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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2008JRC33363Assessment of Large Scale Eutrophication Driven Oxygen Depletion Risk in the Black SeaSCHRIMPF Wolfram; DRUON Jean-Noel; KAMBURSKA LYUDMILA; DJAVIDNIA Samuel; PENEVA Elisaveta; STIPS ADOLF; CHALLIS JudithArticles in periodicals and books
2004JRC27422Comparative Assessment of Large-Scale Marine Eutrophication: North Sea Area and Adriatic Sea as Case Studies.DRUON Jean noel; SCHRIMPF Wolfram; DOBRICIC Srdjan; STIPS AdolfArticles in periodicals and books
1999JRC17026DESIMA.SCHRIMPF Wolfram; IOVANOVITCH Pascal; SCHLITTENHARDT Peter micha elArticles in periodicals and books
1991JRC7531Discussion of "Design of Settling Basins" by R.J. Garde, K.G. Ranga Raju, A.W.R. Sujudi (1990)SCHRIMPF WolframArticles in periodicals and books
2000JRC19508Distributed Information System Supporting Integrated Coastal Zone Management.SCHRIMPF Wolfram; SIEGERT ArdyArticles in periodicals and books
2001JRC22631Eutrophication in Europe's Coastal Waters.AERTEBJERG Gunni; CARSTENSEN Jacob; DAHL Karsten; HANSEN Joergen; NYGAARD Kari; RYGG Brage; SOERENSEN Kai; SEVERINSEN Gunnar; CASARTELLI Sara; SCHRIMPF Wolfram, et alArticles in periodicals and books
1999JRC19271Model Phase Portraits of a Sediment-Stratified Oceanic Bottom Layer.KAGAN Boris; SCHRIMPF Wolfram; EIFLER WalterArticles in periodicals and books
1990JRC7704Numerical Verification Exercises with Different Computer Models for Simulating Sea Circulation Pattern. The Vertical Diffusion of Momentum in a Forced Barotropic SeaEIFLER Walter; SCHRIMPF WolframEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
1993JRC9427Offshore Export of Shelf Production in the Cape Blanc (Mauritania) Giant Filament as Derived from CZCS ImageryEIFLER Walter; SCHRIMPF Wolfram; NYKJAER Leo; VAN CAMP GodelieveArticles in periodicals and books
2000JRC20054Remote Sensing Applications for the Integrated Management of a Hydrographic Basin and its Coastal Margins; the Impact of the Outflow of the Po on the Adriatic Sea.GANDINI S.; BARALE Vittorio; ELEVELD Marieke; SCHRIMPF WolframArticles in periodicals and books
2005JRC33023A Synoptic View of Carbon and Oxygen Dynamics in European Regional Seas: an Approach Coupling Hydrodynamical and Biogeochemical Modelling and Satellite DatasetsDEYDIER-STEPHAN Laurence; STIPS ADOLF; DOWELL MARK; SCHRIMPF WolframArticles in periodicals and books
2000JRC19998Towards DESIMA-CC. A Case Study on Suspended Transport and Coastal Change.ELEVELD Marieke; SCHRIMPF Wolfram; SIEGERT Ardy; GANDINI S.; BARALE VittorioArticles in periodicals and books
2003JRC24718User Requirements and Information Definition for a Virtual Coastal and Marine Data Warehouse.ELEVELD Marieke; SCHRIMPF Wolfram; SIEGERT Ardy g.Articles in periodicals and books
2000JRC19752"Variable" Von Karman's Constant as a Parameter of Sediment Stratification.KAGAN Boris; SCHRIMPF Wolfram; UTKIN K.b.Articles in periodicals and books