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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC85611992Le Suivi du Regime Hydrologique des Grands Fleuves de l'Ouest Africain: Rapport de l'Imagerie Satellitaire NOAA/AVHRRGREGOIRE Jean-marie
JRC73191990Le Tecniche di Valutazione del RischioVOLTA Giuseppe
JRC763552012Le tecnologie dell’Informazione e della Comunicazione per l’efficienza energetica [ICT`s Technology for Energy Efficiency]MORO ALBERTO
JRC63601989Leach Characterization of Hazardous Waste Stabilized with Portland CementZAMORANI Edmondo; SERRINI Giorgio; SHEIKH I.a.
JRC183401999Leaching Behaviour of UO2 Containing alpha-Emitting Actinides.RONDINELLA Vincenzo vito; MATZKE Hj.; COBOS Sabate joaquin; WISS Thierry
JRC568152009Leaching of 53MW/d kgU Spent Nuclear Fuel in a Flow-through ReactorSERRANO PURROY Daniel; CLARENS Federic; GLATZ Jean-Paul; WEGEN Detlef; CHRISTIANSEN Birgit; DE PABLO J.; GIMENEZ J.; CASAS I.; MARTINEZ-ESPARZA A.
JRC127581996Leaching of SIMFUEL in Granitic Water. Comparison to Results in Demineralized WaterRONDINELLA Vincenzo vito; MATZKE Hj.
JRC1021872016Lead fluxes and 206Pb/207Pb isotope ratios in rime and snow collected at remote mountain-top locations (Czech Republic, Central Europe): Patterns and sourcesCIMOVA Nikoleta; NOVAK Martin; CHRASTNY Vladislav; CURIK Jan; VESELOVSKY Frantisek; BLAHA Vladimir; PRECHOVA Eva; PASAVA Jan; HOUSKOVA Marie; BOHDALKOVA Leona, et al
JRC58681989Lead in Petrol. The Isotopic Lead ExperimentFACCHETTI Sergio
JRC337952006Lead-Cooled Breeders and Burners - Are the Latter Even Necessary?TUCEK Kamil; CARLSSON JOHAN; WIDER HARTMUT
JRC368152007Lead-Cooled Fast Reactors with Th-based Fuels - Neutronics and SafetyTUCEK Kamil; CARLSSON JOHAN; WIDER HARTMUT
JRC800222013The leading role of the public sector in energy end-use efficiency in the EU: Where do we stand?CZAKO VERONIKA
JRC464422009Leaf area index derivation from hyperspectral vegetation indices and the red edge positionATZBERGER CLEMENT; DARVISHZADEH Roshanak; SKIDMORE Andrew; ABKAR A. A.
JRC916032016Leakage of nitrous oxide emissions within the Spanish agro-food system in 1961–2009LASSALETTA Luis; AGUILERA Eduardo; SANZ-COBENA Alberto; PARDO Guillermo; BILLEN Gilles; GARNIER Josette; GRIZZETTI Bruna
JRC655892011Learning 2.0 - The Impact of Social Media on Learning in EuropePUNIE Yves; REDECKER CHRISTINE
JRC475072008Learning 2.0 - The Use of Social Computing to Enhance Lifelong LearningREDECKER Christine; ALA-MUTKA Kirsti Maria; PUNIE Yves
JRC590302010Learning 2.0. Promoting Innovation in Formal Education and Training in EuropeREDECKER Christine; PUNIE Yves
JRC521982009Learning and Innovation in New ICT-Facilitated CommunitiesALA-MUTKA Kirsti Maria; PUNIE Yves
JRC159091998Learning and Stabilisation of Altruistic Behaviours in Multi-agent Systems by Reciprocity.ZAMORA Javier; MURCIANO Antonio
JRC575522010Learning Event Semantics From Online NewsTANEV Hristo; KABADJOV MIJAIL; GEMO Monica