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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2009JRC52580Assessment of Influence of Traffic Intensity Increase on Collision Probability in the Gulf of TriesteGUCMA Lucjan; PERKOVIC Marko; PRZYWARTY MarcinContributions to Conferences
2009JRC52539Ballast Water Discharge Assessment ModelDAVID Matej; PERKOVIC Marko; SUBAN ValterContributions to Conferences
2012JRC70586Confidence Levels in the Detection of Oil Spills from Satellite Imagery: From Research to Operational UseFERRARO DI SILVI E CASTIGLIONE Guido; Trieschmann Olaf; PERKOVIC Marko; TARCHI DarioContributions to Conferences
2009JRC52538Continuous surveillance and response against operational and accidental pollution at seaPERKOVIC Marko; POSADA SANCHEZ MONICA; VESPE MICHELE; FERRARO DI SILVI E CASTIGLIONE Guido; HARSCH Rick; VAN WIMERSMA GREIDANUS HermanContributions to Conferences
2009JRC52540EU Shipping and the Ballast Water Management IssueDAVID Matej; PERKOVIC MarkoContributions to Conferences
2012JRC52630A generic ballast water discharge assessment model as a decision supporting tool in ballast water managementDAVID Matej; PERKOVIC Marko; SUBAN Valter; GOLLASCH StephanArticles in Journals
2008JRC46507Geospatial Modelling of Metocean and Environmental Ancillary Data for the Oil Spill Probability Assessment in SAR ImagesMUELLENHOFF Oliver; BULGARELLI Barbara; FERRARO DI SILVI E CASTIGLIONE Guido; PERKOVIC Marko; TOPOUZELIS Konstantinos; SAMMARINI ValerioContributions to Conferences
2010JRC52631Marine Polluter Indentification: Backtracking with the Aid of Satellite ImagingPERKOVIC Marko; VAN WIMERSMA GREIDANUS Herman; MUELLENHOFF Oliver; FERRARO DI SILVI E CASTIGLIONE Guido; PAVLAKIS PETROS; COSOLI Simone; HARSCH RickArticles in Journals
2011JRC66696Maritime Targets in High Resolution Satellite SAR Images; Measuring Vessel MotionsDIMC Franc; CICUENDEZ Juan; VAN WIMERSMA GREIDANUS Herman; PERKOVIC Marko; GUCMA Maciej; GONCALVES DA SILVA VITOR; DUCZKOWSKI MarekContributions to Conferences
2009JRC52632Maritime Transport in the Gulf of Trieste - a Threat to Secovlje Salt Pans?PERKOVIC Marko; HARSCH Rick; MUELLENHOFF Oliver; FERRARO DI SILVI E CASTIGLIONE Guido; COSOLI Simone; DELGADO Leonardo; HRIBAR Uro¿; VAN WIMERSMA GREIDANUS HermanArticles in books
2011JRC62794Oil spill detection using COSMO-SkyMed over the adriatic sea: The operational potentialVESPE MICHELE; FERRARO DI SILVI E CASTIGLIONE Guido; POSADA SANCHEZ MONICA; VAN WIMERSMA GREIDANUS Herman; PERKOVIC MarkoContributions to Conferences
2010JRC52852On the SAR derived alert in the detection of oil spills according to the analysis of the EGEMPFERRARO DI SILVI E CASTIGLIONE Guido; VESPE MICHELE; PERKOVIC Marko; BASCHEK Bjorn; NJOTEN Ove; DE MONTPELLIER GeraldineArticles in Journals
2009JRC52583Pilot Navigation System - Integrated Tool for Vessels Handling in PortsBAK Andrzej; GUCMA Maciej; GUCMA Lucjan; PERKOVIC MarkoContributions to Conferences
2009JRC52276Satellite Monitoring of Illicit Maritime Pollution: Backtracking Towards Source IdentificationPERKOVIC Marko; MUELLENHOFF Oliver; COSOLI Simone; DELGADO Leonard; GREIDANUS Harm; FERRARO DI SILVI E CASTIGLIONE Guido; HARSCH RickContributions to Conferences
2008JRC47648Suggestions Derived from Study of the Und Adriyatik CasePERKOVIC Marko; FERRARO DI SILVI E CASTIGLIONE Guido; HARSCH Rick; GUCMA Lucjan; VIDMAR Peter; PETELIN Stojan; BULGARELLI BarbaraContributions to Conferences
2007JRC33314Towards an Operational Use of Space Imagery for Oil Pollution Monitoring in the Mediterranean Basin: A Demonstration in the Adriatic SeaFERRARO DI SILVI E CASTIGLIONE GUIDO; BERNARDINI ANNALIA; MEYER-ROUX SERGE; MUELLENHOFF OLIVER; TARCHI DARIO; TOPOUZELIS KONSTANTINOS; DAVID Matej; PERKOVIC MarkoArticles in Journals
2008JRC46830The Use of Integrated Maritime Simulation for Education in Real TimePERKOVIC Marko; HARSCH Rick; SUBAN Valter; VIDMAR Peter; NEMEC David; MUELLENHOFF Oliver; DELGADO LeonardContributions to Conferences
2008JRC49645The Very Real Danger of Environmental Damage to the Region of Trieste as Well as the Short and Sensitive Slovene Coast Given Expected Traffic Increase in the Gulf of TriesteGUCMA Lucian; PERKOVIC Marko; PRZYWARTY Marcin; HARSCH RickContributions to Conferences