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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC243942002The Land Cover of Africa for the Year 2000.MAYAUX Philippe; BARTHOLOME Etienne marie claude; MASSART M.; BELWARD Alan steven
JRC161571998Land Cover/Land Use Classification of Urban Areas. A Remote Sensing Approach.HEIKKONEN Jukka
JRC568182009Land Degradation Addressed by Satellite Based Long Term Vegetation Phenological Trends over Africa: Preliminary ResultsIVITS-WASSER Eva; CHERLET Michael; SOMMER Stefan; MEHL Wolfgang
JRC971202016Land Degradation Assessment and Monitoring of DrylandsSTELLMES M.; SONNENSCHEIN Ruth; ROEDER A.; UDELHOVEN Thomas; SOMMER Stefan; HILL Joachim
JRC129481996Land Information with Remote Sensing Europe. The MARS ProjectVOSSEN Paul
JRC1080342017Land Markets in Europe: Institutions and Market OutcomesCIAIAN PAVEL; KANCS D'ARTIS; DRABIK DUSAN
JRC610942011Land Quality and Land Use Information in the European UnionTOTH Gergely; NEMETH Tamas
JRC188182000Land Recovery and Man-Made Risks. A Perspective from the EU Accession Countries.DUFFIELD John stuart; LUCIA Alfredo carlo; MITCHISON Neil; KASAMAS Harald
JRC312172007A Land Suitability Assessment Method for Developing a European Land Information System for Agriculture and Environment (ELISA)VOGT JUERGEN; PODMANICZKY Laszlo; SCHNELLER Kristzian; ANGYAN Jozsef
JRC756292012Land Surface AlbedoPINTY Bernard
JRC934292014Land surface albedo dynamicsPINTY Bernard
JRC1052202016Land surface Albedo dynamicsPINTY Bernard; GOBRON Nadine
JRC999322015Land surface albedo dynamics.PINTY Bernard; GOBRON Nadine
JRC869912013Land surface albedo dynamics.PINTY Bernard
JRC667142015Land take and food security: assessment of land take on the agricultural production in EuropeGARDI Ciro; PANAGOS Panagiotis; VAN LIEDEKERKE Marc; BOSCO CLAUDIO; DE BROGNIEZ DELPHINE
JRC814242013Land Take Impact on Soil Organic Carbon of Forest Lands in Black Sea Region, TurkeyERDOGAN HAKKI; MEHMET Sahin
JRC762172012Land use change impacts of biofuels: Near-VAR evidence from the USPIROLI Giuseppe; CIAIAN PAVEL; KANCS D'ARTIS
JRC911452014Land use changes modelling using advanced methods: Cellular automata and artificial neural networks. The spatial and explicit representation of land cover dynamics at the cross-border region scaleBASSE Reine Marie; OMRANI Hichem; CHARIF Omar; GERBER Philippe; BODIS Katalin
JRC286732004Land Use Forecasting and Natural Hazards: Current and Future Impacts of Flooding in Urban Areas. Case Study: Pordenone Province, Friuli-Venezia Giulia (FVG), Italy (thesis)BREZGER Arne
JRC892462014Land use impact assessment in the construction sector: an analysis of LCIA models and case study applicationALLACKER KAREN JOSEE; SOUZA DANIELLE MAIA; SALA SERENELLA