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JRC377582007Helium Release from Plutonium and Curium-doped ZirconoliteWISS THIERRY; DESCHANELS X.; HIERNAUT JEAN-POL; ROUDIL D.; PEUGET S.; RONDINELLA VINCENZO
JRC510232009Helium Solubility and Behaviour in Uranium DioxideMAUGERI Emilio; WISS Thierry; HIERNAUT Jean-Pol; DESAI K.; RONDINELLA Vincenzo; COLLE Jean-Yves; KONINGS Rudy; THIRIET C.
JRC212432001HELP (House Labelling Procedure): Methodology and Present Results.RICHALET V.; NEIRAC F.p.; TELLEZ F.; MARCO J.; BLOEM Johann jozef
JRC58131988HELP, Decision Support System for the Transportation of Hazardous Chemical SustancesPARUCCINI Massimo; DAL BON Giampiero
JRC615392010A Helping Hand for Europe: The Competitive Outlook for the EU Robotics IndustryFORGE Simon; BLACKMAN Colin; BOGDANOWICZ Marc; DESRUELLE Paul
JRC313742007Helping to Authenticate Sparkling Drinks with 13C/12C of CO2 by Gas Chromatography-isotope Ratio Mass SpectrometryCALDERONE GIOVANNI; GUILLOU CLAUDE; RENIERO FABIANO; NAULET Norbert
JRC487252008Helping to Locate Slums Using Earth Observation and Geoinformation TechnologiesKEMPER Thomas; PESARESI Martino
JRC1025522016Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution (HTAP): Specification of the HTAP2 experiments: Ensuring harmonized modellingKOFFI LEFEIVRE BRIGITTE; DENTENER Franciscus; JANSSENS-MAENHOUT Greet; GUIZZARDI DIEGO; CRIPPA MONICA; DIEHL THOMAS; GALMARINI Stefano; SOLAZZO EFISIO
JRC648152011Hemispheric transport of air pollution 2010: Part A - Tropospheric ozone and particulate matterDENTENER Franciscus; KEATING T. J.; AKIMOTO Hajime
JRC701622012Hepatotoxicity Screening Taking a Mode-Of-Action Approach Using HepaRG Cells and HCALANDESMANN Brigitte; HARRIS Georgina; LISKA Roman; WHELAN Maurice; MENNECOZZI MILENA
JRC324472005The HERACLES Research Framework to Promote the Development of Common References of Site Specific Ecological Risk Assessment for Contaminated Land in EuropeCARLON Claudio
JRC981802016Herbicide Resistance: Economic and Environmental ChallengesPANELL DAVID J.; TILLIE PASCAL; RODRIGUEZ CEREZO EMILIO; ERVIN DAVID; FRISVOLD GEORGE B.
JRC1049172016HERMES: a history tracker for codes of goods in TARIC: A companion documentation for users of THESEUSARSENIS Spyros; CAIRO ENRICO; CERASA ANDREA; GRASSO MARZIA; GUSMINI MASSIMILIANO; PERROTTA Domenico; SGARLATA Giuseppe
JRC800972013HEROICA: an underground facility for the fast screening of germanium detectorsANDREOTTI ERICA; GARFAGNINI A.; MANESCHG W.; BARROS N.; BENATO G.; COSTA F.; BRUGNERA R.; FALKENSTEIN R.; GUTHIKONDA K. K.; HEGAI A., et al
JRC935382014Herramientas para Contribuir a la Gestión Sustentable del Agua en LatinoaméricaINDIJ Damian; PARIS Marta; SCHREIDER Mario; DONDEYNAZ Celine; CARMONA MORENO Cesar
JRC154231997Het CEO Concept.STAKENBORG Jacques henricus theodorus
JRC280512005Het gebruik van calorimetrische bepalingen voor het bestuderen van microbiologische activiteit in anaerobe vergisting.DAVERIO E.; LIGTHART Jacobus; NIEMAN Hans; SPANJERS H.
JRC763172012Het nut van de enorme meertalige tekstcollecties van de EU om taaltechnologische oplossingen voor alle EU-talen te bouwen (Exploiting the EU’s enormous multilingual text collections to build Language Technology solutions for all EU languages)STEINBERGER Ralf
JRC375072007Heterodyne Interference Microscopy for Non-Invasive Cell MorphometryLAKESTANI FEREYDOUN; REMBGES DIANA; SACCO MARIA-GRAZIA; WHELAN MAURICE
JRC420222007Heterodyne Speckle Interferometer for Full-field Velocity Profile Measurements of a Vibrating Membrane by Electronic ScanningAGUANNO Mauro V.; LAKESTANI FEREYDOUN; WHELAN MAURICE; CONNELLY M.j.