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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
1988JRC5199Absolute Absorption Intensities in the Triad nu3nu5nu6 of C12H3D at 6-10 umRESTELLI Giambattista; CAPPELLANI Francesco; TARRAGO G.Contributions to Conferences
1991JRC7509Absolute Infrared Band Intensities and Air Broadening Coefficient for Spectroscopic Measurements of Formic Acid in AirRESTELLI Giambattista; CAPPELLANI Francesco; NOTHOLT JuergenArticles in Journals
1991JRC7819Absolute Infrared Intensities in the Fundamentals v2 and v5 of 12CH3 35ClRESTELLI Giambattista; CAPPELLANI Francesco; TARRAGO G.Articles in Journals
1991JRC8206Applicazioni di Spettroscopia Molecolare in Fase Gassosa con Diodi Laser Accordabili nell'InfrarossoRESTELLI Giambattista; CAPPELLANI Francesco; D'AMATO F.Articles in Journals
1985JRC4075Calibration Technique for IR Laser Second Derivative Monitoring of Some Trace Gases in Tropospheric AirRESTELLI Giambattista; CAPPELLANI FrancescoArticles in Journals
2000JRC20146Changes in Surface Solar UV Irradiances and Total Ozone during the Solar Eclipse of 11 August 1999.CAPPELLANI Francesco; ZEFEROS F.; BALIS D.s.; MELETI Charoula; BAIS A.f.; TOURPALI K.; VANICEK K.; KAMINSKI U.; COLOMBO T.; STUBI R., et alArticles in Journals
1995JRC11492Correlation between SO2 and NO2 Measured in an Atmospheric Column by a Brewer Spectrophotometer and at Ground-Level by Photochemical TechniquesCAPPELLANI Francesco; BIELLI AndreaArticles in Journals
1989JRC6062Determination of the NO3+NO2 - NO+O2+NO2 Rate Constant by Infrared Diode Laser and FT SpectroscopyRESTELLI Giambattista; CAPPELLANI Francesco; NIELSEN Claus j.Articles in Journals
1989JRC6882Formulae, Algorithms, Procedures and Program for Applications of Infrared Spectroscopic MeasurementsRESTELLI Giambattista; CAPPELLANI Francesco; HAURIE Yves; PAGNY ClaudeEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
1987JRC4771A Fourier Transform Infrared Study of the Rate Constant of the Homogeneous Gas-Phase Reaction N2 O5+ H2 O and Determination of Absolute Infrared Band Intensities of N2 O5 and HNO3RESTELLI Giambattista; CAPPELLANI Francesco; OTTOBRINI GiuseppeArticles in Journals
1992JRC8725Infrared Band Strengths and their Temperature Dependence of the Hydrohalocarbons HFC-134a, HFC-152c, HCFC-22, HCFC-123 and HCFC-142bRESTELLI Giambattista; CAPPELLANI FrancescoArticles in Journals
2000JRC19668Measurements of the Optical Depth at Ispra. Analysis of the Correlation with UV-B, UV-A and Solar Irradiance.CAPPELLANI Francesco; MELETI CharoulaArticles in Journals
1994JRC10325Ozone Deficiency and Deficit Recovery Time at Ispra in 1993 with Respect to 1992CAPPELLANI FrancescoArticles in Journals
2000JRC19662Solar UV Dose Patterns in Italy.CAPPELLANI Francesco; CASALE G.r.; MELONI D.; PALMIERI Sabino; SIANI Anna mariaArticles in Journals
2000JRC19660Solar UV-B Irradiance and Total Ozone in Italy. Fluctuations and Trends.CAPPELLANI Francesco; CASALE G.r.; MELONI D.; PALMIERI Sabino; SIANI Anna mariaArticles in Journals
2000JRC19659Temperature Effects Correction in a Brewer MKIV Spectrophotometer for Solar UV Measurements.CAPPELLANI Francesco; KOECHLER ClaudioArticles in Journals
1993JRC10025Trace Gas Measurements in Ambient Air by Optical Spectroscopic MethodsCAPPELLANI FrancescoArticles in Journals
1987JRC4770Tunable Diode Laser Measurements of Broadening Coefficients of Lines in the nu-6 fundamental of 12ch3dRESTELLI Giambattista; CAPPELLANI Francesco; LACOME N.Articles in Journals