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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2014JRC83219Aerosol DynamicsLAZARIDIS Mihalis; DROSSINOS IoannisArticles in books
2009JRC55053Calculation of Aggregate Friction Coefficient From Active SurfaceISELLA Lorenzo; DROSSINOS IoannisContributions to Conferences
2011JRC67661Calibration and Modeling of PMP-Compliant Condensation Particle CountersMAMAKOS ATHANASIOS; GIECHASKIEL Barouch; DROSSINOS Ioannis; LESUEUR Dominique; MARTINI Giorgio; KRASENBRINK AloisEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2009JRC52055Calibration of Condensation Particle Counters for Legislated Vehicle Number MeasurementsGIECHASKIEL Barouch; WANG Xiaoliang; HORN Hans-Georg; SPIELVOGEL Juergen; GERHART Christian; SOUTHGATE Jason; JING Lianpeng; KASPER Markus; DROSSINOS Ioannis; KRASENBRINK AloisArticles in Journals
2003JRC24630Classical Nucleation Theory Revisited.DROSSINOS Ioannis; KEVREKIDIS G. panayotisArticles in Journals
2002JRC22711Combined Heat and Mass Transfer in Laminar Flow Diffusion Nucleation Chambers.HOUSIADAS Christos; PAPANICOLAOU E.; DROSSINOS IoannisArticles in Journals
2000JRC19326Convective Diffusion in a Tube with Non-Uniform Inlet Conditions.HOUSIADAS Christos; EZQUERRA LARRODE Francisco; DROSSINOS IoannisArticles in Journals
2013JRC81595Cost effectiveness of particulate filter installation on Direct Injection Gasoline vehiclesMAMAKOS Athanasios; STEININGER Nikolaus; MARTINI Giorgio; DILARA Panagiota; DROSSINOS IoannisArticles in Journals
2014JRC92972Data Collection and Reporting Guidelines for European electro-mobility projectsCORCHERO Cristina; GUMARA Ramon; CRUZ-ZAMBRANO Miguel; SANMARTI Manel; GKATZOFLIAS DIMITRIOS; DILARA Panagiota; DROSSINOS Ioannis; DONATI AlbertoEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
1998JRC14740Dehumidification of Air Flow through Cooling at Sub-Freezing Temperatures.HOUSIADAS Christos; DROSSINOS IoannisArticles in Journals
2008JRC47745Diesel-Exhaust Aerosol Dynamics from the Tailpipe to the Dilution TunnelISELLA Lorenzo; GIECHASKIEL Barouch; DROSSINOS IoannisArticles in Journals
2010JRC56931Dynamics of infectious disease transmission by inhalable respiratory dropletsSTILIANAKIS Nikolaos; DROSSINOS IoannisArticles in Journals
2008JRC47464Dynamics of Infectious Disease Transmission by Respirable DropletsSTILIANAKIS Nikolaos; DROSSINOS IoannisContributions to Conferences
2014JRC89092Dynamics of influenza and modes of transmissionSTILIANAKIS Nikolaos; DROSSINOS Ioannis; ROBINSON MARGUERITE; WEBER Thomas, P.Contributions to Conferences
1996JRC11473The Effect of Chemical Interactions on the Transport of Caesium in the Presence of BoronHONTANON Ester; LAZARIDIS Mihalis; DROSSINOS IoannisArticles in Journals
2000JRC19750The Effect of Coupled Heat and Mass Transfer on the Saturation Ratio in Laminar Tube Flow.EZQUERRA LARRODE Francisco; HOUSIADAS Christos; DROSSINOS IoannisContributions to Conferences
2011JRC61066The Effect of Particle Chemical Composition on the Activation Probability in n-Butanol Condensation Particle CountersGIECHASKIEL Barouch; WANG Xiaoliang; GILLILAND Douglas; DROSSINOS IoannisArticles in Journals
2004JRC27197Effect of Small-Scale Turbulent Fluctuations on Rates of Particle Formation.HOUSIADAS Christos; DROSSINOS Ioannis; LAZARIDIS MihalisArticles in Journals
2004JRC26916Effect of Small-Scale Turbulent Fluctuations on Rates of Particle Formation.HOUSIADAS Christos; DROSSINOS Ioannis; LAZARIDIS MihalisArticles in Journals
2008JRC49184Effects of Particle Inertia in CFD-Based Aerosol ModellingPILOU Marika; NEOFYTOU Panayotis; DROSSINOS Ioannis; TSANGARIS Socrates; HOUSIADAS ChristosContributions to Conferences