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JRC Publication N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC127501996Load-Path Effects in Column Biaxial Bending with Axial ForceBUUSIAS S.; FARDIS M.; VERZELETTI Guido
JRC638712012The LOBI Integral System Test Facility Experimental ProgrammeADDABBO Carmelo; ANNUNZIATO Alessandro
JRC102171994Local Algorithms Using Sea WiFS Data for the Retrieval of Phytoplankton Pigments, Suspended Sediment and Yellow Substance in Coastal WatersTASSAN Stelvio
JRC757762013Local and Electronic Structure of Americium-Bearing PuO2PRIEUR DAMIEN; CARVAJAL NUNEZ URSULA; VITOVA T.; SOMERS Joseph
JRC309002005Local and Global Uncertainty Analyses of a Methane Flame ModelSALTELLI ANDREA; TARANTOLA STEFANO; RATTO MARCO; ZÁDOR J.; ZSÉLY I.g; TURÁNYI T.
JRC425282006Local Atomic Structure in (Zr,U)N Inert Matrix Fuel (Contribution to ANKA Annual Report)WALTER MARCUS; SOMERS JOSEPH
JRC418972007Local Atomic Structure of a Zirconia Based Americium Transmutation FuelWALTER MARCUS; NAESTREN Catharina; SOMERS JOSEPH; JARDIN REGIS; DENECKE M. A.; BRENDEBACH B.
JRC371552006Local Atomic Structure of Am in Spinel (MgAl2O4) Inert Matrix FuelWALTER Marcus; SOMERS JOSEPH; DARDENNE P.; ROTHE J.
JRC99101993Local Correlation of Laser Speckle Applied to the Study of Salt Efflorescence on Stone SurfacesZANETTA Paolo; FACCHINI Mauro
JRC573022009A local information based protocol for networks data exchange with application to mobile sensor networksDI GIAMBERARDINO Paolo; BERGAMASCHI Ivano; USAI ANDREA
JRC258932003Local Inversion of Photocurrent in Cadmium Telluride Solar CellsAGOSTINELLI G.; DUNLOP Ewan
JRC318112006The Local Lymph Node Assay and Skin Sensitisation - A Cut-Down Screen to Reduce Animal RequirementsKIMBER Ian; DEARMAN Rebecca; BETTS Catherine; GERBERICK Frank; RYAN Cindy; KERN Petra; TIER GRACE; BASKETTER David
JRC680792014Local Mutual Information for Dissimilarity-Based Image SegmentationGUEGUEN LIONEL; VELASCO-FORERO Santiago; SOILLE Pierre
JRC237112002A Local Neural Classifier for the Recognition of EEG Patterns Associated to Mental Tasks.MILLAN J.r.; MOURINO Josep; FRANZE' Marco; CINCOTTI Febo; VARSTA Markus; HEIKKONEN Jukka; BABILONI Fabio
JRC781682012Local Spatial Data Infrastructure as a Service for Efficient Spatial ManagementCETL VLADO; SISKO Darko; VESELIC BRUVO Jadranka
JRC485642008Local Structure Analysis of Ga1-xAIxN Epitaxial LayerROBOUCH B.v.; KISIEL Andrej; ROBOUCH Piotr; KUTCHERENKO I.; VODOPYANOV L. K.; INGROSSO L.; MARCELLI A.
JRC275892004Local Structure and Charge Distribution in the UO2-U4O9 System.CONRADSON S.d.; MANARA D.; WASTIN F.; CLARK D.l.; LANDER Gerard heath; MORALES L.; REBIZANT Jean; RONDINELLA Vincenzo vito
JRC220082002Local Structure and Magnetic Properties of Mn5Si3Cx Films.SUERGERS C.; LOEHNEYSEN H.; KELEMEN M.t.; DORMANN E.; BROOKS M. s. s.
JRC599872010Local Structure and valence state in Am containing MOX fuelVESPA MARIKA; JOVANI ABRIL Raquel; RINI MATTEO