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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1038252017How do tertiary dropouts fare in the labour market? A comparison between EU countriesSCHNEPF SYLKE
JRC686112011How do variations in the temporal distribution of rainfall events affect ecosystem fluxes in seasonally water-limited Northern Hemisphere shrublands and forests?ROSS I.; MISSON Laurent; RAMBAL S.; ARNETH A.; SCOTT R.; CARRARA Arnaud; CESCATTI Alessandro; GENESIO Lorenzo
JRC967342016How far away is hydrogen? Its role in the medium and long-term decarbonisation of the European energy systemSGOBBI ALESSANDRA; NIJS WOUTER; DE MIGLIO Rocco; CHIODI Alessandro; GARGIULO Maurizio; THIEL CHRISTIAN
JRC54741988How Forest Trees Actively Promote Acid Deposition. The Role of Terpenes in the Dry Deposition of Ozone and Ozone Sulphuridioxide MixturesGEISS Friedrich; STANGL Heinz; KOTZIAS Dimitrios
JRC212702001How Frequent Are Major Industrial Accidents in Europe?KIRCHSTEIGER Christian
JRC681202011How Good Are Your Phrases? Assessing Phrase Quality with Single Class ClassificationTOMEH Nadi; TURCHI MARCO; WISNIEWSKI Guillaume; ALLAUZEN Alexandre; YVON François
JRC962362016How good is the map? A multi-scale cross-comparison framework for global settlement layers: Evidence from Central EuropeKLOTZ Martin; KEMPER Thomas; GEISS Christian; ESCH Thomas; TAUBENBOECK Hannes
JRC1025242016How green are the European Cities? Exploring the Green European Settlement Map 2016: A systematic comparison between the Green ESM vs. the UA urban green areas in 300 European citiesFERRI STEFANO; SIRAGUSA ALICE; PAFI MARIA; HALKIA Stamatia
JRC896152017How important are coastal fronts to albacore tuna (Thunnus alalunga) habitat in the Northeast Pacific Ocean?NIETO SAAVEDRA KAREN; XU Yi; TEO Steven; MCCLATCHIE Sam; HOLMES John
JRC373542009How Many Hidden Layers and Nodes?STATHAKIS DIMITRIOS
JRC778592013How many marine aliens in Europe?KATSANEVAKIS STYLIANOS MARIOS; GATTO Francesca; ZENETOS Argyro; CARDOSO Ana
JRC727192013How much CO was emitted by the 2010 fires around Moscow?KROL Maarten; PETERS Wouter; HOOGHIEMSTRA P.b.; GEORGE M.; CLERBAUX Cathy; HURTMANS Daniel; MC INERNEY DANIEL; SEDANO Fernando; BERGAMASCHI Peter; EL HAJJ M., et al
JRC1038072016How much do we really know about river flooding?TRIGG Mark; BIRCH Cathryn; NEAL J.; BATES Paul; SMITH Andrew; SAMPSON Christopher; YAMAZAKI Dai; HIRABAYASHI Yukiko; PAPPENBERGER Florian; DUTRA Emanuel, et al
JRC943722015How much does ICT contribute to innovation output? An analysis of the ICT component in the innovation output indicatorPESOLE ANNAROSA
JRC332242007How Much Has Labour Taxation Contributed to EU Structural Unemployment?PLANAS CHRISTOPHE; ROEGER Werner; ROSSI ALESSANDRO
JRC1003842016How Much is Enough?: Preliminary Insights from Search Theory as Applied to Detecting Undeclared ActivitiesKIM LANCE KYUNGWOO; RENDA Guido; COJAZZI Giacomo
JRC1041062017How much Keynes and how much Schumpeter? An Estimated Macromodel for the US Economy JRC Working Papers in Economics and Finance, 2017/1COZZI GUIDO; PATARACCHIA BEATRICE; PFEIFFER PHILIPP; RATTO MARCO
JRC931482015How optically diverse is the coastal ocean?MELIN Frederic; VANTREPOTTE Vincent
JRC1008132016How Outward-looking is Smart Specialisation? Results from a survey on inter-regional collaboration in Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3), S3 Policy Brief Series No. 16/2016SORVIK JENS OSKAR; MIDTKANDAL INGER; MARZOCCHI CHIARA; UYARRA ELVIRA
JRC967322015How parents of little children manage digital devices at homeLIVINGSTONE Sonia; MASCHERONI Giovanna; DREIER Michael; CHAUDRON STEPHANE; LAGAE KAAT