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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2013JRC8392435th ESARDA Symposium proceedings, Bruges, 27-30 May 2013SEVINI FilippoBooks
2004JRC26177Cu Effects on Radiation Embrittlement of Ni-Containing Complex Model Alloys and the Related Potentials of the Thermoelectric Method.ACOSTA Beatriz; DEBARBERIS Luigi; SEVINI Filippo; KRYUKOV AlexanderArticles in Journals
2010JRC61998Development of IAEA High Level Guidelines for Designers and Operators - Safeguards-By-DesignSEVINI Filippo; PEERANI Paolo; JANSSENS Willem; BOELLA Maurizio; KOUTSOYANNOPOULOS Christos; CHARE Peter; KILLEEN TomContributions to Conferences
2004JRC26256Development of the AMES Network throughout the 4th and 5th EURATOM Framework Programmes.SEVINI Filippo; DEBARBERIS Luigi; TOERROENEN Kari johannes; GERARD R.; DAVIES L.m.Articles in Journals
2014JRC89132ESARDA Contributions to IAEA’s State Level ConceptSEVINI Filippo; NIEMEYER Irmgard; VINCZE A.; VAN DER MEER KlaasContributions to Conferences
2010JRC59090EURATOM's contribution to the IAEA Safeguards by Design processSEVINI Filippo; PEERANI Paolo; JANSSENS Willem; COJAZZI Giacomo; BOELLA Maurizio; KOUTSOYANNOPOULOS Christos; CHARE Peter; KILLEEN ThomasContributions to Conferences
2004JRC22875Evaluation of Irradiation Damage Effect by Applying Electric Properties Based Techniques.ACOSTA Beatriz; SEVINI FilippoArticles in Journals
1995JRC12197Experimental Results of the Thermal Fatigue Tests for IAEA Benchmark ComponentsMEROLA Mario; MATERA Roberto; SEVINI FilippoContributions to Conferences
2011JRC65955Export control on dual use goods in the European UnionSEVINI Filippo; JANSSENS Willem; TIMMERMANS Peter; MACLEAN FinlayContributions to Conferences
2002JRC24566Extended Analysis of VVER-1000 Surveillance Data.KRYUKOV Alexander; ERAK D.; DEBARBERIS Luigi; SEVINI Filippo; ACOSTA BeatrizArticles in Journals
2013JRC82134First activities of the new ESARDA Export Control Working GroupSEVINI Filippo; ZERO Sandro; MICHEL QuentinContributions to Conferences
2005JRC27563Fluence Rate Effects on Irradiation Embrittlement of Model Alloys.DEBARBERIS Luigi; SEVINI Filippo; ACOSTA Beatriz; KRYOKOV A.; ERAK D.Articles in Journals
2008JRC47411GIF Evaluation Methodology for Proliferation Resistance and Physical Protection of Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems: Overview and PerspectivesCOJAZZI Giacomo; RENDA Guido; SEVINI Filippo; BARI Robert; PETERSON Per; NISHIMURA Richard; THERIOS Ike; BERTEL EvelyneArticles in Journals
2010JRC58624The GIF Proliferation Resistence and Physical Protection (PR&PP) Evaluation Methodology: Overview and PerspectivesCOJAZZI Giacomo; BARI Robert; BERTEL Evelyne; PETERSON Per; SEVINI Filippo; THERIOS Ike; WHITLOCK Jeremy; ZENTNER MichaelContributions to Conferences
2011JRC65994Innovation in Safeguards R&D and EU Contributions to Strengthening the Global Safeguards SystemJANSSENS Willem; COJAZZI Giacomo; SEVINI Filippo; VERSINO CristinaContributions to Conferences
2009JRC56117Integrity of Reactor Pressure Vessels in Nuclear Power Plants: Assessment of Irradiation Embrittlement Effects in Reactor Pressure Vessel SteelsDEBARBERIS Luigi; SEVINI FilippoArticles in books
2002JRC24564Irradiation Embrittlement of Model Alloys and Commercial Steels: Analysis of Similitude Behaviours.DEBARBERIS Luigi; SEVINI Filippo; ACOSTA Beatriz; KRYUKOV Alexander; NIKOLAEV Y.; AMAEV A. d.; VALO MattiArticles in Journals
2004JRC26498Joint Research Centre Keeps it Safe.SEVINI FilippoArticles in Journals
2014JRC89286Non-proliferation community, Do we really speak the same language?CHATELUS RENAUD; JANSSENS Willem; MICHEL Quentin; VISKI Andrea; SEVINI Filippo; CHARATSIS CHRISTOSContributions to Conferences