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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC960022017Interregional Trade, Specialization, and the Business Cycle: Policy Implications for the EMUGIANELLE CARLO; MONTINARI LETIZIA; SALOTTI SIMONE
JRC681902011Interrogating Privacy in the digital society: media narratives after 2 casesRIZZA CAROLINE; CURVELO DA SILVA CAMPOS ALVES PAULA; ORFAO CRESPO Ines; CHIARAMELLO Michel; GHEZZI Alessia; MARTINHO GUIMARAES PIRES PEREIRA Angela
JRC896842014Interscale learning and classification for global HR/VHR image information extractionGUEGUEN Lionel; PESARESI Martino
JRC176671998Interstitial Position of Tin Ions in alpha-(Fe-rich Sn)2O3 Solid Solutions Prepared by Mechanical Alloying.JIANG J.z.; LIN R.; NIELSEN K.; MORUP S.; RICKERBY David george; CLASEN R.
JRC62041989Interventi Diretti per il Recupero dei LaghiPREMAZZI Guido; VISMARA R.; BRUNETTI F.
JRC729132012INTERVIEW Chemikalien in der Europäischen Wasserpolitik (WRRL) – wie weiter?GAWLIK Bernd; BÖHME Doris
JRC222312002Interview with Dr. Philip Taylor.TAYLOR P.d.p.; BULSKA Ewa
JRC222302002Interview with Prof. M. Grasserbauer.GRASSERBAUER M.; BULSKA Ewa
JRC222292002Interview with Prof. P. De Bièvre.DE BIEVRE P.; BULSKA Ewa
JRC335992006Interview with Professor R Silverstone: From Usability to UsagesOSIMO DAVID
JRC955882015Interviewing a Silent (Radioactive) Witness through Nuclear Forensic AnalysisMAYER Klaus; WALLENIUS Maria; VARGA ZSOLT
JRC962862015Inter‑laboratory study of human in vitro toxicogenomics‑based tests as alternative methods for evaluating chemical carcinogenicity: a bioinformatics perspectiveHERWIG Ralf; GMUENDER Hans; CORVI Raffaella; BLOCH K; CASTELL Jose; CEELEN Liesbeth; CHESNE Christopher; DOKTOROVA Tatyana; JENNEN Danyel G.j.; JENNINGS Paul, et al
JRC367072006An Intiutive Visualisation of Intercomparison Results Applied to the KCDBPOMME STEFAAN
JRC416852009Intra- and Inter-Annual Variability of VOC Emissions From Natural and Semi-natural Vegetation in Europe and Neighbouring CountriesSTEINBRECHER Rainer; SMIATEK Gerhard; SEUFERT GUENTHER; THELOKE Jochen; HAUFF Karin; CICCIOLI Paolo; VAUTARD Robert; CURCI Gabriele; KOEBLE R.
JRC848862014Intra- and interlaboratory validation of a dipstick immunoassay for the detection of the tropane alkaloids hyoscyamine and scopolamine in animal feedMULDER Patrick P J; VON HOLST Christoph; NIVARLET Noan; VAN EGMOND Hans
JRC683152012Intra-annual variations of biases in remote sensing primary ocean color products at a coastal siteZIBORDI Giuseppe; MELIN Frederic; BERTHON Jean-Francois
JRC61991989Intracellular Distribution and Chemical Forms of Arsenic in Rabbits Exposed to ArsenateMARAFANTE Erminio; VAHTER Marie
JRC208832000Intracellular pH Regulation and Buffer Capacity in CO2/HCO3 Buffered Media in Cultured Epithelial Cells from Rainbow Trout Gills.WOOD C.m.; PART Peeter
JRC216652001Intracellular Vesicular Trafficking in the Gill Epithelium of Urea-Excreting Fish.LAURENT Philippe; WOOD Chris m.; WANG Y.x.; PERRY Steve, f.; GILMOUR K.m.; PART Peeter; CHEVALIER C.; WEST M.; WALSH P. j.
JRC773452012Intragranular deformation patterning through non-convex rate dependent strain gradient crystal plasticityYALCINKAYA TUNCAY