANUELA; ANDRONI SIMONA; ANKLAM ELKEContributions to Conferences
2007JRC37639IHCP Annual Report 2006ANKLAM ELKE; NICHOLSON NICHOLAS; TANNER BELINDA; SPERONI ROSSELLAEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports