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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2000Auger and XRD Investigations of Sulphur Diffusion at the CdS/CdTe Interface.GIBSON Peter neil; BAKER M.; OZSAN M.e.Contributions to Conferences
1997Co-sputtered Films within the Quasi-Binary System TiN-TiB2.LOSBICHLER P.; MITTERER C.; GIBSON Peter neil; GISSLER Wolfram; HOFER F.; WARBICHLER P.Contributions to Conferences
1997A Combined X-Ray Photoelectron/Auger Electron Spectroscopy/glancing Angle X-Ray Diffractiion/Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Investigation of TiBxNy Coatings.MOLLART Timothy peter; GIBSON Peter neil; GISSLER WolframArticles in Journals
1997A Comparative Study of the Tribological Behaviour of Homogeneous and Multilayer Ti-B-N CoatingsMOLLART Timothy peter; GIBSON Peter neil; HAUPT Justus; GISSLER WolframContributions to Conferences
1997An EXAFS and XRD Study of the Structure of Nanocrystalline Ti-B-N Thin Films.MOLLART Timothy peter; GIBSON Peter neilArticles in Journals
1997Phase Composition and Tribological Behaviour of Titanium Boron Nitride CoatingsGISSLER Wolfram; HAUPT Justus; GIBSON Peter neil; GILMORE Richard; MOLLART Timothy peterArticles in Journals
1997Preparation and Characterization of Low-Friction TiB2-Based Coatings by Inclusion of C or MoS2.GILMORE Richard; GIBSON Peter neil; GISSLER WolframContributions to Conferences
1996Redox Reactions and Transport of Selenium through Fractured GraniteYLLERA DE LLANO Abel; BIDOGLIO Giovanni; AVOGADRO Alessandro; GIBSON Peter neil; RIVAS ROMERO P.Articles in Journals
1997Studies of the Oxidation Mechanism of Yttrium Implanted Chromium Using XAFS and GAXRD.GIBSON Peter neil; CRISTOBAL Maria julia; STROOSNIJDER Marinus frederikContributions to Conferences
1997A Study of the Initial Stages of Oxidation of Yttrium Implanted Chromium Using X-Ray Diffraction and Absorption SpectroscopyCRISTOBAL Maria julia; GIBSON Peter neil; STROOSNIJDER Marinus frederikArticles in Journals
1997Ultraharte Schichten im quasilinearen System Ti-B-NGISSLER Wolfram; GIBSON Peter neil; MITTERER C.; LOSBICHLER P.; HOFER F.; WARBICHLER P.Contributions to Conferences
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11


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