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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC336072005Intralesional Targeted Alpha Therapy for Metastatic MelanomaALLEN Barry J.; RAJA C.; RIZVI S.m.a.; LI Y.; TSUI W.; GRAHAM P.; THOMPSON J.; REISFELD R.a.; KEARSLEY J.; MORGENSTERN ALFRED, et al
JRC577902011The intramolecular 13C-distribution in ethanol reveals the influence of the CO2-fixation pathway and environmental conditions on the site-specific 13C variation in glucose.GILBERT Alexis; SILVESTRE Virginie; SEGEBARTH Nicolas; TCHERKEZ Guillaume; GUILLOU Claude; ROBINS Richard; AKOKA Serge; REMAUD Gerald
JRC531342009Intravesical a-Radioimmunotherapy with 213Bi-Anti-EGFR-mAb Defeats Human Bladder Carcinoma in Xenografted Nude MicePFOST Birgit; SEIDI Christof; AUTENRIETH Michael; SAUR Dieter; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; MORGENSTERN Alfred; SCHWAIGER Markus; SENEKOWITSCH-SCHMIDTKE Reingard
JRC795402013The Intriguing Hightemperature Studies of Plutonium Dioxide and Mixed Oxide Solid SolutionsKONINGS Rudy; MANARA Dario; GUENEAU Christine
JRC178961999Intrinsic Hydrogen Transport Constants in the CFC Matrix and Fibres Derived from Isovolumetric Desorption Experiments.SEDANO L.a.; PERUJO Adolfo; WU CHUNG H.
JRC307142005Intrinsic Parameters in the Fracture of Carbon/Carbon CompositesDASSIOS Konstantinos; KOSTOPOULOS Vassilis; STEEN MARC
JRC244002005Intrinsic Parameters in the Fracture of Carbon/Carbon Composites.DASSIOS Konstantinos; KOSTOPOULOS Vassilis; STEEN Marc pierr e gregoire
JRC438702008Intrinsically Localized Mode in Alpha -U as a Precursor to a Solid-state Phase TransitionMANLEY M. E.; LYNN J. W.; CHEN Y.; LANDER G.h.
JRC400992007Intrinsically Localized Vibrations and the Mechanical Properties of Alpha-uraniumMANLEY M. E.; YETHIRAJ M.; SINN H.; VOLZ H. M.; ALATAS A.; LASHLEY J. C.; HULTS W. L.; LANDER G.h.; THOMAS D. J.; SMITH J. L.
JRC324742005Introducción a los modelos de sistemas energéticos, económicos y medioambientales: descripción y aplicaciones del modelo POLESHIDALGO GONZALEZ Ignacio
JRC567362010Introducing students to structural dynamics and earthquake engineeringTIRELLI Daniel; MARAZZI FRANCESCO; ANTHOINE Armelle
JRC721122012Introducing the TEGON as the elementary physical land cover featureDEVOS Wim; MILENOV Pavel
JRC300822005IntroductionBERKER Thomas; HARTMANN Maren; PUNIE YVES; WARD Katie
JRC667552011Introduction of a New Notched Specimen Geometry to Determine Fracture Properties by Small Punch TestingTURBA KRYSTOF; GULCIMEN Betul; LI Yingzhi; BLAGOEVA Darina; HAEHNER Peter; HURST ROGER
JRC287622005Introduction of Blood-Brain Barrier Properties in Cultured Brain Capillary Endothelial Cells: Comparison between Primary Glial Cells and C6 Cell Line.BOVERI Monica; PRICE Anna; HARTUNG Thomas; PRIETO Pilar; BEREZOWSKI Vincent; LENFANT Anne-marie; CECCHELLI Romeo; DEHOUCK Marie-pierre; BENAUD Christelle
JRC581282010The Introduction of Electric Vehicles in the Private Fleet: Potential Impact on the Electric Supply System and on the Environment. A Case Study for the Province of Milan, ItalyPERUJO MATEOS DEL PARQUE Adolfo; CIUFFO BIAGIO
JRC563192009Introduction of European Soil Portal and Soil MappingPANAGOS Panagiotis; MONTANARELLA Luca; VAN LIEDEKERKE Marc
JRC149841997Introduction of Modern Software Technology. A Case from Swedish Industry.JALIFF J.s.; JONSSON Carl-ake; LJUNGBLAD Alf
JRC971212015Introduction of the smart digital tachograph in the European UnionHAMET Philippe; MARTINEZ Bernardo; MAHIEU Vincent; BALDINI Gianmarco; CHIARAMELLO Michel; SPORTIELLO LUIGI
JRC575972010Introduction to a Special Issue: New Insights on EU¿US Comparison of Corporate R&DMONCADA PATERNO' CASTELLO Pietro