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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2008JRC47278Commentary and Worked Examples to EN 1993-1-10 "Material Toughness and Through Thickness Properties" and Other Toughness Oriented Rules in EN 1993SEDLACEK G.; FELDMANN M.; KÜHN B.; TSCHICKARDT D.; HÖHLER S.; MÜLLER C.; HENSEN W.; STRANGHÖNER N.; DAHL W.; LANGENBERG P., et alEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2000JRC19281A Corotational Formulation for the Simulation of Flexible Mechanisms.DEVLOO P.; GERADIN Michel; FLEURY R.Articles in Journals
2009JRC53442Design of Lightweight Footbridges for Human Induced VibrationsHEINEMEYER Cristoph; BUTZ Christiane; KEIL Andreas; SCHLAICH Mike; GOLDBECK Arndt; TROMETOR Stefan; LUKIC Mladen; CHABROLIN Bruno; LEMAIRE Armand; MARTIN Pierre-Olivier, et alEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2004JRC27393Energy Preserving Time Integration for Constrained Multibody Systems.LENS Elisabet v.; CARDONA Alberto; GERADIN MichelArticles in Journals
2008JRC48398Eurocodes Promotion in Third CountriesANDERSSON Claes; DIMOVA Silvia; GERADIN Michel; PINTO VIEIRA Artur; TSIONIS GeorgiosEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2010JRC56504EUROCODES: EU Policy Issues, Implementation and Further DevelopmentGERADIN Michel; PINTO VIEIRA Artur; DIMOVA Silvia; TSIONIS GeorgiosContributions to Conferences
1998JRC15867Finite Element theory for Curved and Twisted Beams on Basis Exact Solutions for Three-Dimensional Solids. Part 1. Beam Concept and Geometrically Exact Nonlinear Formulation.PETROV E.; GERADIN MichelArticles in Journals
1998JRC16005Finite Element Theory for Curved and Twisted Beams on Exact Solutions for Three-dimensional Solids. Part 2: An Isotropic and Advanced Beam Models.GERADIN Michel; PETROV E.Articles in Journals
2010JRC56810Hot-dip-zinc-coating of prefabricated structural steel componentsFELDMANN M.; PINGER T.; SCHÄFER D.; POPE R.; SMITH W.; SEDLACEK G.; GERADIN Michel; PINTO VIEIRA Artur; AMORIM VARUM HumbertoEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2002JRC23092Pseudodynamic Tests on Rubber Base Isolators with Numerical Substructuring of the Superstructure and Strain-Rate Effect Compensation.MOLINA F. j.; VERZELETTI Guido; MAGONETTE Georges; BUCHET Philippe; RENDA Vito; GERADIN Michel; PARDUCCI A.; MEZZI M.; PACCHIAROTTI A.; FEDERICI L., et alArticles in Journals