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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2007JRC382667th International IIASA-DPRI Forum on Integrated Disaster Risk Management Stresa, Italy September 19-21, 2007 Coping with Disasters: Global Challenges for the 21st Century and Beyond Abstract bookMUSHTAQ FESIL; KRAUSMANN ELISABETH; SALES SABORIT JAIMEBooks
2008JRC43822Analysis of Natech Accidents Recorded in Major Accident DatabasesCAMPEDEL Michela; COZZANI Valerio; KRAUSMANN ELISABETH; CRUZ NARANJO ANA-MARIAContributions to Conferences
2008JRC43843Damage to Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities Following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: An OverviewCRUZ NARANJO ANA-MARIA; KRAUSMANN ELISABETHArticles in Journals
2007JRC43665Guidelines on Post-Accident Investigation/EvaluationKRAUSMANN ELISABETH; MUSHTAQ FESILArticles in books
2009JRC43844Hazardous-Materials Releases from Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities and Emergency Response Following Hurricanes Katrina and RitaCRUZ NARANJO ANA-MARIA; KRAUSMANN ELISABETHArticles in Journals
2008JRC36005HyFlux2: a Numerical Model for the Impact Assessment of Severe Inundation Scenario to Chemical Facilities and Downstream EnvironmentFRANCHELLO GIOVANNI; KRAUSMANN ELISABETHEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2006JRC33650Iodine Behaviour under LWR Accident Conditions: Lessons Learnt from Analyses of the First Two Phebus FP TestsGIRAULT N.; DICKINSON S.; FUNKE F.; AUVINEN A.; HERRANZ L.; KRAUSMANN ELISABETHArticles in Journals
2006JRC30859A Methodology for Learning Lessons - Experiences at the European LevelKRAUSMANN ELISABETH; MUSHTAQ FESILArticles in books
2007JRC43787Methodology of Creation the Templates for a EU JRC Tender to BASRANGUELOV Boyko; SCHEER STEFAN; KRAUSMANN ELISABETH; ALEXIEV Georgi; GOSPODINOV Dragomir; NIKOLOVA MariannaContributions to Conferences
2008JRC43502Preface for the Special Issue on Natech DisastersKRAUSMANN ELISABETH; CRUZ NARANJO ANA-MARIAArticles in Journals
2008JRC35479A Qualitative Natech Damage Scale for the Impact of Floods on Selected Industrial FacilitiesKRAUSMANN ELISABETH; MUSHTAQ FESILArticles in Journals
2008JRC43865Results of the Workshop: Assessing and Managing Natechs (Natural-Hazard Triggered Technological Accidents)CRUZ NARANJO ANA-MARIA; KRAUSMANN ELISABETHEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2005JRC30228Thematic Network for a Phebus FPT1 International Standard Problem (THENPHEBISP)CLEMENT B.; HASTE T; KRAUSMANN ELISABETH; DICKINSON S.; GYENES GYORGY; DUSPIVA J.; DE ROSA F.; PACI S.; MARTIN-FUERTES F.; SCHOLYTSSEK W., et alArticles in Journals
2007JRC37920Wissensaustausch zu Natur- und UmweltkatastrophenKRAUSMANN ELISABETH; SCHEER STEFANArticles in Journals