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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2012JRC581751.39 – Standards in Photovoltaic TechnologyOSSENBRINK Heinz; MUELLEJANS Harald; KENNY Robert; DUNLOP EwanArticles in books
2010JRC58908Characterization of a Pulsed Solar Simulator for Concentrator Photovoltaic Cell CalibrationPRAVETTONI Mauro; GALLEANO Roberto; DUNLOP Ewan; KENNY RobertArticles in Journals
2011JRC58907Characterization of High Efficiency c-Si CPV CellsPRAVETTONI Mauro; GALLEANO Roberto; FUCCI Raffaele; KENNY Robert; ROMANO Antonio; PELLEGRINO Michele; AITASALO TUOMAS; FLAMINIO Giovanni; PRIVATO Carlo; ZAAIMAN Willem, et alContributions to Conferences
2010JRC57082Characterization of High Efficiency c-Si CPV CellsPRAVETTONI Mauro; GALLEANO Roberto; FUCCI Raffaele; ROMANO Antonio; PELLEGRINO Michele; AITASALO TUOMAS; PRIVATO Carlo; ZAAIMAN Willem; KENNY Robert; DUNLOP EwanContributions to Conferences
2012JRC63444Comparison of Electrical Modeling for CI(G)s Thin-film Solar Modules Operating Under Various Outdoor ConditionsWERNER BARBARA; HULD Thomas; KENNY Robert; ZDANOWICZ TadeuszContributions to Conferences
2011JRC63234Effects of Operating Conditions on Thin Film Amorphous and Microcrystalline Silicon Modules PerformancePOLVERINI DAVIDE; HULD Thomas; KENNY RobertContributions to Conferences
2009JRC50101External Quantum Efficiency Measurements of Luminescent Solar Concentrators - a Study of the Impact of Backside Reflector, Bias Light and TemperaturePRAVETTONI Mauro; FARRELL Daniel J.; CHATTEN Amanda J.; BOSE Rahul; KENNY Robert; BARNHAM Keith W. J.Contributions to Conferences
2010JRC56768From an Existing Large Area Pulsed Solar Simulator to a High Intensity Pulsed Solar Simulator: Characterization, Standard Classification and First Results at ESTIPRAVETTONI Mauro; GALLEANO Roberto; AITASALO TUOMAS; KENNY Robert; DUNLOP Ewan; BARNHAM Keith W. J.Contributions to Conferences
2005JRC28295FULLSPECTRUM, a New PV Wave of more Efficient Use of the Solar Spectrum.LUQUE A.; MARTI A.; BETT A.; ANDREEV V.m.; JAUSSAUD C.; VAN ROOSMALEN J.; ALONSO J.; RAEUBER A.; STROBL G.; STOLZ W., et alArticles in Journals
2014JRC89472High Quality Measurements of the Solar Spectrum for Simulation of Multi-junction Photovoltaic Cell YieldsNORTON MATTHEW; PARASKEVA Vasiliki; GALLEANO Roberto; MAKRIDES George; KENNY Robert; GEORGHIOU GeorgeContributions to Conferences
2008JRC46925A Luminescent Solar Concentrator with 7.1% Power Conversion EfficiencySLOOF Lenneke; BENDE Evert; BURGERS Teun; BUDEL Tristram; PRAVETTONI Mauro; KENNY Robert; DUNLOP Ewan; BUCHTEMANN AndreasArticles in Journals
2009JRC48549Outdoor Characterisation of High Efficiency Luminescent Solar ConcentratorsPRAVETTONI Mauro; VIRTUANI Alessandro; KENNY Robert; FARRELL Daniel J.; CHATTEN Amanda J.; BARNHAM Keith W. J.Contributions to Conferences
2009JRC49807Outdoor Characterisation of Luminescent Solar Concentrators and Their Possible Architectural Integration on a Historically Relevant Site in Milan (Italy)PRAVETTONI Mauro; PRAVETTONI Fabio; VIRTUANI Alessandro; KENNY Robert; CHATTEN Amanda J.; BARNHAM Keith W. J.Contributions to Conferences
2008JRC44146Outdoor Module Performance of Single, Double and Triple-junction Silicon Based Thin Film TechnologiesNIKOLAEVA-DIMITROVA Miglena; SKOCZEK Artur; KENNY Robert; DUNLOP EwanContributions to Conferences
2014JRC80605Performance Verification of a High-Intensity Flash Solar Simulator and the Impact of Using Spectrally Mismatched Reference Devices for CalibrationNORTON MATTHEW; GALLEANO Roberto; KENNY RobertContributions to Conferences
2013JRC73474Power rating of photovoltaic modules including validation of procedures to implement IEC 61853-1 on solar simulators and under natural sunlightKENNY Robert; VIGANÒ DAVIDE; SALIS ELENA; BARDIZZA GIORGIO; NORTON MATTHEW; MUELLEJANS Harald; ZAAIMAN WillemArticles in Journals
2012JRC69878Power Rating of Photovoltaic Modules Including Validation of Procedures to Implement IEC 61853-1 on Solar Simulators and under Natural SunlightVIGANO' Davide; SALIS ELENA; BARDIZZA GIORGIO; PERIN GASPARIN Fabiano; ZAAIMAN Willem; MUELLEJANS Harald; KENNY RobertContributions to Conferences
2011JRC55706A Power-Rating Model for Crystalline Silicon PV ModulesHULD Thomas; FRIESEN Gabi; SKOCZEK Artur; KENNY Robert; SAMPLE Tony; FIELD Michael; DUNLOP EwanArticles in Journals
2005JRC28885A Practical Method for the Energy Rating of c-Si PV Modules Based on Standard Tests.KENNY Robert; DUNLOP Ewan; OSSENBRINK Heinz; MUELLEJANS HaraldArticles in Journals