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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC329762006Modelling Natural Surface UV Radiation with METEOSAT and MSGVERDEBOUT JEAN
JRC339052006Modelling Natural Surface UV Radiation with Satellite Data: Examples of ApplicationsVERDEBOUT JEAN
JRC527552005Modelling Nitrogen Pressure in River Basins: A Comparison Between a Statistical Approach and the Physically-Based SWAT ModelGRIZZETTI Bruna; BOURAOUI Faycal; DE MARSILY Ghislain
JRC842532014Modelling NO2 concentrations at the street level in the GAINS integrated assessment model: projections under current legislationKIESEWETTER Gregor; BORKEN-KLEEFELD Jens; SCHOEPP Wolfgang; HEYES Chris; THUNIS Philippe; BESSAGNET B.; TERRENOIRE Etienne; GZELLA A.; AMANN M.
JRC359642006Modelling of a Spatial DSS Template in Support to the Common Agricultural PolicyHASENOHR PAUL; PINET FRANÇOIS
JRC813492013Modelling of Agglomeration and Dispersion in RHOMOLODI COMITE FRANCESCO; KANCS D'ARTIS
JRC621852010Modelling of Baltic Sea Inflow Events and Deep Water CurrentsMILADINOVA-MARINOVA SVETLA; STIPS Adolf
JRC130911996Modelling of Boron Species in the Integral Tests Falcon 17 and ISP-34LAZARIDIS Mihalis; DROSSINOS Ioannis
JRC72501990Modelling of Complex Decision Processes by Petri Nets. The Case of Siting Nuclear Power PlantsVOLTA Giuseppe; PARUCCINI Massimo; FASSONE L.
JRC236042002Modelling of Convective Turbulence with a 2-Equation K-epsilon Turbulence Closure Scheme.STIPS Adolf; BURCHARD Hans; BOLDING KRISTENSEN Karsten; EIFLER Walter
JRC67191989Modelling of Cracking and Inelastic Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete StructuresYOUNG A.g.; BRUECKNER-FOIT A.
JRC425972008Modelling of Energy-Crops in Agricultural Sector Models - A Review of Existing MethodologiesWITZKE Heinz Peter; BANSE Martin; GÖMANN Horst; HECKELEI Thomas; BREUER Thomas; MANN Stefan; KEMPEN Markus; MARCEL Adenäuer; ZINTL Andrea; PEREZ DOMINGUEZ IGNACIO, et al
JRC161951999Modelling of Equivalent Circuit of Inductively Coupled Plasma Sources.COLPO P.; ERNST Roland; ROSSI Francois
JRC118111996Modelling of Isotopic Fractionation in a System with Sources and SinksANDERSEN Bertel l.
JRC659682011Modelling of land cover and agricultural change in Europe: Combining the CLUE and CAPRI-Spat approachesBRITZ Wolfgang; VERBURG Peter; LEIP Adrian
JRC516432009Modelling of Lean Uniform and Non-Uniform Hydrogen-Air Mixture Explosions in a Large-Scale Closed VesselMAKAROV Dmitriy; VERBECKE Frank; MOLKOV Vladimir; KOTCHOURKO Alexei; LELYAKIN Alexander; YANEZ Jorge; BARALDI Daniele; HEITSCH Matthias; EFIMENKO Alexander; GAVRIKOV Andrej
JRC266032004Modelling of Low-Temperature Oxidation of Steel Tubes in Biomass Combustion.MAKIPAA Martti; MAKKONEN Basi; FORDHAM Richard
JRC239582003Modelling of Oxygen and Nitrogen Cycling as a Function of Macrophyte Community in the Thau Lagoon.PLUS M.; CHAPELLE A.; LAZURE P.; AUBY I.; LEVAVASSEUR G.; VERLAQUE M.; BELSHER T.; DESLOUS-PAOLI J.-m.; ZALDIVAR J.m.; MURRAY Charles nicholas
JRC913822014Modelling of suspended sediments in the Upper Danube with SWATVIGIAK OLGA; MALAGO ANNA; BOURAOUI Faycal; HABERSACK Helmut
JRC326302005Modelling of the Effects of Construction Deficiencies in the Seismic Response of Reinforced Concrete StructuresDIMOVA Silvia; NEGRO PAOLO