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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2008JRC34285The Effect of Climate Anomalies and Human Ignition Factor on Wildfires in Russian Boreal ForestsACHARD FREDERIC; EVA HUGH; MOLLICONE Danilo; BEUCHLE RENE'Articles in periodicals and books
2017JRC104131An integrated remote sensing and GIS approach for monitoring areas affected by selective logging: A case study in northern Mato Grosso, Brazilian AmazonGRECCHI ROSANA; BEUCHLE RENE'; SHIMABUKURO YOSIO; ARAGÃO LUIZ E. O. C.; ARAI EGIDIO; SIMONETTI DARIO; ACHARD FREDERICArticles in periodicals and books
2007JRC34349A Land Cover Map for South and Southeast Asia Derived from SPOT-4 VEGETATION DataSTIBIG HANS-JURGEN; BELWARD ALAN; ROY P.s.; ROSALINA-WASRIN U.; AGRAWAL S.; JOSHI P.k.; HILDANUS .; BEUCHLE RENE'; FRITZ Steffen; MUBAREKA Sarah, et alArticles in periodicals and books
2007JRC32843Mapping Severe Damage to Land Cover Following the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami Using Moderate Spatial Resolution Satellite ImageryBELWARD ALAN; STIBIG HANS-JURGEN; EVA HUGH; REMBOLD FELIX; BUCHA Tomas; HARTLEY ANDREW; BEUCHLE RENE'; AL KHUDHAIRY DELILAH; MICHIELON MAURO; MOLLICONE DaniloArticles in periodicals and books
2017JRC104133Monitoring deforestation and forest degradation in the Amazon basin using multi-temporal fraction images derived from Sentinel-2 sensor dataSHIMABUKURO YOSIO; ARAI EGIDIO; DUARTE VALDETE; ANDERSON LIANA O.; ARAGÃO LUIZ E. O. C.; ACHARD FREDERIC; BEUCHLE RENE'; SIMONETTI DARIO; GRECCHI ROSANAArticles in periodicals and books
2017JRC104134The potential of landscape metrics for assessing the impacts of selective logging in the Brazilian AmazonGRECCHI ROSANA; BEUCHLE RENE'; VOGT PETER; SHIMABUKURO YOSIO; RODRIGUES GOMES ALESSANDRAArticles in periodicals and books
2017JRC105805Sentinel-2 web platform for REDD+ monitoring. Online web platform for browsing and processing Sentinel-2 data for forest cover monitoring over the TropicsSIMONETTI DARIO; MARELLI ANDREA; RODRIGUEZ ASERETTO ROQUE DARIO; VASILEV VESELIN; STROBL PETER; BURGER ARMIN; SOILLE PIERRE; ACHARD FREDERIC; EVA HUGH; STIBIG HANS-JURGEN, et alEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports