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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
1997JRC13461A Computer Vision Approach to Air Flow AnalysisHEIKKONEN JukkaArticles in Journals
1997JRC13430A Computer Vision Approach to Digit Recognition on Pulp BalesHEIKKONEN Jukka; MANTYNEN MikaArticles in Journals
2000JRC20302EEG Recognition of Imagined Hand and Foot Movements through Signal Space Projection.MILLAN J.r.; MOURINO Josep; BABILONI Fabio; CINCOTTI Febo; LAZZARINI Luna; VARSTA Markus; HEIKKONEN Jukka; BIANCHI Luigi; MARCIANI Maria graziaArticles in Journals
2013JRC69422The efficiency of using remote sensing for fisheries enforcement: Application to the Mediterranean bluefin tuna fisheryCICUENDEZ Juan; ALVAREZ ALVAREZ Marlene; HEIKKONEN Jukka; GUILLEN Jordi; BARBAS ThomasArticles in Journals
2012JRC59714Estimating age at first maturity in fish from change-points in growth rateSCOTT ROBERT; HEIKKONEN JukkaArticles in Journals
2011JRC51473Identification of Bluefin tuna cages in Mediterranean Sea fishing grounds from SAR imagesCICUENDEZ-PEREZ Juanignacio; ALVAREZ ALVAREZ Marlene; HEIKKONEN Jukka; INDREGARD MarteArticles in Journals
2013JRC61801Issues on clustering and data griddingHEIKKONEN Jukka; PERROTTA Domenico; RIANI Marco; TORTI FrancescaArticles in books
1998JRC16157Land Cover/Land Use Classification of Urban Areas. A Remote Sensing Approach.HEIKKONEN JukkaArticles in Journals
2000JRC19737Linear Classification of Low-Resolution EEG Patterns Produced by Imagined Hand Movements.BABILONI Fabio; CINCOTTI Febo; LAZZARINI Luna; MILLAN J.r.; MOURINO Josep; VARSTA Markus; HEIKKONEN Jukka; BIANCHI Luigi; MARCIANI Maria graziaArticles in Journals
2002JRC23711A Local Neural Classifier for the Recognition of EEG Patterns Associated to Mental Tasks.MILLAN J.r.; MOURINO Josep; FRANZE' Marco; CINCOTTI Febo; VARSTA Markus; HEIKKONEN Jukka; BABILONI FabioArticles in Journals
2008JRC49471MDL and Signal Change Detection in Machine Condition MonitoringHULKKONEN Jenni; HEIKKONEN JukkaContributions to Conferences
2008JRC49470MDL and Wavelet Denoising with Soft ThresholdingOJANEN Janne; HEIKKONEN JukkaContributions to Conferences
2011JRC62279Potential feeding and spawning habitats of bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean SeaDRUON Jean-Noel; FROMENTIN J.-M.; AULANIER F.; HEIKKONEN JukkaArticles in Journals
2001JRC21024Temporal Kohonen Map and the Recurrent Self-Organizing Map. Analytical and Experimental Comparison.VARSTA Markus; HEIKKONEN Jukka; LAMPINEN J.; MILLAN J.r.Articles in Journals