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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC590632010Iterative Ramp Sharpening for Structure/Signature-Preserving Simplification of ImagesGRAZZINI Jacopo; SOILLE Pierre
JRC883942014ITS-NANO - Prioritising nanosafety research to develop a stakeholder driven intelligent testing strategySTONE Vicki; POZZI-MUCELLI Stefano; TRAN C. Lang; ASCHBERGER KARIN; SABELLA Stefania; VOGEL Ulla B; POLAND Craig; BALHARRY Dominique; FERNANDES Teresa F.; GOTTARDO STEFANIA, et al
JRC161201998ITU Karlsruhe Goes East: Toward a Common Safety & Safeguards Culture.SCHENKEL Roland; VAN GEEL Jacobus
JRC225142001ITU Summer School zur Aktinidenforschung.ROEDDER M.
JRC132711996The IUCLID Database - Collection of Data from the Chemical Industry for Risk AssessmentNORAGER Ole
JRC125381995IUCLID, a Database on Chemical Substances Information as a Tool for the EU Risk Assessment ProgrammeHEIDORN Christian johann alwin
JRC239692003IUCLID: An Information Management Tool for Existing Chemicals and Biocides.HEIDORN Christian johann alwin; RASMUSSEN Kirsten; HANSEN Bjorn gaarn; NORAGER Ole; ALLANOU Remi; SEYNAEVE Rene jean raymond; SCHEER Stefan; KAPPES Dag; BERNASCONI Roberta
JRC177451999IUPAC Collaborative Trial Study of a Method to Detect the Presence of Genetically Modified Soy Beans and Maize in Food Raw Material.LIPP Markus; BRODMANN P.; PIETSCH K.; PAUWELS Jean; ANKLAM Elke
JRC174262000IUPAC Guidelines for Terms Related to Chemical Speciation and Fractionation of Trace Elements. Definitions, Structural Aspects and Methodological Approaches.TEMPLETON D.m.; ARIESE Freek; CORNELIS Rita; DANIELSSON Lars-goran; MUNTAU Herbert wilhelm; VAN LEEUWEN Herman p.
JRC205492000The IVD-MD Directive: A Need for Reference Systems of a Higher Metrological Order.SCHIMMEL Heinz; KRISTIANSEN N.; BAPTIST M.; PAUWELS Jean
JRC221642001The IWMMM-2 Conference: Background, Achievements and Recommendations.VERSTRAETE Michel m.; PINTY Bernard
JRC839802013Jammer Impact on Galileo and GPS ReceiversBORIO DANIELE; O'DRISCOLL Cillian; FORTUNY GUASCH Joaquim
JRC82901991Japan Takes the Long-ViewROGERS Michael derek
JRC131321996JAVA, nur eine neue Programmiersprache?.BREITENBACH Lothar
JRC473302008The JEFF Evaluated Nuclear Data ProjectKONING Arjan J.; AVRIGEANU M.; AVRIGEANU V.; BATISTONI P.; BAUGE E.; BÉ M.-M.; BEM P.; BERNARD D.; BERSILLON O.; BIDAUD A., et al
JRC738512012Job creation and job destruction in EU agricultureDRIES Liesbeth; CIAIAN PAVEL; KANCS D'ARTIS
JRC586002010Job Creation and Job Destruction in the EU AgricultureCIAIAN Pavel; DRIES Liesbeth; KANCS D'ARTIS
JRC576462010The job creation effect of R&D expenditures - IPTS WORKING PAPER on CORPORATE R&D AND INNOVATION - No. 4/2010BOGLIACINO FRANCESCO; VIVARELLI Marco
JRC693182012Job Creation Effects of R&D Expenditures:Are High-tech Sectors the Key? - IPTS WORKING PAPER on CORPORATE R&D AND INNOVATION - Nr. 10/2011VIVARELLI Marco; PIVA Mariacristina; BOGLIACINO Francesco