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Publication YearJRC Publication N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
1990JRC6407Conditions for the Passive Removal of Residual Power from a Fusion ReactorRENDA Vito; PAPA Loris; FENOGLIO FrancoArticles in Journals
1996JRC11296Extension of the Pseudodynamic Test Method to Distributed Mass StructuresRENDA Vito; BELLORINI Simona; PAPA LorisArticles in Journals
1988JRC5078Feasibility Study for an Engineering Concept in a Stainless-Steel Copper Divertor Plate Protected by Tungsten-5% Rhenium Alloy or GraphiteRENDA Vito; PAPA Loris; FEDERICI GianfrancoArticles in Journals
1989JRC6408Progress in the Studies of Passive Heat Removal in the Next European Torus under Accident ConditionsRENDA Vito; PAPA Loris; FENOGLIO FrancoArticles in Journals
1985JRC4021Safety Analysis of a Loss-of-Coolant Accident in a Breeding Blanket for Experimental Fusion ReactorsROCCO Paolo; RENDA Vito; PAPA Loris; PAUTASSO G.; CASINI Giampaolo; ROUJER J.l.; DJERASSI H.Contributions to Conferences
1990JRC7047Structural Analysis of a Flange for Piping Systems Remote HandlingRENDA Vito; PAPA Loris; VAN LOON Leo; CERONI GiovanniArticles in Journals
1991JRC7769Thermal Analysis of a Tokamak Divertor Plate after a Sudden Coolant Dry-outRENDA Vito; PAPA LorisArticles in Journals
1988JRC5867Thermal Effects Due to Residual Power on Plasma Facing Components of NETRENDA Vito; PAPA LorisArticles in Journals
1992JRC9307Thermal Transients Due to Plasma Sweeping on the Monoblock Divertor Plate for ITERRENDA Vito; PAPA LorisArticles in Journals
1991JRC7772Three-Dimensional Thermomechanical Analysis on a Stainless Steel/Copper Divertor Plate for NETRENDA Vito; PAPA LorisArticles in Journals