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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
1994JRC10187Critical Assessment of First Wall Behaviour under Cyclic Heat LoadsMATERA Roberto; MEROLA Mario; VIEIDER G.; BOUVERET Y.; LAKESTANI FereydounArticles in Journals
1992JRC8579The Design of Low-Activation Steels for a Fusion Reactor First Wall. A Proposal for a New Austenitic AlloyMEROLA Mario; ZUCCHETTI MassimoArticles in Journals
1991JRC7920Design Problems of the NET/ITER Experimental Reactor First WallMATERA Roberto; MEROLA MarioArticles in Journals
1995JRC12197Experimental Results of the Thermal Fatigue Tests for IAEA Benchmark ComponentsMEROLA Mario; MATERA Roberto; SEVINI FilippoContributions to Conferences
1993JRC9516Figure of Merit to Quantify the Sensitivity of Materials to Runaway Electrons in a Fusion ReactorMEROLA MarioArticles in Journals
1992JRC8848High Thermal Performance CFC DivertorMATERA Roberto; MEROLA MarioContributions to Conferences
1991JRC8008High Thermal Performance Divertor PlateMATERA Roberto; MEROLA MarioEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
1995JRC12196IAEA Benchmark on Crack Propagation in First Wall ComponentsBEGHINI M.; BERTINI L.; DIEGELE E.; HORIE T.; KLISCHENKO A.; MEROLA Mario; MUNZ D.m.; SUZUKI S.; VIEIDER G.Contributions to Conferences
1995JRC11271Normative Issues in Thermal Fatigue Design of Nuclear ComponentsMEROLA MarioArticles in Journals
1991JRC8365Numerical Analysis and Nuclear Standard Code Application to Thermal FatigueMEROLA MarioEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
1991JRC8040Preliminary Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Effects of Plasma Disruptions on the Thermal Fatigue Lifetime of the ITER/NET First WallMATERA Roberto; MEROLA MarioContributions to Conferences
1992JRC9314Progetto di un Acciaio ad Elevate Prestazioni ed a Basso Impatto Ambientale per l'Impiego in un Reattore a Fusione NucleareMEROLA Mario; ZUCCHETTI MassimoArticles in Journals
1991JRC7996Residual Strain in Fusion Reactor First Wall Component Subjected to Thermal FatigueMATERA Roberto; MEROLA Mario; RUSTICHELLI F.; PERRIN M.Articles in Journals
1994JRC10208Sixth International Conference on Fusion Reactor MaterialsMEROLA MarioArticles in Journals
1995JRC10585Thermomechanical Study of a New Concept of Beryllium Protected High Heat Flux ComponentMATERA Roberto; MEROLA Mario; FEDERICI G.; CHIOCCHIO S.Contributions to Conferences
1988JRC6121Valutazione della Durata di Vita a Fatica Termica. Applicazione alla Prima Parete di un Reattore a Fusione di Tipo TokamakBIGGIO Michele; MEROLA MarioEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports