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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC436902007Implementation of the MCPFE Indicator "Forest Spatial Pattern" to Report on European Forest BiodiversityVOGT PETER; ESTREGUIL CHRISTINE; KOZAK Jacek
JRC553402007Implementation of the MCPFE Indicator "Forest Spatial Pattern" to Report on European Forest BiodiversityVOGT Peter; ESTREGUIL Christine; KOZAK Jacek
JRC436232007Implementation of the MCPFE Indicator on Landscape Level Forest Spatial Pattern for EuropeESTREGUIL CHRISTINE; VOGT PETER; OSTAPOWICZ Katarzyna
JRC886882014Implementation of the on line coupled model WRF/CHEM over the PO ValleyCARNEVALE Claudio; FINZI G.; PISONI ENRICO; PEDERZOLI Anna; TURRINI Enrico; VOLTA Luisa
JRC400282006Implementation of the Water Framework Directive: Investigations for establishing a lake typology using littoral macroinvertebrates in the Republic of IrelandLITTLE R.; BOWMAN J.; MCGARRIGLE M.l.; FREE GARY; DONNELLY K.; TIERNEY D.; CARONI R.; IRVINE K.
JRC802212013Implementation of thermodynamic properties of lead in the TRACE system code towards its integration in a full-scope platform for safety assessmentsLAZARO CHUECA AURELIO; TUCEK Kamil; AMMIRABILE Luca; MARTORELL S.; VERDU G.
JRC658702011Implementation, harmonization and further development of the Eurocodes – A case study on Eurocode 2PINTO VIEIRA Artur; ATHANASOPOULOU ADAMANTIA; POLJANSEK Martin; ACUN Bora
JRC409792007Implementazione a Livello Regionale della Proposta di Direttiva Quadro sui Suoli in EuropaRUSCO EZIO; MONTANARELLA LUCA; TIBERI Mauro; ROSSINI Leonardo; RICCI Paolo; CIABOCCO Giovanni; BUDINI Alessandra; BERNACCONI Cristina
JRC475042008Implementing Art.12 of the Seveso II Directive - Overview of Roadmaps for Land-Use Planning in Selected Member StatesBASTA Claudia; STRUCKL Michael; MICHALIS Christou
JRC818502013Implementing conservativeness in REDD+ is realistic and useful to address the most uncertain estimatesGRASSI Giacomo; FEDERICI Sandro; ACHARD Frederic
JRC312882005Implementing Experimental Data on the Accidential Behaviour of the WWER Cladding Obtained at the AEKI in the TRANSURANUS Fuel Performance CodeGYOERI Csaba; VAN UFFELEN PAUL; SCHUBERT ARNDT; VAN DE LAAR JACQUES; HOZER Z.
JRC566982009Implementing First Principles Calculations of Defect Migration in a Fuel Performance Code for UN SimulationsKOTOMIN E.; MASTRIKOV Y.; RASHKEEV S. N.; VAN UFFELEN Paul
JRC623022010Implementing Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition in the EU - Results of the 2010 GAEC WorkshopANGILERI Vincenzo; LOUDJANI Philippe
JRC562302010Implementing Policies for Soil and Water Conservation in European Union AgricultureLOUWAGIE Geertrui; KUTTER Thomas; SCHULER Johannes; HELMING Katharina; GAY Stephan; PRAGER Katrin
JRC768892012Implementing the conservativeness principle in accounting for REDD+ under the UNFCCCFEDERICI Sandro; GRASSI Giacomo; ACHARD Frederic
JRC796062013Implementing the European policies for alien species – networking, science, and partnership in a complex environmentKATSANEVAKIS STYLIANOS MARIOS; GENOVESI Piero; GAIJI Samy; NYEGAARD HVID Helene; ROY Helen; SUMARES DA CRUZ NUNES ANA LUISA; SÁNCHEZ AGUADO Francisco; BOGUCARSKIS Konstantins; DEBUSSCHER Bos; DERIU IVAN, et al
JRC244052002Implementing the GIS Elements of the Water Framework Directive (Guidance Document)VOGT Juergen valen tin
JRC362012006Implications of 151Sm(n,gamma) Cross Section at n_TOFMARRONE S.; PLOMPEN ARJAN; RULLHUSEN PETER; N_TOF COLLABORATION The
JRC316872005Implications of European Environmental Legislation for Photovoltaic SystemsJAEGER-WALDAU ARNULF; DE WILD-SCHOLTEN M.j.; WAMBACH K.; ALSEMA E.
JRC959102015The implications of fire management in the Andean paramo: A preliminary assessment using satellite remote sensingBORRELLI PASQUALE; ARMENTERAS Dolors; PANAGOS Panagiotis; MODUGNO Sirio; SCHÜTT Brigitta