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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC899932014International system of units traceable results of Hg mass concentration at saturation in air from a newly developed measurement procedureQUETEL Christophe; ZAMPELLA MARIAVITTORIA; BROWN Richard J. C.; ENT Hugo; Horvat Milena; PAREDES EDUARDO; TUNC MURAT
JRC219722002International Target Values 2000 for Measurement Uncertainties in Safeguarding Nuclear Materials.AIGNER H.; BINNER R.; KUHN E.; BLOHM-HIEBER U.; MAYER Klaus; GUARDINI Sergio; PIETRI C.; ADACHI T.; RAPPINGER B.; MITTERRAND B., et al
JRC772422012International taxation and multinational firm location decisionsBARRIOS Salvador; HUIZINGA Harry; LAEVEN Luc; NICODEME Gaetan
JRC336582005International Technical Specification for Non Destructive Testing-Standards Test Method for Determining Residual Stresses by Neutron Diffraction-CEN ISO/TS 21432:2005YOUTSOS Anastasius
JRC910882015International technology sourcing between a developing country and the rest of the world. A case study of ChinaNEPELSKI DANIEL; DE PRATO GIUDITTA
JRC793972013International technology transfer between China and the rest of the worldDE PRATO GIUDITTA; NEPELSKI DANIEL
JRC546042010International Trade and the Global Pipeline of New GM CropsSTEIN Alexander Jivraj; RODRIGUEZ CEREZO Emilio
JRC424202007International Trade in Meat: The Tip of the Pork ChopGALLOWAY James; BURKE Marshall; BRADFORD Eric; NAYLOR Rosamond; FALCON Walter; CHAPAGAIN Ashok; GASKELL Joanne; MCCULLOUGH Ellen; MOONEY Harold; OLESON Kirsten, et al
JRC764622014International transport of captured CO2: Who can gain and how much?MORBEE JORIS
JRC166561999International Trends in Major Accidents and Activities by the European Commission Towards Accident Prevention (Special Issue of the Magazine).KIRCHSTEIGER Christian
JRC170051998International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry: Isotopic Composition of the Elements 1997.ROSMAN Kevin; TAYLOR P.d.p.
JRC315342005International Validation of Novel Pyrogen Tests Based on Human Monocytoid CellsHOFFMANN SEBASTIAN; PETERBAUER Anja; SCHINDLER Stefanie; FENNRICH Stefan; POOLE Stephen; MYSTRY Yogesh; MONTAG LESSING Thomas; SPREITZER Ingo; LOESCHNER Bettina; VAN AALDEREN Mirjam, et al
JRC363292006International Validation of Pyrogen Tests Based on Cyropreserved Human Primary Blood CellsSCHINDLER Stefanie; SPREITZER Ingo; LOESCHNER Bettina; HOFFMANN SEBASTIAN; HENNES Kilian; HALDER MARIA; BRUEGGER Peter; FREY Esther; HARTUNG THOMAS; MONTAG LESSING Thomas
JRC334662006International Working Group on Assurance Cases (for Security)MASERA MARCELO; BLOOMFIELD Robin; GUERRA Sofia; MILLER Ann; WEINSTOCK Charles
JRC358952006International Workshop on Gamma Evaluation Codes for Plutonium and Uranium Isotope Abundance Measurements by High-Resolution Gamma SpectrometryABOUSAHL SAID; OTTMAR HERBERT; PEERANI PAOLO; BERNDT REINHARD
JRC339452006International Workshop on Gamma Evaluation Codes for Plutonium and Uranium Isotope Abundance Measurements by High-Resolution Gamma SpectrometryABOUSAHL SAID; OTTMAR HERBERT; PEERANI PAOLO; BERNDT REINHARD
JRC309992006International Workshop on Nuclear Needs for Generation IV Nuclear Energy SystemRULLHUSEN PETER
JRC693632012"International workshop on socio-economic impacts of genetically modified crops co-organised by JRC-IPTS and FAO"LUSSER MARIA; RANEY Terri; TILLIE PASCAL; DILLEN KOEN; RODRIGUEZ CEREZO Emilio
JRC551402009International workshop on validation of geo-information products for crisis managementCORBAN CHRISTINA; BROGLIA MARCO; CARRION DANIELA; LEMOINE Guido; PESARESI Martino
JRC402092007International Workshop Towards Nuclear Fuel Modelling in the Various Reactor Types across Europe - 25-26 June 2007 - Karlsruhe (Germany)VAN UFFELEN PAUL