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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2005Absolute Sulfur Isotope Amount Ratios in Two Batches of High Purity SO2 Gas. Sulfur Isotope Reference Material IRMM-2012 and IRMM-2013.VALKIERS Staf; DING Tiping; RUSSE Katrin; DE BIEVRE P.; TAYLOR P.d.p.Articles in Journals
2000Accurate Measurement of the Molar Volume of a Silicon Crystal for a Determination of the Avogadro Constant.FUJII K.; TANAKA M.; NEZU Y.; NAKAYAMA K.; FUJIMOTO H.; DE BIEVRE P.; VALKIERS StafArticles in Journals
1999ACQUAL Welcomes (R)evolution in Clinical Laboratories.DE BIEVRE P.Articles in Journals
1999ACQUAL Welcomes Great Britain.DE BIEVRE P.Articles in Journals
1999ACQUAL Welcomes the Russian Federation.DE BIEVRE P.Articles in Journals
1997Adsorption in Gas Mass Spectrometry - I. Effects on the Measurement of Individual Isotopic Species.GONFIANTINI Roberto, et alArticles in Journals
1997Adsorption in Gas Mass Spectrometry. II. Effects on the Measurement of Isotope Amount Ratios.GONFIANTINI Roberto, et alArticles in Journals
1998Apt Timing for Described Measurement Procedures (DMP) of primary Methods of Measuremen (PMM).DE BIEVRE P.Articles in Journals
1997Basic Equations and Uncertainties in Isotope Dilution Mass Spectrometry for Traceability to SI of Values Obtained by that Primary Method.DE BIEVRE P., et alArticles in Journals
1997Calibrated Measurements of the Isotopic Composition and Atomic Weight of the Natural Li Isotopic Reference Material IRMM-016.QI Hai ping, et alArticles in Journals
2001Calibrated Sulfur Isotope Abundance Ratios of IAEA-S-1, IAEA-S-2, IAEA-S-3 Reference Materials, two Chinese Standards and V-CDT with a Reassessment of the Atomic Weight of Sulfur.DING Tiping, et alArticles in Journals
2000Calibration of Isotopic Measurements.KIPPHARDT Heinrich, et alArticles in Journals
1999"Calibration", a Term (Mis)Used in Many Contexts?DE BIEVRE P.Articles in Journals
2001CCQM-K2 Key Comparison. Cadmium and Lead Content in Natural Water.PAPADAKIS Ioannis, et alArticles in Journals
1996Certification of a 15N-Enriched Nitrate Species-Specific Spike Isotopic Reference Material IRMM-627WOLFF J.-cl., et alArticles in Journals
1997Certification of Rubidium in Water Material for the International Measurement Evaluation Programme (IMEP) Using Isotope Dilution Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry.OERNEMARK Ulf, et alArticles in Journals
2000Chemical Measurement and the Law (Editorial).DE BIEVRE P.Articles in Journals
2000Chemical Measurement and the Law.DE BIEVRE P.Articles in Journals
1996Comparative Isotopic Measurements on Xenon and KryptonAREGBE Yetunde, et alArticles in Journals
2000Comparative Performance Study of ICP Mass Spectrometers by Means of U "Isotopic Measurements".QUETEL Christophe, et alArticles in Journals
Showing results 1 to 20 of 86


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