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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC277522005Low-Temperature Study of Magnetic Ordering in Gadolinium Orthophosphate.THIRIET C.; JAVORSKY P.; KONINGS R. j. m.
JRC271502004The Low-Temperture Heat Capacity of Some Lanthanide Zirconates.LUTIQUE S.; JAVORSKY P.; KONINGS R. j. m.; KRUPA J.-c.; VAN GENDEREN A. c. g.; VAN MILTENBURG J.c.; WASTIN F.
JRC550652009LPIS (Land Parcel Identification System) to manage GM/conventional maize co-existence in the EU intensive agricultural region of LombardyPIZZIOL Paolo; FASOLINI Dante; BRUGNA Elena
JRC50881987LSIMS-MS/MS of Isomeric DipeptidesPELZER G.; DUCHATEAU P.; NATALIS P.; DE PAUW Edwin
JRC687222013LT-RADE: An Efficient User-Friendly Genome Walking Method Applied to the Molecular Characterization of the Insertion Site of Genetically Modified Maize MON810 and Rice LLRICE62SPALINSKAS Rapolas; VAN DEN BULCKE MARC; VAN DEN EEDE Guy; MILCAMPS Anne
JRC1015452016LTE D2D communication for collaborative wearable sensor networks: A connectivity analysisSTERI GARY; BALDINI Gianmarco; GORATTI Leonardo
JRC812042013LTE: the technology driver for future public safety communicationsFERRUS Ramon; SALLENT Oriol; BALDINI Gianmarco; GORATTI Leonardo
JRC924172016The LUCAS 2012 TOPSOIL survey and derived cropland and grassland soil properties of Bulgaria and RomaniaTOTH Gergely; ANTOFIE TIBERIU-EUGEN; JONES Arwyn; APOSTOL BOGDAN
JRC681342013The LUCAS topsoil database and derived information on the regional variability of cropland topsoil properties in the European UnionTOTH Gergely; JONES Arwyn; MONTANARELLA Luca
JRC522582009LUISA (Library User Interface for Sensitivity Analysis): a generic software component for sensitivity analysis of bio-physical modelsDONATELLI Marcello; CONFALONIERI Roberto; CERRANI Iacopo; FANCHINI Davide; ACUTIS Marco; TARANTOLA Stefano; BARUTH Bettina
JRC733772012LULUCF: Major Step in DurbanGRASSI Giacomo
JRC949242015Luminescent emission of multi-junction InGaP/InGaAs/Ge PV cells under high intensity irradiationPARASKEVA Vasiliki; NORTON MATTHEW; HADJIPANAYI Maria; PRAVETTONI Mauro; GEORGHIOU George
JRC469252008A Luminescent Solar Concentrator with 7.1% Power Conversion EfficiencySLOOF Lenneke; BENDE Evert; BURGERS Teun; BUDEL Tristram; PRAVETTONI Mauro; KENNY Robert; DUNLOP Ewan; BUCHTEMANN Andreas
JRC555582009Luminescent Solar Concentrators - Cylindrical DesignBOSE Rahul; FARRELL Daniel J.; PARDO-SANCHEZ C.; PRAVETTONI Mauro; MAZZER Massimo; CHATTEN Amanda J.; BARNHAM Keith W. J.
JRC441842009Luminescent Solar Concentrators - Nanorods and Raytrace ModelingBOSE Rahul; FARRELL Daniel J.; CHATTEN Amanda J.; PRAVETTONI MAURO; BUECHTEMANN Andreas; QUILITZ Jana; FIORE Angela; MANNA Liberato; BARNHAM Keith W. J.
JRC977162016Lung-deposited surface area concentration measurements in selected occupational and non-occupational environmentsGEISS Otmar; BIANCHI IVANA; BARRERO Josefa
JRC270112003LWR Severe Accident Simulation: Synthesis of the Results and Interpretation of the First PHEBUS FP Experiment FPT0.CLEMENT Bernard; HANNIET-GIRAULT N.; REPETTO Guillermo; JACQUEMAIN D.; JONES Alan victor; KISSANE M.p.; VON DER HARDT Peter
JRC130971996Lymphocyte Subpopulation of Traffic Policemen in a Town of Central Italy (Preliminary Study)CERVONE M.; BOSCOLO Priscilla; SABBIONI Enrico; PAVONE D.; DI GIACOMO F.; JASONNA G.; GIULIANO G.
JRC199701999Lymphocyte Subpopulations, Cytokines and Trace Elements in Asymptomatic Atopic Women Exposed to an Urban Environment.BOSCOLO Priscilla; DI GIOACCHINO Mario; SABBIONI Enrico; DI GIACOMO F.; REALE M.; VOLPE A.r.; DI SCIASCIO M.b.; CONTI P.; GIULIANO G.
JRC128071996Lyophilisation of Thylakoids for Improved Handling in a Bioassay.ZIMMERMANN Gitta; KRAMER Gerard nico; SCHNABL Heide