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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2012JRC68398The 2011 Civic Competence Composite IndicatorSAISANA Michaela; HOSKINS Bryony; HARRISON VILLABA CynthiaEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2005JRC31475Agregované Indikátory - Kontroverze a její mozna reseniSALTELLI ANDREA; NARDO MICHELA; SAISANA Michaela; TARANTOLA STEFANO; LISKA ROMANArticles in Journals
2013JRC83723An analysis of national research systems (I): A Composite Indicator for Scientific and Technological Research ExcellenceHARDEMAN SJOERD; VAN ROY VINCENT; VERTESY DANIEL; SAISANA MichaelaEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2012JRC77239Corruption Perceptions Index 2012 - Statistical AssessmentSAISANA Michaela; SALTELLI AndreaEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2008JRC32351Creating Composite Indicators with DEA and Robustness Analysis: the Case of the Technology Achievement IndexCHERCHYE Laurens; MOESEN Willem; ROGGE Nicky; VAN PUYENBROECK Tom; SAISANA Michaela; SALTELLI ANDREA; LISKA ROMAN; TARANTOLA STEFANOArticles in Journals
2008JRC47042Developing Composite Indicators for Policy-Making: A Brief Methodological Framework and ConsiderationsSAISANA MichaelaContributions to Conferences
2013JRC74754Developing the U.S. Drug Consequences Indices, 2000-2009SEVIGNY Eric; SAISANA MichaelaArticles in books
2010JRC60268ELLI-Index: a sound measure for lifelong learning in the EUSAISANA MichaelaEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2014JRC89939Environmental Performance Index 2014 JRC Analysis and RecommendationsATHANASOGLOU STERGIOS; WEZIAK-BIALOWOLSKA DOROTA MARIA; SAISANA MichaelaEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2008JRC47039Expert Panel Opinion and Global Sensitivity Analysis for Composite IndicatorsSAISANA Michaela; SALTELLI AndreaContributions to Conferences
2005JRC31523Geostatistical Investigation of ETEX - 1: Structural AnalysisDUBOIS GREGOIRE; GALMARINI STEFANO; SAISANA MichaelaArticles in Journals
2008JRC47008Handbook on Constructing Composite Indicators: Methodology and User GuideNARDO Michela; SAISANA Michaela; SALTELLI Andrea; TARANTOLA Stefano; HOFFMANN Anders; GIOVANNINI EnricoBooks
2008JRC47028Higher Education Rankings: Robustness Issues and Critical AssessmentSAISANA Michaela; D'HOMBRES BeatriceEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2011JRC59259Indicators for European Union Policies. Business as usual?SALTELLI Andrea; D'HOMBRES Beatrice; JESINGHAUS Jochen; MANCA ANNA RITA; MASCHERINI Massimiliano; NARDO Michela; SAISANA MichaelaArticles in Journals
2010JRC57104Indicators for Lisbon post-2010 - business as usual?SALTELLI Andrea; NARDO Michela; MANCA ANNA RITA; JESINGHAUS Jochen; MASCHERINI Massimiliano; SAISANA MichaelaEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2012JRC75918An inventory of Risk-related or Resilience-related Composite Indicators and RatingsSAISANA MichaelaEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2013JRC87336Joint Research Centre Statistical Audit of the 2013 Global Innovation IndexSAISANA Michaela; PHILIPPAS DionisisArticles in books
2013JRC87356JRC Statistical Audit on the Environment and Gender IndexSAISANA Michaela; WEZIAK-BIALOWOLSKA DOROTA MARIAArticles in books
2013JRC87350JRC Statistical Audit on the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2013SAISANA Michaela; ROSSETTI FIAMMETTAArticles in books
2008JRC47027Knowledge Economy: Measures and DriversSAISANA Michaela; MUNDA GiuseppeEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports