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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC659542011Insights from the First Inventory of Smart Grid Projects in EuropeGIORDANO VINCENZO; GANGALE FLAVIA; FULLI Gianluca; SANCHEZ JIMENEZ Manuel
JRC851252013Insights from the Inventory of Smart Grid Projects in Europe: 2012 UpdateFULLI Gianluca; COVRIG CATALIN-FELIX; OLARIAGA-GUARDIOLA Miguel
JRC568382009Insights on Different Participation Schemes to Meet Climate GoalsRUSS Hans Peter; VAN IERLAND Tom
JRC95291993Inspection Performance with a View to Pressure Vessel Life ManagementCRUTZEN Serge; JEHENSON Pierre
JRC287822004INSPIREBREGT Arnold; SMITS Paul c.
JRC312112005INSPIRE - Aufbau einer Infrastruktur fuer Raumbezogene Informationen in EuropaBERNARD Lars; BILO Michael
JRC308202005INSPIRE - Der Weg zu Einer Europäischen GeodateninfrastrukturBERNARD Lars
JRC680052011INSPIRE and the Digital Agenda for EuropeANNONI Alessandro
JRC970952015INSPIRE as a driver for up-to-date ITS digital maps in Europe – benefit assessmentBORZACCHIELLO MARIA TERESA; BOGUSLAWSKI RAYMOND; PIGNATELLI Francesco
JRC519202009The INSPIRE Community GeoportalLURASCHI Gianluca; CAO Hong Thi Thu; LUCCHI Roberto; OSLAENDER Nicole; MILLOT Michel; KANELLOPOULOS Ioannis
JRC781612012INSPIRE from the JRC point of view/INSPIRE iz perspektive JRC-aCETL VLADO; TOTH Katalin; SMITS Paul
JRC1045872016INSPIRE Harmonisation of existing Energy Performance Certificate datasets: European Union Location Framework Energy PilotMARTIRANO GIACOMO; PIGNATELLI Francesco
JRC861042013INSPIRE i pripadajući hidrografski modeli (INSPIRE and related hydrography data models)ABRAMIC ANDREJ; CETL VLADO; NUNES DE LIMA Maria
JRC458632008INSPIRE Implementation and Beyond, INSPIRE Conference AbstractsFULLERTON KAREN; MISEREZ KATLEEN
JRC318702005INSPIRE Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe: Overview and RoadmapANNONI ALESSANDRO
JRC557192009INSPIRE Invoke Services - Survey on Requirements, Challenges and Recent Research Findings Supporting the Development of the Invoke Spatial Data Service SpecificationLUCCHI Roberto; MILLOT Michel
JRC860952013INSPIRE maintenance and implementationCETL VLADO; NUNES DE LIMA Maria; LUTZ Michael
JRC487152008INSPIRE Network Services SOAP FrameworkVILLA Matteo; DI MATTEO Giovanni; LUCCHI Roberto; MILLOT Michel; KANELLOPOULOS Ioannis