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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC375572007Front-End Electronics and DAQ for the EURITRACK Tagged Neutron Inspection SystemLUNARDON Marcello; PEERANI PAOLO; SEQUEIRA VITOR; SALVATO MARTINO
JRC667342011Frontex Real-time News Event Extraction FrameworkATKINSON Martin; PISKORSKI Jakub
JRC647662011Frontiers in pluripotent stem cells research and therapeutic potentials Chapter titile: Stem Cell Technologies and their Application in Modern Toxicology- Current State of the ArtKLARIC MARTINA; ENSENAT WASER ROBERTO; VOJNITS Kinga; BREMER Susanne
JRC1088692017Fruit and vegetables producer organisations – some insights on their functioning based on data from PolandFALKOWSKI JAN; CHLEBICKA ALEKSANDRA
JRC675072012FSDA: A MATLAB toolbox for robust analysis and interactive data explorationRIANI Marco; PERROTTA Domenico; TORTI Francesca
JRC814732013FSS-TimEx for TempEval-3: Extracting Temporal Information from TextZAVARELLA Vanni; TANEV Hristo
JRC607492010FSSIM, a Bio-economic Farm Model for Simulating the Response of EU Farming Systems to Agricultural and Environmental PoliciesLOUHICHI Kamel; KANELLOPOULOS Argyris; JANSSEN Sander; FLICHMAN Guillermo; BLANCO FONSECA Maria; HENGSDIJK Huib; HECKELEI Thomas; BERENTSEN Paul; LANSINK Alfons O.; VAN ITTERSUM Martin
JRC728442012FSSIM-Dev, a bio-economic farm household model for agri-food policy analysis: application to Smallholders in Sierra LeoneELOUHICHI KAMEL; ALLEN Thomas; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio; FLICHMAN Guillermo
JRC318352005FT Analysis in Security Related Applications: Challenges and NeedsCOJAZZI GIACOMO; CONTINI SERGIO; RENDA GUIDO
JRC218172002FT-IR Study of the Kinetics and Products of the Reactions of Dimethylsulphide, Dimethylsulphoxide, Dimethylsulphone with Br and BrO.BALLESTEROS Barnabe; JENSEN Niels roland; HJORTH Jens liengaard
JRC751652011FTA and equity: New approaches to governanceCAGNIN Cristiano; LOVERIDGE Denis; SARITAS Ozcan
JRC886352014FTA supporting effective priority setting in multi-lateral research programme cooperation: the case of EU-Russia S&T cooperationHAEGEMAN Karel; SPIESBERGER Manfred; VESELITSKAYA Natalya; SOKOLOV Alexander; WEISS Gorazd
JRC1013322017Fuel cell based Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems for off-grid telecom stations: Data analysis from on field demonstration testsCORDINER STEFANO; MULONE VINCENZO; GIORDANI ANDREA; SAVINO MARIO; TOMARCHIO GIANCARLO; MALKOW THOMAS; TSOTRIDIS GEORGIOS; PILENGA ALBERTO; KARLSEN M L; JENSEN J
JRC931382014Fuel cell based power systems to supply power to Telecom StationsBRUNI Giacomo; CORDINER Stefano; MULONE Vincenzo; GIORDANI Andrea; SAVINO Mario; TOMARCHIO Giancarlo; MALKOW Thomas; TSOTRIDIS Georgios; BODKER Soren; JENSEN J, et al
JRC487452009Fuel Cell Testing - Degradation of Fuel Cells and its Impact on Fuel Cell ApplicationsPFRANG Andreas
JRC480662008Fuel Cell Testing and Dissemination (FCTEDI)TSOTRIDIS Georgios; MALKOW Thomas
JRC806462013Fuel Cell Testing Protocols: An International PerspectiveBLOOM Ira; BASCO J. K.; WALKER L. K.; MALKOW Thomas; DE MARCO Giancarlo; SATURNIO Antonio; TSOTRIDIS Georgios
JRC480652008Fuel Cell Testing, Safety & Quality Assurance (FCTESQA)MALKOW Thomas; TSOTRIDIS Georgios; VEYRET Damien
JRC1049832017Fuel Consumption and CO2 Emissions from Passenger Cars in Europe - Laboratory versus Real-World EmissionsFONTARAS GEORGIOS; ZACHAROF NIKIFOROS GEORGIOS; CIUFFO BIAGIO