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2013Current systematic carbon cycle observations and needs for implementing a policy-relevant carbon observing systemCIAIS P.; DOLMAN A. J.; BOMBELLI A.; DUREN R.; PEREGON A.; RAYNER P.; MILLER C.; GOBRON Nadine; KINDERMAN G.; MARLAND G.; GRUBER N.; Chevallier F.; ANDRES R; BALSAMO A.; BOPP Laurent; BREON Francois-Marie; DARGAVILLE R.; BATTIN T.j.; BORGES A.; BOVENSMANN H.; BUCHWITZ Michael; BUTLER J.; CANADELL J.; COOK R.b.; DEFRIES R.; ENGELEN R.; GURNEY K.r.; HEINZE C.; HEIMANN Martin; HELD Alex; HENRY M.; LAW Beverly; LUYSSAERTS Sebastiaan; MILLER John; MORIYAMA T.; MOULIN C.; MYNENI Ranga; NUSSLI C.; OBERSTEINER Michael; OJIMA D.; PAN Y.; PARIS J.-D.; PIAO Shilong; POULTER Benjamin; PLUMMER Stephen; QUEGAN S.; RAYMOND P.; REICHSTEIN Markus; RIVIER L.; SABINE C.; SCHIMEL D.; TARASOVA O.; VALENTINI Riccardo; VAN DER WERF Guido R.; WICKLAND Diane; WILLIAMS Matthew; ZEHNER C.; BROQUET G.Articles in Journals
2007Determinants of Terrestrial Ecosystem Carbon Balance Inferred from European Eddy Covariance Flux SitesREICHSTEIN Markus; PAPALE Dario; VALENTINI Riccardo; AUBINET Marc; BERNHOFER Christian; KNOHL Alexander; LAURILA Tuomas; LINDROTH Anders; MOORS Eddy; PILEGAARD Kim; SEUFERT GUENTHERArticles in Journals
2011Drought and ecosystem carbon cyclingVAN DER MOLEN Michiel K.; DOLMAN A. J.; CIAIS P.; EGLIN T.; GOBRON Nadine; LAW Beverly; MEIR P.; PETERS W.; PHILLIPS O.l.; REICHSTEIN Markus; CHEN T.; DEKKER S.c.; DOUBKOVÁ M.; FRIEDL Mark A.; JUNG Martin; VAN DEN HURK B.j.j.m.; DE JEU R.a.m.; KRUIJT B.; OHTA T.; REBEL K.t.; PLUMMER Stephen; SENEVIRATNE Sonia I.; SITCH S.; TEULING A.j.; VAN DER WERF Guido R.; WANG G.Articles in Journals
2005Europe-wide Reduction in Primary Productivity Caused by the Heat and Drought in 2003CIAIS Philippe; VIOVY N.; REICHSTEIN Markus; SEUFERT GUENTHER; MATTEUCCI GiorgioArticles in Journals
2010Global Convergence in the Temperature Sensitivity of Respiration at Ecosystem LevelMAHECHA Miguel D.; REICHSTEIN Markus; CARVALHAIS Nuno; LASSLOP Gitta; LANGE Holger; SENEVIRATNE Sonia I.; VARGAS Rodrigo; AMMANN Christof; ARAIN Altaf M.; CESCATTI Alessandro; JANSSENS Ivan A.; MIGLIAVACCA Mirco; MONTAGNANI Leonardo; RICHARDSON Andrew D.Articles in Journals
2011Global patterns of land‐atmosphere fluxes of carbon dioxide, latent heat, and sensible heat derived from eddy covariance, satellite, and meteorological observationsJUNG Martin; REICHSTEIN Markus; MARGOLIS Hank; CESCATTI Alessandro; RICHARDSON Andrew D.; ARAIN Altaf M.; ARNETH Almut; BERNHOFER Christian; BONAL Damien; CHEN Jiquan; GIANELLE Damiano; GOBRON Nadine; KIELY Gerald; KUTSCH Werner L.; LASSLOP Gitta; LAW Beverly; LINDROTH A.; MERBOLD Lutz; MONTAGNANI L.; MOORS E.; PAPALE Dario; SOTTOCORNOLA Matteo; VACCARI FRANCESCO; WILLIAMS ChristopherArticles in Journals
2010Influence of Spring and Autumn Phenological Transitions on Forest Ecosystem ProductivityRICHARDSON Andrew D.; ANDY BLACK T.; CIAIS Philippe; DELBART Nicolas; FRIEDL Mark A.; GOBRON Nadine; HOLLINGER David Y.; KUTSCH Werner L.; LONGDOZ B.; LUYSSAERTS Sebastiaan; MIGLIAVACCA Mirco; MONTAGNANI Leonardo; WILLIAM MUNGER J.; MOORS E.; PIAO Shilong; REBMANN C.; REICHSTEIN Markus; SAIGUSA Nobuko; TOMELLERI Enrico; VARGAS Rodrigo; VARLAGIN AndrejArticles in Journals
2012On the choice of the driving temperature for eddy-covariance carbon dioxide flux partitioningLASSLOP Gitta; MIGLIAVACCA MIRCO; BOHRER Gil; REICHSTEIN Markus; BAHN Michael; Ibrom A; JACOBS C.; KOLARI Pasi; PAPALE Dario; VESALA Timo; WOHLFAHRT Georg; CESCATTI AlessandroArticles in Journals
2005On the Separation of Net Ecosystem Exchange into Assimilation and Ecosystem Respiration: Review and Improved AlgorithmREICHSTEIN Markus; FALGE Eva; BALDOCCHI Dennis; MATTEUCCI Giorgio; SEUFERT GUENTHERArticles in Journals
2010Recent Decline in the Global Land Evapotranspiration Trend Due to Limited Moisture SupplyJUNG Martin; REICHSTEIN Markus; CIAIS Philippe; SENEVIRATNE Sonia I.; SHEFFIELD Justin; GOULDEN Michael L.; BONAN Gordon; CHEN Jiquan; CESCATTI Alessandro; DE JEU Richard; DOLMAN A. Johannes; EUGSTER Werner; GERTEN Dieter; GIANELLE Damiano; GOBRON Nadine; HEINKE Jens; KIMBALL John; LAW Beverly E.; MONTAGNANI Leonardo; MU Qiaozhen; MUELLER Brigitte; OLESON Keith; PAPALE Dario; RICHARDSON Andrew D.; ROUPSARD Olivier; RUNNING Steve; TOMELLERI Enrico; VIOVY Nicolas; WEBER Ulrich; WILLIAMS Christopher; WOOD Eric; ZAEHLE Sonke; ZHANG KeArticles in Journals
2007Reduction of Ecosystem Productivity and Respiration during the European Summer 2003 Climate Anomaly: a Joint Flux Tower, Remote Sensing and Modelling AnalysisREICHSTEIN Markus; CIAIS Philippe; PAPALE Dario; VALENTINI Riccardo; RUNNING Stephen; VIOVYS N.; CRAMER W.; GRANIER A.; OGEE J.; ALLARD V.; AUBINET Marc; BERNHOFER C.; BUCHMANN N.; CARRARA A.; GRUNWALD T.; HEIMANN Martin; HEINESCH B.; KNOHL A.; KUTSCH W.; LOUSTAU Denis; MANCA GIOVANNI; MATTEUCCI G.; MIGLIETTA F.; OURCIVAL J. M.; PILEGAARD K.; PUMPANEN J.; RAMBAL S.; SCHAPHOFF S.; SEUFERT GUENTHER; SOUSSANA J.f.; SANZ M.j.; VESALA T.; ZHAO M.Articles in Journals
2011Semi-Empirical Modeling of Abiotic and Biotic Factors Controlling Ecosystem Respiration Across Eddy Covariance SitesMIGLIAVACCA Mirco; REICHSTEIN Markus; RICHARDSON Andrew; COLOMBO Roberto; SUTTON Mark; LASSLOP Gitta; TOMELLERI Enrico; WOHLFAHRT Georg; CARVALHAIS Nuno; CESCATTI Alessandro; MAHECHA Miguel D.; MONTAGNANI Leonardo; PAPALE Dario; ZAEHLE Sonke; ARAIN Altaf; ARNETH Almut; BLACK Andrew; CARRARA Arnaud; DORE Sabina; GIANELLE Damiano; HELFTER Carole; HOLLINGER David; KUTSCH Werner L.; LAFLEUR Peter M.; NOUVELON Yann; REBMANN Corinna; ROCHA Humberto; RODEGHIERO Mirco; ROUPSARD Olivier; SEBASTIÀ Maria-Teresa; SEUFERT Guenther; SOUSSANA Jean-Fracoise; VAN DER MOLEN Michiel K.Articles in Journals
2002Stomatal Constraints May Affect Emission of Oxygenated Monoterpenoids from the Foliage of Pinus pinea.NIINEMETS Ulo; REICHSTEIN Markus; STAUDT Michael; SEUFERT Guenther; TENHUNEN John d.Articles in Journals
2010Terrestrial Gross Carbon Dioxide Uptake: Global Distribution and Covariation with ClimateBEER Christian; REICHSTEIN Markus; TOMELLERI Enrico; CIAIS Philippe; JUNG Martin; CARVALHAIS Nuno; RODENBECK Christian; ARAIN Altaf; BALDOCCHI Dennis; BONAN Gordon B.; BONDEAU Alberte; CESCATTI Alessandro; LASSLOP Gitta; LINDROTH Anders; LOMAS Mark; LUYSSAERT Sebastiaan; MARGOLIS Hank; OLESON Keith W.; ROUPSARD Olivier; VEENENDAAL Elmar; VIOVY Nicolas; WILLIAMS Christopher; WOODWARD F. Ian; PAPALE DarioArticles in Journals
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