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2010Climate Control of Terrestrial Carbon Exchange across Biomes and ContinentsYI Chuixiang; RICCIUTO Daniel; LI Runze; WOLBECK John; XU Xiyuan; NILSON Mats; AIRES Luis; ALBERTSON John; AMMANN Christoph; ARAIN Altaf M.; C DE ARAUJO Alessandro; AUBINET Marc; AURELA M.; BARCZA Zoltán; BARR Alan G.; BERBIGIER Paul; BERINGER Jason; BERNHOFER Christian; BLACK Andrew; BOLSTAD Paul V; BOSVELD Fred C; BROADMEADOW Mark S J; BUCHMANN N.; BURNS Sean P; Cellier Pierre; CHEN Jingming; CHEN J.; CIAIS Philippe; CLEMENT R.; COOK B.; CURTIS Peter S; DAIL D Bryan; DELLWIK E.; DELPIERRE Nicolas; DESAI Ankur R.; DORE Sabina; DRAGONI Danilo; DRAKE Bert G; DUFRÊNE Eric; DUNN Allison, et alArticles in Journals
2011Climatic controls and ecosystem responses drive the inter-annual variability of the net ecosystem exchange of an alpine meadowCESCATTI ALESSANDRO; MARCOLLA Barbara; ZORER Roberto; MANCA Giovanni; CAVAGNA Mauro; FIORA Alessandro; GIANELLE Damiano; RODEGHIERO Mirco; SOTTOCORNOLA Matteo; ZAMPEDRI RobertoArticles in Journals
2013Components of forest soil CO2 efflux estimated from Δ14C values of soil organic matterRODEGHIERO Mirco; CESCATTI Alessandro; CHURKINA Galina; MARTINEZ Cristina; SCHOLTEN Thomas; GIANELLE DamianoArticles in Journals
2013A data-driven analysis of energy balance closure across FLUXNET research sites: The role of landscape scale heterogeneitySTOY P.; MAUDER M.; FOKEN Thomas; MARCOLLA B.; BOEGH Eva; Ibrom A; ARAIN Altaf; ARNETH Almut; AURELA Mika; BERNHOFER Christian; CESCATTI Alessandro; GIANELLE Damiano; VAN GORSEL Eva; KIELY Gerald; KNOHL Alexander; MARGOLIS Hank; MONTAGNANI Leonardo; PAPALE Dario; REICHSTEIN M.; SOTTOCORNOLA Matteo; VACCARI FRANCESCO; VARLAGIN Andrej; DUCE Pierpaolo; MCCAUGHEY Harry; DELLWIK E.; MERBOLD Lutz; SAUNDERS Matthew; SERRANO-ORTIZ Penelope; SPANO DonatellaArticles in Journals
2009Ecosystem Carbon Fluxes and Canopy Spectral Reflectance of a Mountain MeadowGIANELLE Damiano; VESCOVO Loris; MARCOLLA Barbara; MANCA Giovanni; CESCATTI AlessandroArticles in Journals
2011Global patterns of land‐atmosphere fluxes of carbon dioxide, latent heat, and sensible heat derived from eddy covariance, satellite, and meteorological observationsJUNG Martin; REICHSTEIN Markus; MARGOLIS Hank; CESCATTI Alessandro; RICHARDSON Andrew D.; ARAIN Altaf M.; ARNETH Almut; BERNHOFER Christian; BONAL Damien; CHEN Jiquan; GIANELLE Damiano; GOBRON Nadine; KIELY Gerald; KUTSCH Werner L.; LASSLOP Gitta; LAW Beverly; LINDROTH A.; MERBOLD Lutz; MONTAGNANI L.; MOORS E.; PAPALE Dario; SOTTOCORNOLA Matteo; VACCARI FRANCESCO; WILLIAMS ChristopherArticles in Journals
2010INFOCARB: A Regional Scale Forest Carbon Inventory (Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Southern Italian Alps)RODEGHIERO Mirco; TONOLLI Sergio; VESCOVO Loris; GIANELLE Damiano; CESCATTI Alessandro; SOTTOCORNOLA MatteoArticles in Journals
2010Recent Decline in the Global Land Evapotranspiration Trend Due to Limited Moisture SupplyJUNG Martin; REICHSTEIN Markus; CIAIS Philippe; SENEVIRATNE Sonia I.; SHEFFIELD Justin; GOULDEN Michael L.; BONAN Gordon; CHEN Jiquan; CESCATTI Alessandro; DE JEU Richard; DOLMAN A. Johannes; EUGSTER Werner; GERTEN Dieter; GIANELLE Damiano; GOBRON Nadine; HEINKE Jens; KIMBALL John; LAW Beverly E.; MONTAGNANI Leonardo; MU Qiaozhen; MUELLER Brigitte; OLESON Keith; PAPALE Dario; RICHARDSON Andrew D.; ROUPSARD Olivier; RUNNING Steve; TOMELLERI Enrico; VIOVY Nicolas; WEBER Ulrich; WILLIAMS Christopher; WOOD Eric; ZAEHLE Sonke; ZHANG KeArticles in Journals
2011Redefinition and global estimation of basal ecosystem respiration rateYUAN Wenping; LUO Yiqi; LI Xianglan; LIU Shuguang; YU Guirui; ZHOU Tao; BAHN Michael; BLACK Andy; DESAI Ankur R.; CESCATTI Alessandro; MARCOLLA Barbara; JACOBS Cor; CHEN Jiquan; AURELA Mika; BERNHOFER Christian; GIELEN Bert; BOHRER Gil; COOK D. R.; DRAGONI Danilo; DUNN Allison; GIANELLE Damiano; Grünwald T.; Ibrom A; LECLERC Monique Y.; LINDROTH Anders; LIU H.; BELELLI MARCHESINI Luca; MONTAGNANI Leonardo; PITA G.; RODEGHIERO Mirco; RODRIGUES Abel; STARR Gregory; STOY P.Articles in Journals
2011Seasonal variation of photosynthetic model parameters and leaf area index from global Fluxnet eddy covariance dataGROENENDIJK M.; DOLMAN A. J.; AMMANN C.; ARNETH Almut; CESCATTI Alessandro; DRAGONI D.; GASH J.h.c.; GIANELLE Damiano; GIOLI B.; KIELY Gerald; KNOHL A.; LAW Beverly; LUND M.; MARCOLLA B.; VAN DER MOLEN M.k.; MONTAGNANI Leonardo; MOORS E.; RICHARDSON Andrew D.; ROUPSARD O.; VERBEECK H.; WOHLFAHRT GeorgArticles in Journals
2011Semi-Empirical Modeling of Abiotic and Biotic Factors Controlling Ecosystem Respiration Across Eddy Covariance SitesMIGLIAVACCA Mirco; REICHSTEIN Markus; RICHARDSON Andrew; COLOMBO Roberto; SUTTON Mark; LASSLOP Gitta; TOMELLERI Enrico; WOHLFAHRT Georg; CARVALHAIS Nuno; CESCATTI Alessandro, et alArticles in Journals
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11


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