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Publication YearJRC N°TitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)Publication Type
1999JRC18415ASTRA, an Integrated Tool Set for Complex Systems Dependability Studies.CONTINI Sergio mario; SCHEER Stefan; WILIKENS Marc andre; DE COLA Giuseppe; COJAZZI Giacomo giovanni marianoArticles in Journals
2003JRC25429Challenges in Privacy and Identity Management. Results from the RAPID Project.WILIKENS Marc andreArticles in Journals
2001JRC21590Confidence and Confidentiality: Stimulating e-Commerce in Europe.WILIKENS Marc andreArticles in Journals
2002JRC23096Consumer Protection and Redress in e-Payments: Issues, Policies and Technologies.CHAWDHRY Pravir k.; WILIKENS Marc andreArticles in Journals
2000JRC20536Dependability Requirements of Large-Scale Information Infrastructures. A Case Study from the Health Care Sector.WILIKENS Marc andre; JACKSON T.o.; SANNA A.EUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2002JRC23920Joint Research Centre of the EC to Use Semantic Web for New Privacy Agent.HOGBEN G.; WILIKENS Marc andreArticles in Journals
2000JRC20538Out-of-Court Dispute Settlement Systems for e-Commerce. Report on an Exploratory Study.WILIKENS Marc andre; VAHRENWALD A.; MORRIS Philip reginaldEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
2002JRC22572Strategies for Trust and Confidence in B2C e-Commerce.CHAWDHRY Pravir k.; MASERA Marcelo; WILIKENS Marc andreArticles in Journals
2000JRC21113Trust Requirements in E-Business. A Conceptual Framework.JONES Sara; WILIKENS Marc andre; MORRIS Philip reginald; MASERA MarceloArticles in Journals