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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
1987JRC5261Aspects Appliques et Internationaux de l'Ecologie Litterale MediterraneenneRAVERA OscarArticles in Journals
1987JRC5065A Century of Variations in some Zooplankton and Zoobenthos Organisms in Lake Comabbio (Northern Italy) Read from Their Remains in the Lake SedimentRAVERA Oscar; ZARINI S.Articles in Journals
1987JRC5101The Chernobyl Accident. The Radioactive Contamination in the Lake Como and in Other Sites in Northern ItalyRAVERA Oscar; FACCHINI U.; PIZZALA A.; CAPRA D.; GIANELLE V.; RAVASINI G.Articles in Journals
1991JRC7745The Diet of the Rudd (Scardinius erythrophthalmus, L.) in Relation to the Possible Consequences from the Removal of this Species from an Eutrophic LakeRAVERA Oscar; JAMET Jean-louisArticles in Journals
1988JRC6442Effects of Low Concentrations of Heavy Metals on Plankton Community Dynamics in a Small, Shallow, Fertile LakeRAVERA Oscar; ZARINI S.; KERRISON P.h.; ANNONI D.; MOSS B.Articles in Journals
1988JRC5092Incidente a Chernobil: la Contaminazione Radioattiva del Lago di ComoRAVERA Oscar; FACCHINI U.; PIZZALA A.; CAPRA D.; GIANELLE V.; RAVASINI G.Articles in Journals
1989JRC6372L'Uomo fra Natura e SviluppoRAVERA OscarArticles in Journals
2003JRC26481Metal Concentrations in Unio pictorum mancus (Mollusca, Lamellibranchia) from 12 Northern Italian Lakes in Relation to their Trophic Level.RAVERA Oscar; BEONE G. m.; CENCI R.m.; LODIGIANI PaoloArticles in Journals
1995JRC11799Plankton as an Indicator of the Temporal Variation of the Chernobyl FalloutGIANNONI Lorenza; RAVERA OscarArticles in Journals
1999JRC19229The Status of Lake Varese in 1994. One Year of Limnological InvestigationCENCI Roberto; BAUDO Renato; RAVERA OscarEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
1988JRC5091Struttura e Funzionamento degli Ecosistemi non Inquinati e InquinatiRAVERA OscarArticles in Journals
2003JRC25136Trace Element Concentrations in Freshwater Mussels and Macrophytes as Related to those in their Environment.RAVERA Oscar; CENCI R.m.; BEONE G. m.; DANTAS Marta; LODIGIANI PaoloArticles in Journals
1986JRC4173Un Effetto dell' Eutrofizzazione: la Moria di Pesci nel Lago di ComabbioRAVERA Oscar; DAL MOLIN R.; ZARINI S.Articles in Journals
1989JRC6441Unionidae (Molluscs, Lamellibranchiata) Used as an Environmental Indicator of Radioactive Contamination from the Chernobyl AccidentRAVERA Oscar; RICCARDI O.Articles in Journals