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JRC Publication N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC925172014The Brokering Approach for Enabling Collaborative Scientific ResearchBOLDRINI Enrico; CRAGLIA Massimo; MAZZETTI Paolo; NATIVI Stefano
JRC924622014The underrated importance of predation in transmission ecology of direct lifecycle parasitesSTRONA GIOVANNI
JRC924362014Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF) – Black Sea Assessments (STECF-14-14).SAMPSON David; DAMALAS DIMITRIOS; OSIO GIACOMO CHATO
JRC924282014From Remotely Sensed Vegetation Onset to Sowing Dates: Aggregating Pixel-Level Detections into Village-Level Sowing ProbabilitiesMARINHO Eduardo; VANCUTSEM CHRISTELLE; FASBENDER DOMINIQUE; KAYITAKIRE Francois; PINI Giancarlo; PEKEL JEAN-FRANÇOIS
JRC923782015Effect of ecological group classification schemes on performance of the AMBI benthic index in US coastal waters.GILLET David J; WEISBERG Stephan B; GRAYSON Treda; HAMILTON Anna; HANSEN Virginia; LEPPO Erik W; PELLETIER Marguerite C.; BORJA Angel; CADIEN Donald; DAUER Daniel, et al
JRC923262014Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF) – Review of an assessment of the stock of black scabbardfish (Aphanopus spp.) around Madeira (STECF-14-15).GRAHAM Norman; DOERNER Hendrik
JRC922972014Space Weather and Financial Systems: Findings and Outlook. An event co-organised by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, the UK Civil Contingencies Secretariat and the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Centre 27 June, 2014, London, UKKRAUSMANN Elisabeth; FELTON Chris; MURTAGH William; MITCHISON Neil; LECHNER Stephan
JRC922902014Current status and Best Practices for Disaster Loss Data recording in EU Member States: A comprehensive overview of current practice in the EU Member StatesDE GROEVE Tom; POLJANSEK Karmen; EHRLICH Daniele; CORBANE Christina
JRC921702014A review of factors affecting environmental and economic life-cycle performance for electrically-driven heat pumpsVELLEI MARIKA
JRC921392014Certification Report - The certification of different mass fractions of DAS-81419-2 in soya seed powder: Certified Reference Materials ERM®-BF437a, ERM®-BF437b, ERM®-BF437c, ERM®-BF437d and ERM®-BF437eZOBELL OLIVER; KORTEKAAS Anna Maria; SCARAVELLI Elena; CONTRERAS LOPEZ Maria Concepcion; SEGHERS JOHN; TUMBA-TSHILUMBA Marie-France; CORBISIER Philippe; TRAPMANN Stefanie
JRC921352014Seamless Mosaicing of Very High Resolution Satellite Data at Continental Scale: A Case-Study for Big Data Science from SpaceSOILLE Pierre
JRC920722014Capabilities and investment in R&D: An analysis on European dataBOGLIACINO Francesco; GÓMEZ CARDONA Sebastián
JRC920612014Slow progression of black band disease in Goniopora cf. columna colonies may promote its persistence in a coral communityMONTANO Simone; STRONA GIOVANNI; SEVESO Davide; MAGGIONI Davide; GALLI Paolo
JRC920502014Soil biodiversity and DNA barcodes: opportunities and challengesORGIAZZI ALBERTO; DUNBAR MARTHA BONNET; PANAGOS Panagiotis; DE GROOT Gerard Arjen; LEMANCEAU Philippe
JRC920452014Reporting of Air Quality Plans and Programs in Europe. Guidelines for INSPIRE compliant data transmissionKOTSEV ALEXANDER ALEXANDROV; SMITS Paul; CYRA LUKASZ; EPURE ADINA; FRANCIOLI DANIELE; BELIS CLAUDIO
JRC919742014Les forêts du bassin du Congo – Etat des Forêts 2013DE WASSEIGE Carlos; FLYNN John; LOUPPE D; HIOL HIOL François; MAYAUX Philippe
JRC919532014Comparative Testing Report on the Detection and Quantification of GM Events in Rice NoodlesBASSANI NICCOLO; NIEDZWIECKI ADAM; COLLOTTA Angelo; MARETTI Matteo; BROOTHAERTS Wim; MAZZARA Marco; KREYSA JOACHIM
JRC919412015Emissions of modern light duty ethanol flex-fuel vehicles over different operating and environmental conditionsDARDIOTIS CHRISTOS; FONTARAS GEORGIOS; MAROTTA Alessandro; MARTINI Giorgio; MANFREDI URBANO
JRC919352014Climate-physiographically differentiated Pan-European landslide susceptibility assessment using spatial multi-criteria evaluation and transnational landslide informationGUNTHER Andreas; VAN DEN EECKHAUT Miet; MALET Jean-Philippe; REICHENBACH Paola; HERVAS JAVIER
JRC919322014Tensile, Embrittlement and Creep Property Determination with Improved Small Punch Testing Equipment and Assessment MethodsHOLMSTROM BJORN; HAEHNER Peter; RIPPLINGER Stefan; FISCHER Burkhard; LAPETITE Jean-Marc; BRUCHHAUSEN MATTHIAS; GUPTA MOHITA; HURST Roger Christopher; TURBA Krystof; GULCIMEN Betul