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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1016902016INCEFA-PLUS programme overview and updateMOTTERSHEAD Kevin; BRUCHHAUSEN MATTHIAS; METAIS Thomas; CICERO Sergio
JRC342842007An Incentive Mechanism for Reducing Emissions from Conversion of Intact and Non-intact ForestsMOLLICONE Danilo; ACHARD FREDERIC; FEDERICI Sandro; EVA HUGH; GRASSI GIACOMO; BELWARD ALAN; RAES FRANK; SEUFERT GUENTHER; MATTEUCCI Giorgio; SCHULZE Ernest Detlef
JRC985372016The Incentive Problems with the All-or-Nothing Crowdfunding ModelGABISON Garry
JRC832462014Incentives and policies for integrated pest management in Europe: a reviewLEFEBVRE MARIANNE; LANGRELL Stephen; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio
JRC786022013Incentives for telehealthcare deployment that support integrated care: a comparative analysis across eight European countriesLLUCH MARIA
JRC1040572016Incentivising Innovation and Adoption of ICT: ICT Innovation Voucher ProgrammesVALBONESI Paola; BIAGI FEDERICO
JRC362772007Inception Report for CARDS 2004 - Croatia Project entitled: Assessment of National Priorities for Metrology and Conformity AssessmentPOPOSKI NIKOLA; TODOROVA ANI; MAJCEN NINETA; TAYLOR PHILIP
JRC363212007Inception Report for CARDS 2004 - Croatia Project entitled: Development of National Metrology, Standardisation, Conformity Assessment and Accreditation SystemPOPOSKI NIKOLA; TODOROVA ANI; TAYLOR PHILIP; MAJCEN NINETA
JRC109891996Incertezze del Cambiamento Climatico. Un "Brutto" ClimaDE MARCHI Bruna; FUNTOWICZ Silvio o.
JRC50921988Incidente a Chernobil: la Contaminazione Radioattiva del Lago di ComoRAVERA Oscar; FACCHINI U.; PIZZALA A.; CAPRA D.; GIANELLE V.; RAVASINI G.
JRC52901987Incidente Nucleare di Chernobyl, Aprile 1986. Ripercussioni sulla Catena Alimentare e sull'UomoDOMINICI Guido; MALVICINI Alessandro; CAZZANIGA Renato; SANGALLI Edoardo
JRC549832010Inclining the Columns to Make the Temple Look Straight: a First Glance at Monetary Indicators on University-industry CooperationAZAGRA CARO Joaquin Maria; CARAT Gerard; PONTIKAKIS Dimitrios
JRC1055952017Including cold-start emissions in the Real-Driving Emissions (RDE) test procedure: An assessment of cold-start frequencies and emission effectsWEISS MARTIN; PAFFUMI Elena; CLAIROTTE MICHAEL; DROSSINOS Ioannis; VLACHOS THEODOROS; BONNEL Pierre; GIECHASKIEL Barouch
JRC457262008Including Elastical Anisotropy Due to Texture in a Finite Element Model for the Prediction of Residual Stresses in WeldsDECROOS KOENRAAD; OHMS CARSTEN; HOUBAERT Yvan
JRC416972007Including Land Use, Land-use Change, and Forestry in Future Climate Change, Agreements: Thinking Outside the BoxBENNDORF R.; FEDERICI S.; FORNER C.; RAMETSTEINER E.; SANZ M.j.; SOMOGYI Z.
JRC1047312016Including Non-Dietary Sources into an Exposure Assessment of the European Food Safety Authority: the challenge of multi-sector chemicals such as Bisphenol AVON GOETZ NATALIE; PIROW RALPH; HART ANDREW; BRADLEY EMMA; POCAS MARIA DE FATIMA; ARCELLA DAVIDE; LILLEGARD ITL; SIMONEAU CATHERINE; VAN ENGELEN JACQUELINE; HUSOY TRINE, et al
JRC172381998Inclusion of Local Structure Effects in theoretical X-Ray Resonant Scattering Amplitudes Using ab initio X-Ray Absorption Spectra Calculations.CROSS J.o.; REHR J.j.; SORENSEN L.b.; BOULDIN C.e.; GOUDER Thomas; LANDER Gerard heath; BELL M.i.
JRC418412008Income and Factor Markets under the 2003 CAP Reform - Workshop ProceedingsCRISTOIU ADRIANA; CURTISS Jarmila
JRC496902009Income Distribution Effects of EU Rural Development Policies: The Case of Farm Investment SupportCIAIAN Pavel; RATINGER Tomas