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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
2013JRC8324350-Year Biogeochemical Model Simulations in the Mediterranean SeaSTIPS Adolf; GARCIA GORRIZ ElisaContributions to Conferences
2011JRC62569An alternative parameterization of eddy diffusivity in the Gulf of Finland based on kinetic energy of high frequency internal wave bandLILOVER Madis; STIPS AdolfArticles in Journals
2009JRC52454Application of the LOICZ Methodology to the Mediterranean SeaSTROBL Robert; ZALDIVAR COMENGES Jose'; SOMMA Francesca; STIPS Adolf; GARCIA GORRIZ ElisaEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2014JRC88806Application of the Singular Spectrum Analysis Technique to Study the Recent Hiatus on the Global Surface Temperature RecordMACIAS MOY DIEGO; STIPS Adolf; GARCIA GORRIZ ElisaArticles in Journals
2012JRC73334Assessment of coastal protection as an ecosystem service in EuropeLIQUETE GARCIA MARIA DEL CAMINO; ZULIAN GRAZIA; DELGADO Irene; STIPS Adolf; MAES JOACHIMArticles in Journals
2014JRC89413Biogeochemical control of marine productivity in the Mediterranean Sea during the last 50 yearsMACIAS MOY DIEGO; GARCIA GORRIZ Elisa; PIRODDI CHIARA; STIPS AdolfArticles in Journals
2004JRC27422Comparative Assessment of Large-Scale Marine Eutrophication: North Sea Area and Adriatic Sea as Case Studies.DRUON Jean noel; SCHRIMPF Wolfram; DOBRICIC Srdjan; STIPS AdolfArticles in Journals
2000JRC19525Comparison of Dissipation of Turbulent Kinetic Energy Determined from Shear and Temperature Microstructure.KOCSIS O.; PRANDKE Hartmut; STIPS Adolf; SIMON Aldo; WUEST A.Articles in Journals
2001JRC21545Comparison of Dissipation Rates Measured by the FLY and MST Profilers during the PROVESS NNS Experiment.STIPS Adolf; RIPPETH Tom; PRANDTKE H.Contributions to Conferences
2010JRC53424A Comparison of Parameterized, Simulated and Measured Turbulent Mixing in the Gulf of Finland, the Baltic SeaLILOVER Madis; STIPS AdolfContributions to Conferences
2002JRC23343Comparison of Two Ocean Numerical Models: HAMSON and ISPRAMIX for the North Sea Dynamics SimulationsOUBERDOUS Mohamed; POHLMANN Thomas; STIPS Adolf; SCHRIMPF WolframEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2011JRC66112Decadal trends in 50-year biogeochemical model simulations of the North Aegean SeaGARCIA GORRIZ Elisa; STIPS AdolfEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2003JRC25290Development of a Deep Chlorophyll Maximum of Heterocapsa Triquetra Ehrenb. at the Entrance to the Gulf of Finland.KONONEN Kalsa; HUTTUNEN Maija; HALLFORS Seija; GENTIEN Patrick; LUNVEN Michel; HUTTULA Timo; LAANEMETS Jaan; LILOVER Madis; PAVELSON Juss; STIPS AdolfArticles in Journals
2014JRC93252Development of the Black Sea specific ecosystem model (BSSM)OGUZ Temel; STIPS Adolf; MACIAS MOY DIEGO; GARCIA GORRIZ Elisa; COUGHLAN CLAREEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
1999JRC17744Dissipation and Mixing in a Coastal Jet. A Baltic Sea Case Study.ZULICKE Christoph; HAGEN E.; STIPS AdolfArticles in Journals
2014JRC88871Forecasting Global Temperatures: Missing the Point? Consequences of the hiatusSTIPS Adolf; MACIAS MOY DIEGO; GARCIA GORRIZ Elisa; COUGHLAN CLAREContributions to Conferences
2014JRC88874Forecasts of Global Temperatures from Statistical Methods and Global Circulation ModelsSTIPS Adolf; MACIAS MOY DIEGO; GARCIA GORRIZ ElisaContributions to Conferences
2012JRC70598Global climate change: Did we pass a tipping point?STIPS Adolf; LILOVER MadisContributions to Conferences
2013JRC82403How to detect Regime Shifts and their causes in the European Seas?STIPS Adolf; LILOVER Madis; GARCIA GORRIZ ElisaContributions to Conferences
2014JRC91124In-Depth Assessment of the EU Member States’ Submissions for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive under articles 8, 9 and 10 on Hydrographical Conditions Descriptor 7GONZALEZ FERNANDEZ DANIEL; COUGHLAN CLARE; STIPS Adolf; HANKE Georg; PALIALEXIS ANDREASEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports