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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2012JRC69597The 2010 European GreenLight Programme EvaluationBERTOLDI PAOLO; ELLE MarionEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2014JRC87437The 2012 European GreenLight Programme EvaluationTRENEV GUEORGUI; BERTOLDI PAOLOEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2013JRC71058Accelerating the deployment of Solid State Lighting (SSL) in EuropeDE ALMEIDA Anibal; ZISSIS Georges; QUICHERON MICHEL; BERTOLDI PAOLOEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2007JRC36987Accounting for Electricity Consumption in Buildings and Evaluating the Saving Potential: What Have We Achieved and How Much More Can We SaveATANASIU CONSTANTIN BOGDAN; BERTOLDI PAOLO; REZESSY Silvia; DE ALMEIDA AnibalContributions to Conferences
2005JRC31044Are Voluntary Agreements an Effective Energy Policy Instrument? Insights and ExperisBERTOLDI PAOLO; REZESSY Silvia; PERSSON AgnetaContributions to Conferences
2007JRC37896Assessment of White Certificate Schemes and their Energy Saving Evaluation MethodsBERTOLDI PAOLO; REZESSY SilviaContributions to Conferences
2006JRC33572Assessment of White Certificate Schemes and Their Integration into the Carbon MarketsBERTOLDI PAOLO; REZESSY Silvia; PAVAN MarcellaContributions to Conferences
2008JRC45990Assessment of White Certificate Schemes in EuropeBERTOLDI PAOLO; REZESSY SILVIAContributions to Conferences
2007JRC37895Barriers to ESCO's Projects Relating to Motor Systems and Recommendations on how to Overcome themBERTOLDI PAOLOContributions to Conferences
2008JRC45989Bringing End-use Energy Efficiency to the European Emissions Trading Scheme - Outlook for the Third Trading PeriodREZESSY SILVIA; BERTOLDI PAOLO; VOOGT MoniqueContributions to Conferences
2008JRC43827Characterization of Residential Lighting Consumption in the Enlarged European Union and Policies to Save EnergyBERTOLDI PAOLO; ATANASIU CONSTANTIN BOGDANArticles in Journals
2013JRC81785Covenant of Mayors in Figures - 5-Year AssessmentCERUTTI ALESSANDRO; IANCU ANDREEA; JANSSENS-MAENHOUT Greet; MELICA GIULIA; PAINA FEDERICA; BERTOLDI PAOLOEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2013JRC78724Design of database and econometric model to assess the energy savings in residential and tertiary gas and electricity consumptionHIRL Bettina; BERTOLDI PAOLOEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2014JRC91168Ecodesign for Commercial Refrigeration: preparatory study updateMOONS HANS; VILLANUEVA KRZYZANIAK Alejandro; CALERO PASTOR MARIA; ARDENTE FULVIO; MATHIEUX FABRICE; LABANCA NICOLA; BERTOLDI PAOLO; WOLF OliverEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2007JRC36429Electricity Consumption and Efficiency Trends in the Enlarged European Union - Status Report 2006-BERTOLDI PAOLO; ATANASIU CONSTANTIN BOGDANEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2013JRC82044The electricity consumption of household appliances in the European Union and the effects of existing EU energy efficiency policies on its evolutionLABANCA NICOLA; BERTOLDI PAOLO; HIRL BettinaContributions to Conferences
2005JRC30144Electricity End-Use in Buildings: a Survey of New Member States and Candidate CountriesBERTOLDI PAOLO; ATANASIU CONSTANTIN BOGDAN; REZESSY Silvia; URGE-VORSATZ DianaContributions to Conferences
2012JRC69638Energy Efficiency Status Report 2012 - Electricity Consumption and Efficiency Trends in the EU-27BERTOLDI PAOLO; HIRL Bettina; LABANCA NICOLAEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2006JRC31069Energy Service Companies in European Countries: Current Status and a Strategy to Foster Their DevelopmentBERTOLDI PAOLO; REZESSY Silvia; VINE EdArticles in Journals
2005JRC30131Energy Servies Companies in Europe: Assembling the Puzzle - Preliminary Analysis of Results to Date from the First European ESCO DatabaseBERTOLDI PAOLO; REZESSY Silvia; DUPONT Maxime; ADNOT JeromeContributions to Conferences