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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2007The 139La(n, γ ) cross section: Key for the onset of the s-processTERLIZZI R.; ABBONDANNO U.; AERTS G.; Alvarez H; ALVAREZ-VELARDE F.; ANDRIAMONJE S.; ANDRZEJEWSKI J.; ASSIMAKOPOULOS P.; AUDOUIN L.; BADUREK G., et alArticles in Journals
2010197Au(n,gamma) Cross Section in the Resonance RegionMASSIMI C.; DOMINGO-PARDO C.; VANNINI G.; AUDOUIN L.; GUERRERO C.; ABBONDANNO U.; AERTS G.; ALVAREZ H.; ALVAREZ-VELARDE F.; ANDRIAMONJE S., et alArticles in Journals
2006207Pb (n,2ngamma)206Pb Cross-Section Measurements by In-Beam Gamma-Ray SpectroscopyBAUMANN P; BORCEA Catalin; JERICHA E.; JOKIC S.; KERVENO M.; LUKIC S.; MIHAILESCU Liviu; PAVLIK A.; PLOMPEN ARJAN; RUDOLF G.Contributions to Conferences
2008The 234U Neutron Capture Cross Section Measurement at the n_TOF FacilityLAMPOUDIS C.; ABBONDANNO U.; AERTS G.; ÁLVAREZ H.; ÁLVAREZ-VELARDE F; ANDRIAMONJE S.; ANDRZEJEWSKI J.; ASSIMAKOPOULOS P.; AUDOUIN L.; BADUREK G., et alContributions to Conferences
2011237Np(n,f) Cross Section: New Data and Present StatusPARADELA C.; TASSAN-GOT L.; AUDOUIN L.; BERTHIER B.; FERRANT L.; ISAEV S.; LE NAOUR C.; STEPHAN C.; TRUBERT D.; DAVID S., et alContributions to Conferences
2010The 92Zr(n,gamma) Reaction and Its Implications for Stellar NucleosynthesisTAGLIENTE G., et alArticles in Journals
2013The 93Zr(n,gamma) reaction up to 8 keV neutron energyTAGLIENTE G., et alArticles in Journals
2007Application of Photon Strength Functions to (n,g ) Measurements with the n_TOF TACGUERRERO Carlos, et alContributions to Conferences
2009Astrophysics at n_TOF FacilityTAGLIENTE G., et alArticles in Journals
2011Astrophysics at n_TOF Facility at CERNTAGLIENTE G., et alContributions to Conferences
2008Capture Cross Section Measurements of 186,187,188Os at n_TOF: the Resolved Resonance RegionFUJII K., et alContributions to Conferences
2005Cross-Section Measurements for (n,xn) Reactions by In-Beam Gamma-Ray SpectroscopyPAVLIK A., et alContributions to Conferences
2008Experimental Study of the 91Zr(n, gamma) Reaction up to 26 keVTAGLIENTE G., et alArticles in Journals
2011Fission Cross-Section Measurements of 233U, 245Cm and 241,243Am at CERN n_TOF FacilityCALVIANI M., et alContributions to Conferences
2010High Resolution Measurements of the 241Am(n,2n) Reaction Cross SectionSAGE C., et alArticles in Journals
2008High Resolution Neutron (n,xn) Cross-Section Measurements for 206;207;208Pb and 209Bi from Threshold up to 20 MeVMIHAILESCU Liviu, et alContributions to Conferences
2009High-Accuracy 233U(n, f ) Cross-Section Measurement at the White-Neutron Source n_TOF from Near-Thermal to 1 MeV Neutron EnergyCALVIANI M., et alArticles in Journals
2008Improved lead and Bismuth (n,gamma) Cross Sections and their Astrophysical ImpactDOMINGO PARDO C., et alContributions to Conferences
2012Measurement and resonance analysis of the 237Np neutron capture cross sectionGUERRERO C., et alArticles in Journals
2011Measurement of (n,xngamma) Reactions of Interest for the New Nuclear ReactorsTHIRY J.-C., et alContributions to Conferences
Showing results 1 to 20 of 53


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