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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2013JRC80219Applicability of Raman Spectroscopy as a Tool in Nuclear Forensics for Analysis of Uranium Ore ConcentratesHO MER LIN DORIS; MANARA Dario; VARGA Zsolt; BERLIZOV Andrey; FANGHAENEL Thomas; MAYER KlausArticles in Journals
2010JRC56415Development and Validation of Fast and Accurate Simulation Tools of full Gamma Spectra from Shielded and Unshielded Uranium SamplesBERLIZOV Andrey; MAYER KlausArticles in Journals
2014JRC90315High-quality medium-resolution gamma-ray spectra from certified reference uranium and plutonium materialsZSIGRAI JOZSEF; MUEHLEISEN ARTUR; WEBER Anne-Laure; FUNK Pierre; BERLIZOV Andrey; MINTCHEVA JulianaContributions to Conferences
2010JRC61868Montecarlo modelling for the enhanced XRF analysis of U and Pu solutions with the Hybrid K-Edge/K-XRF Densitometry TechniqueSHARIKOV Dmitry; BERLIZOV Andrey; OTTMAR H.; EBERLE Heinrich; GALY Jean; LUETZENKIRCHEN KlausContributions to Conferences
2009JRC56081NaI and HPGe Detector Responses for 10 keV through 10 MeV Gamma-RaysBERLIZOV Andrey; FILBY R.; MALIUK I.a.; SAJENIOUK A. I.; TRYSHYN V. V.; WISS ThierryContributions to Conferences
2010JRC55402A quantitative Monte Carlo Modelling of the Uranium and Plutonium X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Response from a Hybrid K-Edge/K-XRF DensitometerBERLIZOV Andrey; SHARIKOV D.; OTTMAR H.; EBERLE Heinrich; GALY Jean; LUETZENKIRCHEN KlausArticles in Journals
2010JRC60791Re-evaluation of spectroscopic characteristics for the 159 keV gamma-line in 242 Pu alpha-decayBERLIZOV Andrey; VAN BELLE Pieter; ZULEGER Evelyn; OTTMAR H.Contributions to Conferences
2009JRC55443Setting up and Benchmarking an MCNP Model for the XRF Branch of the Hybrid K-Edge/K-XRF DensitometerBERLIZOV Andrey; GALY Jean; LUETZENKIRCHEN Klaus; OTTMAR H.; SHARIKOV D.Contributions to Conferences
2010JRC56082Study of the Radioactive and Chemical Air Pollution Patterns in Kiev conurbation using the Black Poplar Tree Bark as BiomonitorBERLIZOV Andrey; FILBY R.; MALIUK I.a.; SAJENIOUK A. D.; TRYSHYN V. V.; WISS ThierryContributions to Conferences
2009JRC54401Web-Accessible G-Spectrum Simulator with On-line Montecarlo for Voluminous and Shielded G-sources: First Results of Experimental ValidationBERLIZOV Andrey; DREHER RaymondArticles in Journals
2009JRC56175X-ray True Coincidence Summing Correction in Genie 2000ZHU H.; VENKATARAMAN R.; MUELLER W.; LAMONTAGNE J.; BRONSON F.; MORRIS K.; BERLIZOV AndreyArticles in Journals