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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2011JRC53438Assessment of the availability of Agricultural and Forest Residues for Bioenergy Production in RomaniaSCARLAT NICOLAE; BLUJDEA Viorel; DALLEMAND Jean-FrancoisArticles in Journals
2010JRC53439Assessment of the Availability of Agricultural Crop Residues in the European Union - Potential and Limitations for Bioenergy UseSCARLAT NICOLAE; MARTINOV Milan; DALLEMAND Jean-FrancoisArticles in Journals
2013JRC84632Bioenergy and WaterDALLEMAND Jean-Francois; GERBENS-LEENES P.w.EUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2014JRC89188Bioenergy deployment in the Danube Region - Current status and progress according to National Renewable Energy Action PlansBANJA MANJOLA; SCARLAT NICOLAE; DALLEMAND Jean-Francois; MONFORTI-FERRARIO Fabio; MOTOLA VINCENZO; BODIS KatalinEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2013JRC73593Bioenergy production and use in Italy: Recent developments, perspectives and potentialSCARLAT NICOLAE; DALLEMAND Jean-Francois; MOTOLA Vincenzo; MONFORTI-FERRARIO FabioArticles in Journals
2009JRC52804Biofuels for Transport, the Challenge of Correctly Assessing their Environmental ImpactDALLEMAND Jean-Francois; LEIP Adrian; RETTENMAIER NiilsArticles in Journals
2010JRC56029Biomass for Transport, Heat and Electricity, Scientific ChallengesDALLEMAND Jean-Francois; DE SANTI Giovanni; LEIP Adrian; BAXTER David; RETTENMAIER Niels; OSSENBRINK HeinzArticles in Journals
2009JRC52279Direct and Indirect Impact of Biofuel Policies on Tropical Deforestation in MalaysiaDALLEMAND Jean-Francois; SUNDRAM Kalyana; STIBIG Hans-JurgenEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2011JRC63449An Overview of the Biomass Resource Potential of Norway for Bioenergy UseSCARLAT NICOLAE; DALLEMAND Jean-Francois; SKJELHAUGEN Odd Jarle; ASPLUND Dan; LARS NesheimArticles in Journals
2013JRC67869The possible contribution of agricultural crop residues to renewable energy targets in Europe: A spatially explicit studyMONFORTI-FERRARIO Fabio; BODIS Katalin; SCARLAT NICOLAE; DALLEMAND Jean-FrancoisArticles in Journals
2013JRC72111Possible impact of 2020 bioenergy targets on European Union land use. A scenario-based assessment from national renewable energy action plans proposalsSCARLAT NICOLAE; DALLEMAND Jean-Francois; BANJA MANJOLAArticles in Journals
2011JRC68136Recent Developments of Biofuels/Bioenergy Sustainability Certification: A Global OverviewSCARLAT NICOLAE; DALLEMAND Jean-FrancoisArticles in Journals
2011JRC67752Renewable Energies in Africa - Current KnowledgeBELWARD Alan; BISSELINK BERNARD; BODIS Katalin; BRINK Andreas; DALLEMAND Jean-Francois; DE ROO Arie; HULD Thomas; KAYITAKIRE Francois; MAYAUX Philippe; MONER GERONA Magda, et alEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2013JRC85946Renewable Energy Progress in EU 27 (2005-2020)BANJA MANJOLA; SCARLAT NICOLAE; MONFORTI-FERRARIO Fabio; DALLEMAND Jean-FrancoisEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2014JRC86385Renewable energy research progress in Mexico: A reviewALEMÁN-NAVA Gibrán S. Alemán-Nava; CASIANO-FLORES Victor H.; CARDENAS-CHAVEZ Diana L.; DÍAZ-CHAVEZ Rocío; SCARLAT NICOLAE; MAHLKNECHT Jürgen; DALLEMAND Jean-Francois; PARRA RobertoArticles in Journals
2010JRC47926The Role of Cities in Achieving the EU Targets on Biofuels for Transportation: The Cases of Berlin, London, Milan and HelsinkiSILVESTRINI Alessandra; MONNI Suvi; PREGERNIG Michael; BARBATO Anna; DALLEMAND Jean-Francois; CROCI Eduardo; RAES FrankArticles in Journals
2008JRC47547Short Rotation Forestry, Short Rotation Coppice and Perennial Grasses in the European Union - Agro-environmental Aspects, Present Use and PerspectivesDALLEMAND Jean-Francois; PETERSEN Jan-Erik; KARP AngelaEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2013JRC85377Snapshots of renewable energy developments in the European Union. Status in 2010 and progress in comparison with National Renewable Energy Action Plans.SCARLAT NICOLAE; BANJA MANJOLA; DALLEMAND Jean-Francois; MONFORTI-FERRARIO FabioEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2011JRC62073Status of the Implementation of Biofuels and Bioenergy Certification SystemsSCARLAT NICOLAE; DALLEMAND Jean-FrancoisEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports