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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2008JRC35205Biomass Gasification in Internal Circulating Fluidized Beds: a Thermodynamic Predictive ToolMICCIO Francesco; SVOBODA Karel; SCHOSGER JEAN-PIERRE; BAXTER DAVIDArticles in Journals
2007JRC36224Development and Practical Tests of Insulating/Cooling Capsule with Sensor for in-situ Measurements of CO Concentrations on Moving Grates in MSWIMARTINEC JIRI; SCHOSGER JEAN-PIERRE; BAXTER DAVID; SVOBODA Karel; MARTINCOVA Jana VictoriaContributions to Conferences
2006JRC33553Development and Practical Tests of Insulating/cooling Capsule with Sensor for In-situ Measurements of CO Concentrations on Moving Grates in MSWIMARTINEC Jiri; SKÁLA Z; SCHOSGER JEAN-PIERRE; BAXTER DAVID; SVOBODA KarelContributions to Conferences
2007JRC37239Development and Testing Trials of an Experimental Sensor Instrument within the Layer of Waste on the Moving Grate in Municipal Solid Waste IncineratorsMARTINEC Jiri; SCHOSGER JEAN-PIERRE; BAXTER DAVID; SVOBODA Karel; MARTINCOVA JANA VICTORIAContributions to Conferences
2006JRC33592Efficiency of Desulfurization in Sub-stoichiometric Pressurized Fluidized Bed Combustion of Coals - Theoretical and Practical ProblemsPOHORELY Michael; SCHOSGER JEAN-PIERRE; BAXTER DAVID; ROGUT Jan; SVOBODA KarelContributions to Conferences
2007JRC37216Materials Issues in Waste and Biomass Combustion Plants: Approaches for Improved Energy EfficiencyFORDHAM Richard; MARTINEC Jiri; SRODA Szymon; BAXTER DAVID; SCHOSGER JEAN-PIERRE; HUNTER CHRISTOPHERArticles in Journals
2006JRC30703Staged Gasification of Biomass and Wastes in Fluidized BedsSVOBODA Karel; SCHOSGER JEAN-PIERRE; BAXTER DAVID; MICCIO FrancescoContributions to Conferences
2007JRC37179Thermodynamic Possibilities of Pure Hydrogen Production by a Nickel or Cobalt - based Redox Chemical Looping Process at Lower TemperaturesSVOBODA KAREL; POHORELY MICHAEL; WIECZOREK KAMILA; BAXTER DAVID; SCHOSGER JEAN-PIERREContributions to Conferences