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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC934472014First comprehensive inter-comparison of aerosol electrometers for particle sizes up to 200 nm and concentration range 1000 cm−3 to 17 000 cm−3HÖGSTRÖM Richard; QUINCEY Paul; SARANTARIDIS Dimitris; LÜÖND Felix; NOWAK Andreas; RICCOBONO FRANCESCO; TUCH Thomas; SAKURAI H.; OWEN Miles; HEINONEN Martti, et al
JRC932352014Certified Reference Material IAEA-446 fo rradionuclides in Baltic Sea seaweedPHAM M. K.; BENMANSOUR M.; CARVALHO F. P.; CHAMIZO E.; DEGERING D.; ENGELER C.; GASCO C.; GWYNN J.p.; HARMS A.v.; HRNECEK Erich, et al
JRC932222014EURL ECVAM Strategy to replace, reduce and refine the use of fish in aquatic toxicity and bioaccumulation testingHALDER MARIA ELISABETH; KIENZLER AUDE; WHELAN Maurice; WORTH Andrew
JRC931382014Fuel cell based power systems to supply power to Telecom StationsBRUNI Giacomo; CORDINER Stefano; MULONE Vincenzo; GIORDANI Andrea; SAVINO Mario; TOMARCHIO Giancarlo; MALKOW Thomas; TSOTRIDIS Georgios; BODKER Soren; JENSEN J, et al
JRC930802014Structure Solution of NaYO2 Compound Prepared by Soft Chemistry from X-Ray Diffraction Powder DataSTAGI Luigi; RICCI Carlo; CHIRIU Daniele; NAPOLITANO EMILIO; ENZO Stefano
JRC928832014Public ICT R&D funding in the European UnionSTANCIK JURAJ; ROHMAN IBRAHIM KHOLILUL
JRC928522014Morphological analysis of state and trends of digital image objectsVOGT Peter; STROBL Peter; SEEBACH Lucia
JRC928482014Guidostoolbox: state and trend analysis in digital landscape imagesVOGT Peter
JRC928292014Synergies between EU R&I Funding Programmes. Policy Suggestions from the Launching Event of the Stairway to Excellence ProjectELENA PÉREZ SUSANA; CONTE Andrea; HARRAP NICHOLAS
JRC927842014Policy FrameworksMONTANARELLA Luca; BAMPA Francesca; DE BROGNIEZ DELPHINE
JRC927792014Guidance Document for Integrated Safety Assessment Methodology (ISAM) - (GDI): EC JRC report prepared for GIF Risk and Safety Working GroupAMMIRABILE Luca
JRC927182014European Clearinghouse: Report on Leaks and Cracks of the Reactor Coolant Pressure BoundarySANDA RADIAN; PEINADOR VEIRA MIGUEL
JRC926862014Scientific contribution on combining biophysical criteria underpinning the delineation of agricultural areas affected by specific constraintsJONES R. J. A.; VAN DIEPEN Kees; VAN ORSHOVEN J; CONFALONIERI Roberto; TERRES Jean; HAGYO ANDREA; WANIA ANNETT
JRC926042014Ongoing activities for the improvement of the Resource Directory of the European Platform on LCAFAZIO SIMONE; BENINI LORENZO
JRC925972014Control of Cracking and Durability of Reinforced Concrete Structures. 4th ConCrack Workshop. Engineering and Standard issuesKAMENAROVA BORISLAVA NIKOLOVA; TAUCER Fabio; MAZARS Jacky
JRC925822014Water Reuse in Europe - Relevant guidelines, needs for and barriers to innovationALCALDE SANZ LAURA; GAWLIK Bernd
JRC925582014Commodity Market Development in Europe – Outlook Workshop 2014. ProceedingsSUTA Cornelia-Madalina; ARAUJO ENCISO SERGIO RENÉ; PEREZ DOMINGUEZ Ignacio; FELLMANN THOMAS; SANTINI Fabien
JRC925312014Basic comparison of particle size distribution measurements of pigments and fillers using commonly available industrial methodsVICENT PENA Juan Bautista; KUND Klaus; HEMPELMANN Uwe; WOHLLEBEN Wendel; KOCH Thomas; BURKE Alison; MCNULTY Greg; HARTL-GUNSELMANN Angelika; KNOBL Stefan; REISINGER Martin, et al
JRC925172014The Brokering Approach for Enabling Collaborative Scientific ResearchBOLDRINI Enrico; CRAGLIA Massimo; MAZZETTI Paolo; NATIVI Stefano
JRC925072014The 2014 Annual Economic Report on the EU Fishing Fleet (STECF 14-16). Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF)PAULRUD Anton; DENTES DE CARVALHO GASPAR NATACHA; BORRELLO ALESSANDRA