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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1057082017Measures and drivers of financial integration in EuropeNARDO Michela; NDACYAYISENGA NATHALIE; PAPANAGIOTOU EVANGELIA; ROSSI EDUARDO; OSSOLA ELISA
JRC1056422017Monitoring R&I in Low-Carbon Energy TechnologiesFIORINI ALESSANDRO; GEORGAKAKI Aliki; PASIMENI FRANCESCO; TZIMAS Evangelos
JRC1055582017Revision of EU Ecolabel criteria for furniture products. Final Technical Report.DONATELLO SHANE; MOONS HANS; WOLF Oliver
JRC1055562017ICT-Enabled Social Innovation to support the Implementation of the Social Investment Package: Mapping and Analysis of ICT-enabled Social Innovation initiatives promoting social investment across the EU: IESI Knowledge Map 2016MISURACA GIANLUCA; KUCSERA CSABA; PASI GIULIO; GAGLIARDI Dimitri; ABADIE Fabienne
JRC1055472017Summary of the Activities of the RN Thematic Group in 2016: ERNCIP Thematic Group Radiological and Nuclear Threats to Critical InfrastructureTOIVONEN H.
JRC1055422017Expenditure responses, policy interventions and heterogeneous welfare effects in Hungary during the2000sCSERES-GERGELY ZSOMBOR; MOLNÁR Gyӧrgy; SZABÓ Tibor
JRC1055412017Nanozeolite bioconjugates labeled with 223Ra for targeted alpha therapyPIOTROWSKA A; MECYNSKA-WIELGOSZ Sylwia; MAJKOWSKA PILIP Agnieszka; KOZMINSKI P; WOJCIUK Grzegorz; CEDROWSKA Edyta; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; MORGENSTERN Alfred; KRUSZEWSKI M.; BILEWICZ Aleksander
JRC1055342017Driving forces of recent vegetation changes in the Sahel: Lessons learned from regional and local level analysesLEROUX Louise; BEGUE Agnes; LO SEEN Danny; JOLIVOT Audrey; KAYITAKIRE Francois
JRC1054992017The Internationalisation of Research and Technology OrganisationsZACHAREWICZ THOMAS; SANZ MENENDEZ Luis; JONKERS KOEN
JRC1054972017System Vicarious Calibration for Copernicus Ocean Colour Missions: Requirements and Recommendations for a European SiteZIBORDI Giuseppe; MELIN Frederic; TALONE MARCO
JRC1054792017A call to action for better data and better policy evaluation. A briefing on the importance of administrative data for social knowledge and policy evaluation, at Big Data timesDE SOUSA ARROBAS CRATO NUNO PAULO
JRC1054772017Evaluation of the 2016 ENV57/MetroERM measurement comparison on simulated airborne particulates: 137Cs, 134Cs and 131I in air filtersALTZITZOGLOU TIMOTHEOS; MALO Petya
JRC1054742017Next directions in experimental data for seismic hazard mitigationLAMATA MARTINEZ Ignacio; WILLIAMS Martin S.; DYKE Shirley; PEGON Pierre; KROTZSCH Markus
JRC1054522017Modelling Future EU Power Systems Under High Shares of Renewables: The Dispa-SET 2.1 open-source modelQUOILIN SYLVAIN; HIDALGO GONZALEZ IGNACIO; ZUCKER ANDREAS
JRC1054402016A new valuation school: Integrating diverse values of nature in resource and land use decisionsJACOBS Sander; DENDONCKER Nicolas; MARTÍN-LÓPEZ Berta; BARTON David; GOMEZ-BAGGETHUN Erik; BOERAEVE Fanny; MCGRATH Francesca; VIERIKKO Kati; GENELETTI Davide; SEVECKE Katharina, et al
JRC1054202016European Alien Species Information Network (EASIN): supporting scientific research & European policies.TSIAMIS KONSTANTINOS; DE JESUS CARDOSO ANA; GERVASINI Eugenio
JRC1054152016Prevention of Waste in the Circular Economy: Analysis of Strategies and Identification of Sustainable Targets - The food waste exampleCRISTOBAL GARCIA JORGE; VILA Marta; GIAVINI Michele; TORRES DE MATOS CRISTINA; MANFREDI SIMONE
JRC1054142016EFSA Scientific Colloquium 22-Epigenetics and Risk Assessment: Where do we stand?BAHADORI Tina; BELL David; CECCATELLI Sandra; CORVI Raffaella; HOGSTRAND Christer; MUNN SHARON; NILSSON Eric; SPURGEON David; VOM BROCKE Jochen; WRIGHT Matt, et al
JRC1053892017Towards Nearly Zero Energy Buildings in Europe: A Focus on Retrofit in Non-Residential BuildingsD'AGOSTINO DELIA; ZANGHERI PAOLO; CASTELLAZZI LUCA
JRC1053882016Proposals for a guidance related to a Water Security Plan to protect Drinking Water: ERNCIP Thematic Group Chemical and Biological (CB) Risks to Drinking WaterHOHENBLUM Philipp; PITCHERS Robert; RAICH Jordi; TANCHOU Valérie; VAN DER GAAG Bram; WEINGARTNER Andreas