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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2014JRC86102Better understanding of the EU regulatory frameworks for cosmetic productsRASMUSSEN Kirsten; MECH AGNIESZKAArticles in periodicals and books
2000JRC20930The Biocides Directive and the Review Regulation.RASMUSSEN KirstenArticles in periodicals and books
2005JRC31325The Biocides Directive: Progress with the First Priority ListRASMUSSEN Kirsten; VAN DE PLASSCHE ERIK; FOTAKIS George; KREBS BernhardArticles in periodicals and books
1989JRC6581Community Documentation Centre on Industrial RiskRASMUSSEN KirstenArticles in periodicals and books
1999JRC17680Compilation of EINECS. Descriptions and Definitions Used for UVCB Substances. Complex Reaction Products, Plant Products, (Post-Reacted) Naturally Occurring Substances, Micro-Organisms, Petroleum Products, Soap and Detergents and Metallic Compounds.RASMUSSEN Kirsten; PETTAUER Dietmar; VOLLMER Ernst gerald; DAVIS John, b.Articles in periodicals and books
1998JRC14855Compilation of EINECS. Descriptions Used for Substances, Impurities and Mixtures.RASMUSSEN Kirsten; CHRIST Gabriele; NORAGER Ole; DAVIS John, b.; VAN DER WIELEN Arnoldus; HASS Claus; FASEY AndrewArticles in periodicals and books
2015JRC91726Comprehensive In Vitro Toxicity Testing of a Panel of Representative Oxide Nanomaterials: First Steps towards an Intelligent Testing StrategyFARCAL Lucian; TORRES ANDON Fernando; DI CRISTO Luisana; ROTOLI Biancamaria; BUSSOLATI Ovidio; BERGAMASCHI Enrico; MECH AGNIESZKA; HARTMANN NANNA; RASMUSSEN Kirsten; RIEGO SINTES Juan, et alArticles in periodicals and books
2001JRC20512The Control of Active Substances Used in Biocides in the European Union by Means of a Review Regulation.RASMUSSEN Kirsten; MAC LELLAN M.a.Articles in periodicals and books
1990JRC6691European Community Documentation Centre on Industrial RiskRASMUSSEN KirstenArticles in periodicals and books
2011JRC58521European Experience in Chemicals Management: Integrating Science into PolicyCHRISTENSEN Frans; EISENREICH Steven; RASMUSSEN Kirsten; RIEGO SINTES Juan; SOKULL-KLUETTGEN Birgit; VAN DE PLASSCHE ErikArticles in periodicals and books
2016JRC81367Feasibility and challenges of human health risk assessment for engineered nanoparticles (chapter 21)ASCHBERGER KARIN; CHRISTENSEN Frans m.; RASMUSSEN Kirsten; JENSEN Keld AstrupBooks
2015JRC98202Grouping and Read-Across Approaches for Risk Assessment of NanomaterialsOOMEN Agnes; BLEEKER Eric; BOS Peter M. J.; VAN BROEKHUIZEN Fleur; GOTTARDO STEFANIA; GROENEWOLD Monique; HRISTOZOV Danail; HUND-RINKE K.; IRFAN Muhammad-Adeel; MARCOMINI Antonio, et alArticles in periodicals and books
2002JRC23679Implementation of the Biocidal-Products Directive: Technical Notes for Guidance in Support of Directive 98/8/EC.RASMUSSEN Kirsten; KAPPES DagArticles in periodicals and books
1992JRC8569The Importance of Information on Industrial Risk. A New Documentation CentreRASMUSSEN KirstenArticles in periodicals and books
2003JRC23969IUCLID: An Information Management Tool for Existing Chemicals and Biocides.HEIDORN Christian johann alwin; RASMUSSEN Kirsten; HANSEN Bjorn gaarn; NORAGER Ole; ALLANOU Remi; SEYNAEVE Rene jean raymond; SCHEER Stefan; KAPPES Dag; BERNASCONI RobertaArticles in periodicals and books
2016JRC102699The JRC Nanomaterials Repository: a unique facility providing representative test materials for nanoEHS researchTOTARO SARA; COTOGNO Giulio; RASMUSSEN Kirsten; PIANELLA FRANCESCA; RONCAGLIA Marco; OLSSON Heidi; RIEGO SINTES Juan; CRUTZEN HuguesArticles in periodicals and books
1992JRC8841Kalgoorlie, en Guldmineby i AustralienRASMUSSEN KirstenArticles in periodicals and books
1991JRC8062Miljoe og Humane Effekter ved Uheld med Farlige Stoffer. Pilotundersoegelse af Uheld i Frankrig 1987-1989RASMUSSEN Kirsten; BROCKHOFF LarsArticles in periodicals and books
1995JRC10229Natural Events and Accidents with Hazardous MaterialsRASMUSSEN KirstenArticles in periodicals and books
2017JRC101110Physicochemical Characterisation of nanomaterialsRASMUSSEN Kirsten; RAUSCHER Hubert; MECH AGNIESZKAArticles in periodicals and books