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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC205022000A Model of Silver-Iodine Reactions in a Light Water Reactor Containment Sump under Severe Accident Conditions.KRAUSMANN Elisabeth; DROSSINOS Ioannis
JRC106781994A Model of the Formation of Strain Bursts during Cyclic DeformationZAISER M.
JRC192711999Model Phase Portraits of a Sediment-Stratified Oceanic Bottom Layer.KAGAN Boris; SCHRIMPF Wolfram; EIFLER Walter
JRC777272013Model quality objectives based on measurement uncertainty. Part I: OzoneTHUNIS Philippe; PERNIGOTTI DENISE; GERBOLES Michel
JRC834062013Model quality objectives based on measurement uncertainty. Part II: NO2 and PM10PERNIGOTTI Denise; GERBOLES Michel; BELIS CLAUDIO; THUNIS Philippe
JRC548382009Model Steels with Parametric Variation of Ni, Mn, Si and Cr Content - Correlation between Magnetic Barkhausen Noise & Charpy Impact Test ResultsDEGMOVA Jarmila; DEBARBERIS Luigi
JRC572442010A Model to Analyse and Classify the Level of Farmer's Qualification in Sustainable Dairy FarmingORHAN Hikmet; YASAR Sulhattin
JRC552392010A Model to Evaluate Biological Effects from Combined Exposure to UVA/B Radiation and TolueneSACCO Maria-Grazia; PARISELLI Fabrizio; REMBGES Diana
JRC734332013A Model Web approach to modelling climate change in biomes of Important Bird AreasSKOIEN JON; SCHULZ ANDREAS MICHAEL; DUBOIS Gregoire; FISHER Ian; BALMAN Mark; MAY Ian; O'TUAMA Eamonn
JRC816142014A model-based approach to operational event groups rankingSIMIC ZDENKO; MAQUA Michael; WATTRELOS Didier
JRC663882012A model-based assessment of the impact of revitalised R&D investments on the European power sectorWIESENTHAL Tobias; MERCIER Arnaud; SCHADE BURKHARD; PETRIC Hrvoje; DOWLING PAUL
JRC524342009A Model-Based Monitoring Scheme for Disruption-tolerant Underwater Sensor NetworksTULONE DANIELA
JRC610892011A Model-Based Prioritisation Exercise for the European Water Framework DirectiveDAGINNUS Klaus; GOTTARDO Stefania; PAYA PEREZ Ana; WHITEHOUSE Paul; WILKINSON Helen; ZALDIVAR COMENGES Jose'
JRC899922014A Model-based Security Toolkit for the Internet of ThingsNEISSE RICARDO; BALDINI Gianmarco; NAI FOVINO Igor; STAVROULAKI Vera; VLACHEAS Panagiotis; GIAFFREDA Raffaele
JRC814272013Model-Based Specification and Refinement of Usage Control PoliciesNEISSE RICARDO; DOERR Joerg
JRC800782013A Model-independent Particle Swarm Optimisation Software for Model CalibrationZAMBRANO HECTOR; ROJAS MUJICA RODRIGO FELIPE
JRC576092010Modeling and Application of VSC-HVDC in the European Transmission SystemL'ABBATE Angelo; FULLI Gianluca
JRC773592012Modeling and simulation of inelastic microstructure development and inhomogeneous material behavior via non-convex rate dependent gradient plasticityYALCINKAYA TUNCAY; GEERS M.g.d.; SVENDSEN Bob; KLUSEMANN Benjamin
JRC581122010Modeling and Simulation of Nuclear Fuel MaterialsDEVANATHAN Ram; VAN BRUTZEL Laurent; CHARTIER Alain; GUENEAU Christine; MATTSSON Ann E.; TIKARE Veena; BARTEL Thimoty; BESSMANN Theodore; STAN Marius; VAN UFFELEN Paul
JRC857082014Modeling and Validation of Lithium-Ion Battery based on Electric Vehicle MeasurementSIMIC Dragan; DVORAK Dominique; LACHER Hannes; KUEHNELT Helmut; PAFFUMI Elena; DE GENNARO MICHELE