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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2006JRC32752Applicazione dei Sistemi Informativi Geografici nel Campo delle Salvaguardie NucleariCONTINI SERGIO; BELLEZZA Furio; POUCET ANDREContributions to Conferences
2012JRC69424ASTRA Plus User ManualMATUZAS Vaidas; CONTINI SERGIOEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2007JRC35638Benchmark Exercise in Quantitative Area Risk Assessment in Central and Eastern European Countries (BEQUAR) Final ReportFABBRI LUCIANO; JIRSA PAVEL; CONTINI SERGIOEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2009JRC43299Benchmarking on the Evaluation of Major Accident related Risk AssessmentFABBRI LUCIANO; CONTINI SERGIOArticles in Journals
2009JRC44425A Decomposition Method to Analysis Complex Fault TreesCONTINI SERGIOContributions to Conferences
2005JRC31835FT Analysis in Security Related Applications: Challenges and NeedsCOJAZZI GIACOMO; CONTINI SERGIO; RENDA GUIDOContributions to Conferences
2007JRC35966A Geo-Portal for Data Management and Integration in the Context of the Additional ProtocolWOLFART ERIK; BRIL LOUIS-VICTOR; CONTINI SERGIO; BELLEZZA FurioContributions to Conferences
2005JRC32016GIS-based System to Support Open Source Information AnalysisBELLEZZA Furio; CONTINI SERGIO; MOUSTY Francis; USSORIO Alessandra; BRIL LOUIS-VICTOR; GONCALVES JOAOContributions to Conferences
2012JRC69880On the efficiency of functional decomposition in fault tree analysisMATUZAS VAIDAS; CONTINI SERGIOArticles in Journals
2006JRC32687On the Exact Analysis of Non-Coherent Fault Trees: The Astra PackageCONTINI SERGIO; COJAZZI GIACOMO; DE COLA GiuseppeContributions to Conferences
2009JRC44427On the Methods to Model and Analyze Attack Scenarios with Fault TreesRENDA GUIDO; CONTINI SERGIO; COJAZZI GIACOMOContributions to Conferences
2005JRC31401On the Need of Exact Probabilistic Quantification in FT/ET AnalysisCOJAZZI GIACOMO; CONTINI SERGIO; RENDA GUIDOContributions to Conferences
2006JRC33575On the Use of Non-coherent Fault Trees in Safety and Security StudiesCOJAZZI GIACOMO; RENDA GUIDO; CONTINI SERGIOContributions to Conferences
2008JRC38257On the Use of Non-Coherent Fault Trees in Safety and Security StudiesCONTINI SERGIO; COJAZZI GIACOMO; RENDA GUIDOArticles in Journals
2007JRC37690Proliferation Sensitivity of Dual Use Equipment for Laser Isotope SeparationJANSSENS-MAENHOUT GREET; DELBEKE JOCHEN; CONTINI SERGIO; CREEMERS JorisContributions to Conferences
2007JRC35835Quantification of Fault Trees Containing Mutually Exclusive EventsCONTINI SERGIOContributions to Conferences
2006JRC33736Quantified Area Risk Assessment: from the ARIPAR Methodology to the Related Software ToolsANTONIONI GIACOMO; BELLEZZA Furio; BINDA Massimo; CONTINI SERGIO; COZZANI Valerio; DONDI Clarissa; GIANNOTTI Eugenio; SPADONI GIGLIOLAContributions to Conferences
2008JRC45205Sensitivity Analysis in Support to Design ActivitiesCONTINI SERGIO; FABBRI LUCIANOContributions to Conferences
2006JRC33574Sull' Uso Degli Alberi di Guasto non Coerenti nell' Analisi dei SistemiCONTINI SERGIO; COJAZZI GIACOMO; DE COLA GiuseppeContributions to Conferences
2006JRC33654Valutazione Probabilistica della Vulnerabilità di Infrastrutture Critiche Locali ad Attacchi IntenzionaliSQUELLATI Giuseppe; CONTINI SERGIOContributions to Conferences